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[Herrscher of the Void] | I am the Honkai incarnate

 Bow before me, and I'll keep you alive till Judgment Day



1. Character Intro

2. Skill Analysis

3. Recommended Equipment





1. Character Intro

Herrscher of the Void is the soul-awakened BIO-type battlesuit of [Knight Moonbeam] with ranged Physical ATK.


Basic ATK: Subspace Lance

Attack enemies with quick 5-Sequence runs, with the 3rd and 5th sequences summoning explosive Space Core that deals 100% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.

Be aware that performing evasion during 5-Sequence runs will reset the sequence count. For example, if the Herrscher evades right after the 4th sequence, her next Basic Attack will start from the 1st again.


Charged ATK: Time Tremor

With at least 240 Herrscher Charge, tap and hold [ATK] and the Herrscher will snap her fingers, dealing up to 1000% ATK of AOE Physical DMG and activating Herrscher Form.


Herrscher Form

Herrscher Form is the superbuffed form of the Herrscher of the Void that continuously consumes Herrscher Charge.

The buff allows the Herrscher of the Void fast movement and 2 consecutive evasions during her attacks. She will also gain Interrupt chance and Ignore Interrupt chance.

Basic Attack will turn into 3-sequence runs. The 3rd sequence Space Core summon deals higher Explosive DMG across a larger AOE and pulls in enemies nearby.

Be aware that the Herrscher Form is not a Burst mode, so stigmata buffs for Burst mode will not work for Herrscher Form.


Evasion Skill: Phase Shuttle

Performing Ultimate Evasion will create a Time Slow area centered around the enemy, stopping enemies' action within the area for 3s, irrespective of enemies' Time Resist.

Herrscher of the Void can directly make the 3rd sequence of the 5-Sequence run (Basic ATK) upon performing Ultimate Evasion.

Be aware that [Herrscher of the Void]'s evasion skills (including Ultimate Evasion and normal evasion) are blink evasions with no model collisions, allowing easier escapes when surrounded by enemies!


QTE: Angel of Destruction

Triggered upon Time Slow or shield break. Herrscher of the Void enters the battlefield and deals up to 1000% ATK of AOE Physical DMG.


Ultimate Skill: Void Unleashed

Deals 2700% ~ 3600% ATK of Physical DMG to a large AOE in front and knocks enemies airborne.

Enemies within the large area centered around Herrscher of the Void (including the ones behind her) will be Time Locked for 3s when Ultimate Skill ends.

The Ultimate Skill also applies a global slowing effect (similar to the Ultimate Skill of Valkyrie Ranger) where all enemies' action will be slowed down and the stage timer will be suspended. But this effect will not work for QTEs triggered by Time Slow.


Herrscher Charge

Herrscher of the Void's special charge. Has 2 slots with 480 charge in total (240+240).

Herrscher Form consumes 24 Herrscher Charge every 0.5s. Tap and hold [ATK] when Herrscher Charge is full to make a charged ATK and activate Herrscher Form for 10s.


Gain Herrscher Charge by/through:

1) hitting enemies with the 3rd and 5th sequences of the 5-Sequence run (gain 60 per sequence);
2) performing Ultimate Evasion (gain 60);
3) the skill Dimension Warp (gain 60 upon performing QTE);
4) using the weapon skill of [Keys of the Void] (gain 120);
5) using the skill Void Empowerment (unlocked when Herrscher of the Void reaches SS-rank; gain up to 360 of Herrscher Charge upon unleashing Ultimate Skill).



2. Skill Analysis


Tier 0 Skill - Top leveling priority
Skill Name Max Level Effect Review
Weltraum Richter Under Herrscher Form, gain 30% Total DMG Multiplier, and gain a further 30% Total DMG Multiplier against MECH-type enemies. Core skill to boost DMG. The extra DMG buff against MECH-type enemies makes the Queen unassailable.
Void Lock Evading through an enemy will force-activate the Ultimate Evasion effect and shorten the Ultimate Evasion CD by 3s. Crowd control skill. Unleash to trigger Ultimate Evasion.
Honkai Mark The Herrscher's finger snap will mark enemies for 10s. Hits from the Herrscher of the Void against marked enemies gain 15% Total DMG Multiplier. Unconditional crowd vulnerability debuff that can only be utilized by Herrscher of the Void. Can be enhanced with rank upgrades.
Judgment While unleashing Ultimate Skill, gain 30% Crit Rate against enemies with 50% or more HP and gain 50% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies with less than 50% HP. Super DMG buff for her Ultimate.
Void Empowerment (SS-rank) Gain 360 Herrscher Charge upon unleashing Ultimate Skill. Shared Skill. Massive Herrscher Charge fuel-up. Can be unlocked by promoting Knight Moonbeam to SS-rank.


