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Knight Moonbeam Guide

Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. Skills Analysis

  3. Gears

  4. Team Line- up and playstyle


  1. Overview

Knight Moonbeam (KMB) is a base S-rank battlesuit for Kiana. She is a Biological Physical damage short-ranged support Valkyrie. KMB is a very old battlesuit and there are numerous methods of obtaining her. Like all S-ranked valkyries, she will occasionally be featured in Expansion supplies, although it is strongly advised not to obtain her by this option. Otherwise, she is also available in the Dorm supply, as well as Land of Wishes 1 (LoW1). It is often recommended, for those who have yet to obtain KMB by other methods, to pick her in LoW1. Finally, KMB is also available within the Memorial Arena's (MA) shop to be bought, limited to 6 fragments per week.


In return for your investment, KMB is a very versatile physical damage support with niche damage dealing capabilities. She is very flexible with equipment choices and greatly increases in power with rank SSS. For this reason, KMB is often the first base S-rank valkyrie players would upgrade to rank SSS and is very highly prioritized in MA's shop.


  1. Skills Analysis


Team Leader Skill

KMB's leader skill is one of her strongest aspects. She provides her team with a very strong Crit damage multiplier (up to 40%), and with 3 biological valkyries, she provides a Total damage multiplier as well (up to 26%).


Ultimate Evasion Skill

This is KMB's biggest claim to fame. KMB can trigger a 3s (6s if triggered with an ultimate evasion) time fracture(TF) whenever needed. An evasion is labeled an “ultimate evasion” when it successfully dodges an enemy attack, usually attacks forewarned by a flash of light or a line. The on-demand TF will allow you to reliably chain a rotation of QTEs without losing a second. Keep in mind, just because you can trigger a 3s TF evasion effortlessly, it does not mean you should not be on the lookout for a potential 6s TF ultimate evasion. In fact, there is even an option to turn off the non-ultimate evasion TF trigger, but it is not recommended to do so.


The continuous TFs are the reason KMB is a star in MA teams; she has the unique ability to constantly slow down the clock.This is also the reason why there's a breaking point for KMB at SSS rank, which grants her a second charge of her evasion skill and lowers the cooldown from 20s to 18s.


Ultimate and QTE

KMB's ultimate and QTE are mostly irrelevant to KMB's gameplay, but they look really nice. KMB has very slow SP gain while spamming her combo attacks so you will likely kill your enemy before reaching 100 SP. Regardless, both have very long cast animations and would likely just slow down your fight, so it is recommended to keep QTE switched off and avoid using either.


Combo Attack

KMB's main source of damage if you choose for her to go the damage role. It is important to note, staying close to your target increases the damage of the first four spins. 

Actions such as KMB's switch skill and Positron Blasters' active lets you chain directly into her spin combo attack.


Damage multipliers


KMB has a very high multiplier against paralyzed units, but this only makes her situationally strong, as most bosses are resistant to paralysis. Her main attraction for multipliers comes from her leader skill, often earning her a lead slot on teams.


  1. Gears

KMB's optimal gears are centered around her PRI-ARM Positron Blasters. This goes for both support and damage variants.

Optimal Gears:


Alternative Weapons:

It is not recommended to pursue damage KMB without her PRI-ARM so I'll skip to alternative support options. The most common substitute for Positron Blasters will be the Divine Key Judgement of Shamash. Mjolnir could be used for the rare times when Celestial Hymn (CH) is not on the team. Thunder Kikaku is used for specialized elemental damage teams that need Jin Shengtan to proc at specific timings while its support is off field with Kikaku's active.

Alternative Stigmatas:

Once again, there will not be alternative options to the damage build (they are all quite cheap and accessible), but for the support options, it is basically endless. They are not limited to what is listed above. KMB can make use of any traditional support stigmata, in addition to any stigmata that offer evasion skill cd reduction. Keep in mind, SSS rank KMB will no longer require any evasion skill cd reductions. With two charges, any additional cd reduction will just result in KMB having more evasion charges than she can realistically use. So SSS rank KMB should focus primarily on damage increasing stigmatas, while KMB before SSS will often need to find a balance between both types of stigmatas.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle

Valkyrie Team-ups

Supportive Partners


CH will be alongside KMB 90% of the time as the support duo. On the rare occasions where CH is needed elsewhere, supports like Drive Kometa (DK) can fill the spot. Snowy Sniper (SS) is also a budget option to satisfy the 3 Biological Valkyrie requirement.


They bring the pain


Here are a few options for the damage dealers of a KMB team along with some video examples of how the team is executed.

https://www.bilibili.com/video/av84374352?zw (KMB CH SN vs Shadow Knight ~31,253)

https://www.bilibili.com/video/av87023341?p=2 (KMB CH NS vs Tonatiuh F2P ~30,560)

https://www.bilibili.com/video/av79719123?zw (KMB CH VD vs Jizo ~31,253)

While rare, KMB can occasionally bring the hurt herself. Doom is one of the few bosses she can reliably achieve a top score.

https://www.bilibili.com/video/av75771819?zw (KMB CH LK vs Doom ~30,986)


Closing Thoughts

Knight Moonbeam is highly prioritized by captains for a reason; it is a testament to its value that one of the very first S rank valkyries has remained one of the strongest in the meta years later, when others have come and gone. The grind might be long, but rewarding KMB a SSS upgrade should be on every captain's list of endgame goals.