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Vikrant Weapon Guide


Star Shatterer: Vikrant is a support Heavy-type weapon released with the second augmented valkyrie - Drive Kometa (DK).  DK provides tons of buffs for a team, and Vikrant further improves her strengths. So, is Vikrant worth your precious crystals? Let's find out.



  • Weaken effect can be reapplied as long as the enemy is within the field, up to 9s long.
  • Moveslow effect can trigger the passive skills of Shadow Knight (SK) and Lightning Empress (LE), but SK has Nuada's Revenge to get the same bonus, and no one uses LE DPS any more these days.
  • The field is not a summoned unit; the damage is considered as user damage. Hence, it can be used to trigger Newton B or Jin Shengtan 2set Aura off-field. (User must equip the stigmatas.) Currently, this is the most popular use of the active skill.


Gif shows Vikrant's Distortion Field reapplying JST and Newton B

  • Whole team gains 15% TDM against weakened enemies. The bonus itself isn't big, but it does improve scores for high-end teams.
  • The TDM improvement from 4⭐ to 5⭐ upgrade isn't that huge either, so you can choose to leave it at level 35. (9% TDM at level 35)
  • Relying on Vikrant's active skill to weaken isn't very good, as it has a long CD, is only 3s long and enemies may escape from the field. Only Drive Kometa and Wolf's Dawn can apply weaken easily, but we'll discuss the best Vikrant users in the next section.



Drive Kometa is the best Vikrant user as she can easily apply Crippling Field with her Basic ATK - a long 15s AOE weaken. Bonus max HP also makes DK's shield stronger. Wolf's Dawn can weaken with Basic ATK too, albeit at a shorter 6s duration.

Any Bronya battlesuit can equip Vikrant during Spatial Fracture evadion, which weakens all enemies. Snowy Sniper (SS) is a common user, as her Ultimate makes enemies take more Physical DMG, synergizing well with the evadion.


1) SN CH DK vs Shadow Knight Arena https://youtu.be/f3Z77m1iscc
A simple example of DK with Vikrant. DK applies weaken with Basic ATK, and SN gets 15% TDM. At 0:25, Vikrant active is used to delay trigger Newton B.

2) HoV DK TP vs Jizo Mitama Arena https://www.bilibili.com/video/av92449568
At 0:37, Vikrant active is used to delay trigger Newton B.

3) SP SS CH vs Tonatiuh Abyss https://www.bilibili.com/video/av95399755
At 00:49, SS uses Vikrant active to trigger Gustav and delay trigger Newton B. Evadion weakens Tonatiuh and SP gets 15% TDM from Vikrant's passive skill.

Star Shatterer: Vikrant is a support weapon that can improve damage output in high-end teams, and allows for delayed buff activation. For most captains, it's not a necessity to get Vikrant, as it doesn't make or break the game.
However, for captains who want to improve their game experience, then you should get Vikrant from supply. Vikrant rate-up usually pairs with Beethoven set, which is another strong support equipment. It's a good deal! 

Gacha responsibly, captains. Bye~