Tier 1 Skill. Second leveling priority
Skill Name Max Level Effect Review
Contortion Effect Under Herrscher Form, Space Core explosion deals 350% ATK of Physical DMG. Decent DMG boost under Herrscher Form.
Rift Geyser Space Core explosion gains 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Effective DMG boost for Basic ATK.
Gegenstrom For every enemy affected by Time Slow, gain 10% Physical DMG for 10s. Stacks up to 3 times. Core skill to boost AOE DMG. Can also be triggered by Time Slow created by teammates.
Void Throne Leader Skill. Team gains 40% Crit DMG and 15% Crit Rate. Super powerful Leader Skill that secures the team leader spot for Herrscher of the Void. Can be enhanced with rank upgrades.


Tier 2 Skill. Works fine at the basic level. Level up only if you have enough skill points
Skill Name Max Level Effect Review
Dimension Warp When QTE ends, gain 60 Herrscher Charge and 20% ATK Speed for 10s. Gain 60 Herrscher Charge regardless of Skill level. ATK speed boost helps to quickly gain Herrscher Charge after QTE.
Distortion Snap finger to gain 60% Total DMG Multiplier against enemies with no shields. Effective on minions by default. Also works on Elite enemies and Bosses with broken shields.
Law of the Void (SS-rank) For each repeated attack against an enemy, gain 1% Crit Rate. Max: 20%. Resets if not attacking for 3s or switching targets. Works great against Bosses and Elite enemies.
Deviant Energy For each Space Core summoned, the Herrscher gains 15% Indirect DMG Reduction for 10s. Stacks up to 3 times. Each stack resets the duration. Enhances Herrscher of the Void's survivability in Abyss.


Tier 3 Skill. Suit yourself
Skill Name Max Level Effect Review
Dimension Overload Under Herrscher Form, last hit of the Basic ATK sequence will slowly pull in enemies within a 10-meter radius. Limited enemy clumping duration. It's decent.
Suspended Space (SSS-rank) When the local Time Slow (triggered by Ultimate Evasion) ends, global Time Fracture will be triggered for 2s. Perfect for loaded Captains on the battlefield.



3. Recommended Equipment

*Equipment data mentioned below is all Max Level data.


Weapon: [Keys of the Void]

ATK 264 CRT 37

[Keys of the Void] has good Crit stats.

Its Weapon Skill deals massive Physical DMG and helps Herrscher of the Void gain Herrscher Charge quickly.

Passive Skill also provides unconditional Physical DMG buffs and Critical DMG buffs.

This is the perfect weapon for Herrscher of the Void.


Stigmata Set [Celine: Ascendant]

[Celine: Ascendant (T)]
HP: 377 ATK: 122 DEF: 22

Gain 20% Physical DMG by default and gain another 30% Physical DMG (total: 50%) under Herrscher Form.


[Celine: Ascendant (M)]
HP: 473 DEF: 177 CRI: 12

Reduce the CD of Ultimate Evasion by 20%, which enables Herrscher of the Void to make better use of evasion skills.

Though the 30% Critical DMG buff is not as high as that of Ekaterina Set and [Michelangelo (B)], it's UNCONDITIONAL!


[Celine: Ascendant (B)]
HP: 449 ATK: 64 DEF: 22 CRI: 12

The Space Shield provided by this stigma is only vulnerable to Elemental DMG, which helps to maintain the shield and activate the core stigma Skill.

While the shield exists, faster ATK speed helps Herrscher of the Void gain Herrscher Charge more quickly and unleash more hits under Herrscher Form. Physical DMG buffs make even better use of this stigma.


[Celine: Ascendant] 2-pc Set

Every entity summoned provides 12% Total DMG Multiplier (lasts 10s) for the battlesuit equipped with this 2-pc. Stacks up to 3 times. Newly generated stack will replace the current oldest stack.

Herrscher of the Void is one of the few battlesuits that can continuously summon entities. She can quickly activate and maintain the 36% Total DMG Multiplier provided by the [Celine: Ascendant] 2-pc Set in 2 Basic ATK runs.


[Celine: Ascendant] 3-pc Set

Gain 50% Critical DMG. Gain 15% Crit Rate under Herrscher Form.

The 3-pc stigmata skill provides up to 80% Critical DMG buff, which is next only to the 120% buff provided by Ekaterina Set, and is always active. Moreover, it gives a 15% Crit Rate buff under Herrscher Form.


As Herrscher of the Void has skills with massive Total DMG Multiplier buffs, the fact that [Celine: Ascendant] set provides excellent Physical DMG and Critical DMG buffs makes the most of the DMG equation.



You think you've learned everything about me? You fools. Offer me your life and I'll let you have a sip of the Honkai, human.