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Blood Dance Weapon Review

Blood Dance (BD)
is a legendary weapon - it has been the king of elemental support weapons since its debut. It used to be obtainable only from supply, but in v3.3, Ai-chan has blessed all captains by adding BD to Exchange House, and now in v3.8, you can even obtain it from Battle Pass. What makes Blood Dance so good? Let's find out~



  • Makes enemies take 60% more Elemental DMG for 9s. This is the highest enemy elemental debuff by a weapon in the game. 
  • The debuff is applied on the enemy, which means they will take more elemental damage from ANY SOURCE - including Evadion and summoned units (E.g. Judah)
  • It has a low SP cost, medium range, good duration and can hit multiple enemies, making it a very popular support choice in both Abyss and Arena.
  • Multiple BD effects do not stack. Also, cannot be extended by Time Fracture.

Blood Rage skill

In the last few patches, new support weapons were introduced - MAG-Typhoon for Lightning teams, and Ruinous Sakura for Fire teams. Although these weapons are preferred over BD in certain fights, Blood Dance is still a versatile choice, suitable for all elemental teams.


  • Provides 30% Physical DMG. Can be an option for Liliya or Rozaliya, if you don't have anything better for them.
  • HP heal was once useful on Blood Rose (BR), keeping her alive in abyss. Now we have Jingwei ELF for healing. BR also has better weapons now - Godslayer Surtr, Might of An-Utu and Labor of Olympus.

Example of Blood Revival passive 



Any 2-Handed users - Himeko, Liliya or Rozaliya battlesuits can use BD as support. Just figure out which battlesuit is the best for each situation.



Example 1
A team with Azure Empyrea and Darkbolt Jonin might want a MECHA-type battlesuit to get AE leader skill bonus. The most suitable users would be Vermilion Knight, Scarlet Fusion or Blueberry Blitz.


Example 2
A team for Memorial Arena might want someone that can trigger Time Fracture. The most suitable users would be Battle Storm, Scarlet Fusion or Molotov Cherry.



Blood Dance vs Myriad Boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoZSgbbXuE8

Blood Dance vs Myriad Mobs https://youtu.be/EIaAzvFNeMM

Blood Dance vs Benares Arena https://www.bilibili.com/video/av82471544?zw


Despite a few years after its debut, Blood Dance remains as one of the strongest all elemental support weapons for well-built teams. All veteran players are recommended to get Blood Dance from either Exchange Shop, Battle Pass or Focused Supply. However, beginners should focus on getting offensive gears first.