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Schrodinger Stigmata Guide


Schrodinger Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are going to re-evaluate the Kitty Experiment Set Schrodinger in today's meta.


Stigmata Intro

Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Schrodinger (T)

5★ HP: 552; ATK: 92; DEF: 65

Wave Property: Charges once every 6.0s. The next Basic ATK (including Combo and Charged ATKs) has a 50% chance of gaining 205% Total DMG Multiplier (otherwise, by 52%) for a short duration.


Schrodinger (M)

5★ HP: 552; DEF: 65; CRT: 9

Particle Property: After using an Ultimate or triggering an Evasion skill, gain a 50% chance of reducing CD by 51%. Otherwise, CD is increased by 20%


ScSchrodinger (B)

5★ HP: 552; ATK: 46; DEF: 65; CRIT: 4

Uncertainty: Gain 1 charge per 4.0s. For the next and another Basic ATK afterwards (including Combo and Charged ATKs) has a 50% chance to gain 308% more SP or 100% less SP.


2-pc bonus: Schrodinger's Cat

When attacked, there is a 50% chance that said attack suffers 70% Total DMG Reduction. Otherwise, said attack gains 40% Total DMG Multiplier.


3-pc bonus: Schrodinger's Equation

All stigmata buffs from this stigmata set gain a 10% trigger chance. Himeko equip bonus: Gain another 10% trigger chance.


Stigmata Skill Review

Schrodinger (T): 50/50 chance of small/large TDM Bonus. The most significant piece (and only one that matters) of this set. Once every 6s, your basic atk will either gain a small DMG boost or a huge DMG boost. This is best suited for dmg valkyries whose biggest form of dealing DMG is from one of their basic attacks. 

Because of the strong bonus this piece provides, one can only want the better effect. This results in a lot of resetting whenever the crucial attacks do not get the 205% TDM bonus. See the picture below the difference between getting the bad effect and the good effect of this stigmata.


Keep in mind:

  • Only basic, combo/charged attacks will proc this stigma. Weapon skills, switch & QTE and ultimate do not.

  • The stigmata will only proc once your attack lands; this is the basis for Bronya missile stacking. The 6s cooldown starts the moment it procs, and will go on even when switched out.

  • If you see the stigma icon on screen it means the stigma is on cooldown. If you do not see that icon, it means your next basic attack will proc the schrodinger effect.

  • Once it procs, the effect will apply to all basic attacks in an approx. 1 second time window (or about 3 to 4 Memento instant draws). The ingame description is wrong.

  • Due to Honkai's wonky physics this time window varies according to the framerate settings of the game. At 30FPS a proc gives you 3 buffed Meme branches, at 60FPS it gives 4.


Schrodinger (M): 50/50 chance of decreasing/increasing Ultimate Evasion Cooldown. The other extremely niche and “cancerous” piece of this set. Compared to the only other M piece stigmata piece that can lower cooldown (by 20%) Sirin Ascendant, the chance of a 51% cooldown decrease is only for the most niche of Memorial Arena strategies. In other words, this is a pretty bad stigmata because of the sheer amount of luck you would need for an actual good gameplay with this piece.


Schrodinger (B): 50/50 chance of more/no SP gain. This piece is the worst piece of this set. The effects will either give you 82% more SP or no SP upon a hit. There are much better B pieces today that increase the host's SP gain.


2-pc bonus: 50/50 chance of an attack hurting the host more/less. This is a very pointless effect if you practice doing what any and every good Honkai Captain does: evade and avoid getting hit.

3-pc bonus: 10% increase chance in good effects, another +10% if the host is Himeko. This is a good effect but not a great enough effect to warrant using all 3 pieces of this set and the 2pc effect. At best, this 3pc effect can provide a 20% increase in bonus but with all effects considered, it's just not impactful.


Recommended For

     Void Drifter (VD)             Goushinnso Memento (Meme)

The only piece that matters, Schrodinger T, has a few select valkyries who can use it in today's meta. Both VD and Meme always need Schrodinger T to pop off tons of DMG.They have some viability in the EX-Memorial scene but require plenty of gear in their team to pop off.

VD: EX-Memorial, Homu King, 30933

VD: EX-Memorial, Shadow Knight, 30986


VD: EX-Memorial, Jizo, 31253

Meme: EX-Memorial, Herrscher of the Void, 31146


Meme: EX-Memorial, Jizo, 30240


Black Nucleus (BN)                   Twilight Paladin (TP)

TP has a more niche build with Schrodinger T. Strategies with TP equipped with Schrodinger T involve trying to time her combo attack with the Schrodinger buff. While most Bronyas would enjoy Schrodinger T, given that they use charged attacks, only BN has a place with Schrodinger T in today's meta. However, in 3.8, only those with SSS-rank BN can perform well enough. Don't worry because in 3.9, with the release of a new PRI weapon, S-rank BN players can also perform strongly!

TP: EX-Memorial, Jizo, 31040


BN: EX-Memorial, Assaka, 31520 (With the new Briareus-EX PRI Weapon of 3.9)



Closing Thoughts

So the Schrodinger pieces are more of a gambling session and are not ideal for long playing sessions. The top piece is the only piece that is worth using. Due to the fact that the Schrodinger set only has one good piece, the T piece makes for a very good choice to buy from the Exchange House shop. However, even with the T-piece, anyone who wishes to use Schrodinger must be prepared to pull out their hair in reset-elo hell for the cancer of triggering Schrodinger's good effects for every session. If the captain is not capable of being that patient and does not enjoy resetting their gameplay for these reasons, this stigmata that has survived the test of 2 years may not be right for them. Otherwise, expect very high scores and high rankings at the end of the tunnel!