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Bright Knight Excelsis Complete Guide - Hoshina





Greetings dear Captain(s), this is Captain Hoshina here and in this guide I will introduce you to the new battlesuit in v3.9; Bright Knight: Excelsis (BKE) that of course were used by our strongest Valkyrie in Schiskal, Durandal


Just like Valkyrie Gloria (VG), this battlesuit still used the same weapon which is; Lance. BKE type is Mecha which means she have an overwhelming advantage against Creature enemies. And another important notes, this battlesuit can be relies heavily on its Charge Attack as it can be repeated without limit as long as you time the button perfectly.


Below are the overview of BKE:


Unlike all other battlesuits, BKE has one new move that only she can use which is Defense (blocking incoming attack) and will be explained later. This guide aims to help players to understand her skills and able to use her to her maximum potential (and go beyond, plus ultra).


※All the stats below are based on SSS-rank BKE


 Leader Skill [Horns of Jericho]  – Grants 25% bonus Physical DMG and 25% bonus Crit DMG to the team.


 Passive Skill – Paragon 

  • Durandal stacks Paragon when taking damage, and every stack empowers her.
  • 10 stacks max.
  • Every Paragon stack grants Durandal 3% total DMG reduction.
  • At 10 Paragon stacks (meaning 30% total DMG reduction), self total DMG is boosted by 20%.
  • Every hit taken grants Durandal a Paragon stack which boosts self total DMG by 4% for 40s


 Basic ATK [Gladius Milites]  – Deals Physical DMG and Heavy ATK which deal more DMG against shield.



  • There are 5th sequence.
  • When not in Burst Mode (Ultimate), 4th and 5th sequences grant Ignore Interrupt and 30% total DMG reduction.
  • When not in Burst mode, every hit of 4th sequence recovers 1.7 bonus SP.
  • DMG for each sequence:



 Charged ATK [Kontos Equites]  – Deals higher DMG against shields. Restores SP.



  • Hold [ATK] immediately after the 5th sequence of Basic ATK. This is called Javelin and restores 1.4 SP.
  • Tap [ATK] after a successful Retaliation (Defense in Evasion). This is called Javelin EX and restores 2.0 SP.
  • Javelin and Javelin EX deal 20% more DMG against shields.
  • Right after Charged ATK, the 4th sequence of Basic ATK can be performed by tapping [ATK].
  • Charge ATK> 4th and 5th sequence> Charge ATK> 4th and 5th sequence. This can be repeat as long as you time it perfectly as shown below.



There are 5 ways to launch Charged ATK:


1) After 5th basic ATK > hold ATK > Javelin



 2) Evasion skill in CD > block > Javelin             3) Evasion skill READY > evade/block > Javelin EX



 4) Evasion skill in CD > block > Phantom Blade    5) Evasion skill READY > evade/block > Phantom Cleave


 Evasion [Scutum Divinitas]  – After ultimate evasion, press ATK immediately to launch charge ATK.



Left is Ultimate Evasion (evade + directional button)       Right is Defense (evade button while standing still)


  • These are the two kind of Evasion that BKE can do.
  • Tap [Evade] (with direction button) for Ultimate Evasion.
  • Tap [Evade] (without direction button) for Defense to trigger Retaliation; nullifying the attacks and returning 50% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • Retaliation has many benefits: 
  1. Recover 10% of max HP.
  2. Grants 50% of bonus Physical DMG.
  3. 30% total DMG reduction to self.
  4. Enemies hit by Retaliation are inflicted with Physical Vulnerability and take 10%  Physical DMG for 10s.
  • Retaliation and Ultimate Evasion can both trigger Focus EX; brief Time Slow and enables Javelin EX or Phantom Cleave (in burst mode, will explain later). 


 Ultimate [Sceptrum Regalis]  – Enter Burst Mode and unlock the true potential of Bright Knight Excelsis.


a/n: what a beautiful animation /cries/
am i the only one who think the similarities between Bright Knight Excelsis and Rita's Argent Knight Artemis?
 are these couple battlesuit? still, both are very beautiful. ?


  • Basic ATK/ Combo ATK are enhanced.


  • Below is the DMG for each sequence:

  • Burst Mode lasts 23s and costs 100 SP.
  • BKE deals 20% more DMG against shields and 30% more Physical DMG against shieldless enemies.
  • The ending of Burst mode recovers 15 SP.
  • Total DMG increased by 0.5.
  • Do note that switching out will end Burst Mode.


 Special Skill [Turbojet]   - only during Burst.


  • Tap [Evade] (directional) to enter Turbojet.


  • During Turbojet, tap [ATK] to perform Turbojet Assault that deals 200%+250% ATK of Physical DMG as shown below.


  • Go near an enemy and perform Turbojet (tap the [Evade]) towards it to trigger Retaliation.
  • After triggering Retaliation, immediately tap [ATK] to unleash a Charged ATK. This is called Phantom Blade or Phantom Cleave.
  • Phantom Blade deals 650% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • Phantom Cleave immediately pulls in all nearby enemies then deals a total of 1550% ATK of Physical DMG.



