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Dark Jixuanyuan Stigmata Guide


Dark Jixuanyuan Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are going to evaluate the f2p Black Kirin Set Dark Jixuanyuan in today's meta.


Stigmata Intro

Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Dark Jixuanyuan (T)

5★ HP: 500; ATK: 50; DEF: 30

Blast of Darkness: When global Time Fracture is triggered, deal 450% ATK of Physical DMG to surrounding enemies and knock them back. CD: 20s.


Dark Jixuanyuan (M)

5★ HP: 550; DEF: 180; CRT: 30

Heart of Darkness: When global Time Fracture is active, gain 30% Crit Rate.


Dark Jixuanyuan (B)

5★ HP: 550; ATK: 46; DEF: 75; CRIT: 10

Wings of Darkness: When global Time Fracture is active, gain 30% Move Speed and 25% Attack Speed.


2-pc bonus: Blade of Darkness

When global Time Fracture is active, gain 40% Physical DMG. Kiana or Kallen equip bonus: Basic ATKs (including Combo and Charged ATKs) gain 4 additional SP. CD: 2s.


3-pc bonus: Daughter of Darkness

When Time Fracture is active, active skills consumes 30% less SP.



Stigmata Skill Review

Dark Jixuanyuan (T): Deals a small amount of DMG. While off cooldown, the moment the host is exposed to time fracture, a small amount of physical dmg is inflicted to any enemies that are next to you. It is capable of breaking shields. By itself, it's not that amazing of a stigmata piece.


It costs 127 SS Imaginon to craft from Foundry; can only own one.


Dark Jixuanyuan (M): Provides Crit Rate bonus. This piece is one of the main reasons why this set is still alive in today's meta. It provides a whopping 30% increase in critical hit rate. Meaning any valkyrie who can pull off their biggest physical hits during a time fracture will definitely enjoy this piece a lot.

It costs 3000 Ranger Creds to craft from Foundry; can only own one.


Dark Jixuanyuan (B): Provides move speed and atk speed. The B piece is at best, decent. By itself, it's a rather supar bonus since time fractures don't last long enough anyway. When paired with M, it can help the host dish out more hard-hitting and important hits that are more likely to be critical hits before the time fracture wears off.


It costs 125 SS Imaginon to craft from Foundry; can only own one.


2-pc bonus: Provides Physical DMG bonus and if Kiana/Kallen, also SP-Gain bonus. This is the other amazing effect of this set. It provides a rather strong Physical DMG buff. It's a good alternative to Lier B's Physical DMG boost (must have 100% HP to work) since this effect must have Time Fracture to work instead. The other bonus this effect provides, while not as impactful, is the increase in SP gain for Kianas and Kallens. This can be effective in certain situations where you need their ultimate as soon as possible.

Here's an in-depth analysis of each of the pairs:

TM: Only good for getting SP gains, and has a slot for strong B stigmatas like Newton B
MB: Good for getting SP gains, and also grealy enables the host to perform fast and strong critical hits during TF. Has space for T stigmatas like Schrodinger T
TB: Good for SP gains, and has a slot for the good M stigmatas like Beethoven M and Mei Pool Party M if you lack enough newton Bs.


3-pc bonus: 30% less SP-cost bonus. It's as the description says, it makes all active skills cost 30% less SP such as Ultimates and Weapon Active Skills. However, the requirement to activate the skills still needs the same amount. This means if you have an ultimate, for example, that costs 50 SP, you will not be able to activate the ultimate until you have at least 50 SP, but upon activation, it will only cost you 35 SP. It's not really that amazing of an effect to warrant using all 3 pieces of the stigmata. The 2pc effect + some other stigmata is a better combination. Therefore, I would not recommend equipping all three pieces.


Recommended For

Void Drifter (VD)   Divine Prayer (DP )   Twilight Paladin (TP)   Knight Moonbeam (KMB)

Dark Jixuanyuan (DXY) can still find a place in today's meta as long as long as the conditions are met. There are a very few valkyries who can pull off amazing scores while equipped with the DXY stigma(s). The main contender for using DXY is VD. Her main source of DMG is from here QTE and combo attacks. And most of these attacks happen during time fracture. Since she usually has KMB or Herrscher of Void as the leader, having more crit rate from DXY M increases the chances of utilizing the Critical DMG bonus from the leader skills of the mentioned BIO Kianas. Not to mention, DXY M is often fighting for the VD's M slot with Planck M. In addition, DXY B, paired with M, makes it so VD doesn't need to worry about being unhurt at the cost of a bit of physical DMG, but this also comes with the benefits of an increased attack speed and movement speed.

VD: EX-Memorial, Homu King, 30933 - DXY M


VD: EX- Memorial, Homu King, 29760 - DXY MB


VD: EX-Memorial, Shadow Knight, 30986 - DXY M


DP has a power time fracture ultimate and makes for great support. However, for it to last long enough, she needs SP quickly. That's where DXY comes in, enabling DP to gain SP quickly in less time. This saves time and therefore increases the score you get in Memorial Arena.

DP: EX-Memorial, Tonatiuh, 30880 - DXY TM 


TP has a power combo attack upon merely holding down the basic attack button. If you time it right, you can have TP execute her combo attack during time fracture alongside with Schrodinger T for unbelievable dmg.

TP: EX-Memorial, Jizo, 31040


And lastly, KMB can also make use of DXY M in the late game when at SSS rank as a dps. Her frequent time fractures enables her to increase her own crit rate and make use of her own leader skill for crit dmg. This enhances her playstyle of evading and then shooting with Paralysis.

KMB: EX-Memorial, Doom, 31466


Closing Thoughts

For first impressions, DXY can seem to be underwhelming. Its effects only revolve around the ever short-lasting time fracture and each piece can be rather expensive to buy from the foundry. But if you learn to time your most important and hardest hitting attacks during time fracture, you can pull off some scores worthy of the leaderboards. I suggest getting the M piece first and then the B piece. If you wish, you can get the T piece as well when you have the funds. Overall, DXY a rather strong f2p stigmata when used correctly.