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Trial Ignis Guide

Trial Ignis is a greatsword weapon introduced in version 3.8. It is a “free” 5* greatsword, which can be obtained through an event related to the introduction of the new Post Honkai Odyssey open world. In this guide, we will go over the function of the weapon, how it fares against past greatswords, and the recommended valkyries for the weapon.


Weapon Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Trial Ignis

5★ ATK: 283; CRT: 24


Prometheus: Within 10s of performing an Ultimate, or while in Burst mode, each hit by the user deals an additional 60% ATK of Fire damage. Effect triggered once per second per target.

Herakles: Ultimate and Burst attacks gain 35% Total damage. 


Weapon Skill Review


The Prometheus passive is pretty decent. It roughly translates to +60%ATK Fire dmg per second for valkyries that can make use of it.

Herakles gives an extremely high 35% Total damage multiplier, especially for an event weapon. Currently, the two greatsword users with burst mode are Scarlet Fusion (SF) and Blood Rose (BR), of which only BR is a viable damage dealer. Please remember that the bonus only applies to Burst or Ultimate attacks and nothing else!


Trial Ignis’ main competitor is Godslayer: Surtr, guide is linked here.

Overall, it is 35% Total damage for burst and 60% ATK of Fire dmg per second versus unconditional 25% Total damage, slowly ramped up to 45% Total damage, 15% SP recovery, and 15% Attack speed. 

A quick test was done on floor 3 in Q-Singularis at 208 Eh against a single Death Web miniboss. Trial Ignis dealt 188167 damage compared to 198389 by Surtr with two cycles of Blood Wrath ultimate. Stigmatas used were Thales T/M Fuxi B. This is roughly 95% the damage of Surtr.


Recommended For


Blood Rose

Recommended Stigmatas:


BR is the only valkyrie that will make the most out of Trial Ignis. The 35% Total damage is limited to Burst and Ultimate attacks only! This makes it less appealing for valkyries like Vermilion Knight (VK), which deals a great deal of damage with her Charged attacks, and is currently relying heavily on Might of An-Utu.


Closing Thoughts


Whether captains decide to invest Honkai Cubes to Trial Ignis depends on how much they would like to build their Blood Rose. It is a nice stat stick for those without a Gacha Greatsword to upgrade to lv50, but BR is a pretty expensive valkyrie with limited return. It will need its stigmatas and SS rank, but does not provide any top scores, although she can defeat multiple bosses reliably. Overall, I’d say it is not a recommended investment at this time. I have never been a fan of upgrading to lv50 a sub-optimal weapon. However, it is nearly as powerful as Surtr, which says a lot about Trial Ignis’ strength.