Evasion skill in CD > block > Phantom Blade      Evasion skill READY > evade/block > Phantom Cleave




  • Triggered by Time Slowed Enemies.
  • Deals 5x40% + 800% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • Grants 2 stack of Paragon.


 Signature Equipment 


 Hler's Serenity 
Active Skill [Fury of Aegir]

  • Launch a thrust attack, dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • If the thrust hitting the enemy who is not in invicibility or iron body state, unleash Throw ATK, controlling the target and dealing a total of 90%+1200% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • While enemy is launching certain moves, the wielder can unleash a Counter Throw with no restrictions when the button flashes to control enemy and deal 20%+700% ATK of Physical DMG, this attack has no cooldown (CD).
  • In Burst Mode, Throw ATK will cause an additional 500% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • BKE equip bonus: When Retaliation is triggered, increase Crit Rate by 20% for 3s.


Passive Skill [Waves of Catalysm]

  • Crit Rate increased by 15%.
  • Charged ATK and Throw ATK will mark enemies and the wielder deals 20% more Crit DMG against marked enemies.
  • In Burst Mode, a shockwave is emitted every 2.5 second dealing 60% ATK of Physical DMG.
  • Shockwave are considered as Ultimate, with 50% bonus Crit Rate, and will mark enemies upon hit, the marks last 10s.



Weapon active skill                                                  Counterthrow


 Dante Set Stigmata 


  • Gains 15% Crit Rate.
  • Gains Mantle when hit by enemy, which boosts her Physical DMG by 8% for 10s.
  • Gains Perfect Mantle upon Ultimate Evasion or Retaliation, which boosts her Physical DMG by 16% for 10s.


  • Gain 30% Physical DMG.
  • Gains Mantle when hit by an enemy, which boosts her Crit DMG by 15% for 10s.
  • Gains Perfect Mantle upon Ultimate Evasion or Retaliation, which boosts her Crit DMG by 30% for 10s.    


  • Gain 15% ATK Speed.
  • Gains Mantle when hit by an enemy, which boosts her Total DMG by 10% for 10s.
  • Gains Perfect Mantle upon Ultimate Evasion or Retaliation, which boosts her Total DMG by 20% for 10s.


2-set pieces [La Vita Nuova]

  • Gains 20% Crit DMG.
  • Gains 30% Physical DMG for 10s upon entering Burst Mode or hitting an enemy with Charged ATK in Burst mode.
  • Durandal equip bonus: CD of Ultimate Evasion/ Retaliation shortens by 20%.


3-set pieces [Divine Comedy]

  • In Burst mode, deals 30% more DMG against shields, Charged ATKs can impair unimpaired enemies, reducing their DEF by 40% for 8s.
  • Durandal equip bonus: The impairing debuff reduces enemy DEF by 60%.


Recommended Equipment


As you are aware now, BKE is a very powerful strong gracious valkyrie that deals mainly if not all, Physical DMG. So to maximize her potential, you need to use gears that will immensely boost her Physical DMG and Crit DMG. Below are the recommended equipment that can be said to buff her overall. Do not worry if you are an F2P player as it also stated the equipment that you can grind in the game.




Bright Knight Excelsis  |  Yamabuki Armor  |  Snowy Sniper


The best team for BKE. As we all know by now, BKE relies heavily on her basic and charge ATK, so to make her deals the most DMG she can, we must give her the opportunity to attack the enemies without any distraction or interruption. Below are the reason why:


Yamabuki Armor (YA)

  • Provides a Mecha shield that gives safety for dealing DMG.
  • Leader Skill: High combo count provides extra Crit Rate.


First of all, YA will provide a shield that absorbs Physical ATK DMG. With this shield, BKE can deals DMG to enemy surrounding her without have to worry about her HP and with this also she can deal Charged ATK continuously to her enemies. If the shield is broken, then you can just reset it with QTE or Ultimate to repeat the DMG loops. If for some reason you want to use YA to be the leader, that's okay too because her leader skill allowed the whole teams to gain more Crit Rate when Combo Hit Count exceeds 30.


Snowy Sniper (SS)

  • Ultimate: Snowy Sniper freezes enemies and inflicts Physical Vulnerability.


Her Ultimate freezes all enemies for 8s making it easier for BKE to aim at the frozen enemies. Not only that, enemies affected by the Ultimate (which are all of the enemies) take 35% more Physical DMG. This definitely will step up her game even better as she already deals MASSIVE Physical DMG in the first place, now she can deal 35% more Physical DMG towards frozen enemies? Her enemies probably won't stand a chance against her during this time.



✨ And finished! Congratulations for you to have finished this guide! That means you've already mastered the way of Bright Knight Excelsis.✨ 


? I wish all of you luck (including me) in the Expansion Supply gacha when this character comes out. In terms of investment priority, I would say she is a very powerful Physical DMG Valkyrie along the others but that is just my opinion, feel free to have your own opinion. ?


? That's the end of this guide dear Captains, if you have any questions or suggestion, do not feel shy to contact me Captain Hoshina on Youtube and Discord.?