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Thales Stigmata Review


Thales - Eclipse Predictor Set is one of the strongest Fire / TDM set in the game. It has been the only stigmata to provide increased Fire DMG Taken debuff for a long time, until Leeuwenhoek arrived.This article will review Thales in the current patch v3.8.



  • Thales T provides unconditional 25% Total DMG Multiplier (TDM), so any valk can use it.
  • 15% Fire DMG is nice. This means Fire valks get the most out of this piece.
  • Usually paired with mid piece for 2set effect.
  • Single-piece comparison:
    • Higokumaru T - provides 45% Fire DMG, higher than Thales. However, Thales excel in providing a mix of TDM and Fire DMG, which seems to be the preferred mix buffs for end-game currently.
    • Leeuwenhoek T - Provides 16% TDM and 20% Fire DMG. Very close to Thales, we will discuss Lee vs Thales later.


  • Thales M provides 20% Fire DMG Taken Multiplier, one of the rare debuffs in the game. That's one of the reasons Thales M is preferred for any Fire DPS valks.
  • Currently, Thales M is mostly paired with Leeuwenhoek 2set, which provides another 15% Fire DMG Taken Multiplier. 
  • The buffs are independent, and they multiply with each other, which means you get 20% x  15% = 38% Fire DMG Taken.  That's the highest you can get from stigmata!


  • Gives 15% ATK SPD which can be used on any valk, such as Shadow Knight. Although, there are a lot of stigmatas that already provide ATK SPD. For example, Fu Hua Outing (B) and Seele (B).
  • Overall, not a very useful piece.


  • Gives 50% TDM for Charged ATKs and 30% TDM for Ultimate / Burst Mode ATKs for 5s.
  • 2-set is usually achieved with Thales TM , providing all the TDM, Fire DMG and Fire DMG Taken buffs.
  • Great on Blood Rose, Vermilion Knight due to their Charged + Ultimate plasytyle.


Thales 2set charge cooldown indicator


  • Gives a lot of minor defensive boost for 5s.
  • Overall, not very useful



Valkyrie Gloria, Vermilion Knight, Blood Rose and Flame Sakitama

  • Thales is generally useful for all Fire DPS valks.



  • Thales TM provides a lot of TDM for generally any Charged + Ultimate Valks. So it can be equipped on some Charged + Burst Mode valks like Herrscher of Reason. Just as an alternative option. Not the most recommended use.

In v3.8, a new mixed Fire set is added to the game - Leeuwenhoek, which provides very close multipliers to Thales. So, which one is better? 

As you can see, Lee TB Thales M provides 

  • The highest ATK
  • The highest Fire DMG Taken buff
  • The highest TDM if the valk does not rely on Charged ATK.

Currently, Leeuwenhoek TB Thales M is the best on a lot of Fire valks. Only Blood Rose is the only Fire Valk left to prefer Thales TM Fuxi B due to her long Ultimate Duration.

Comparison of An-Utu damage:

Left: Thales TM  Fuxi B. Right: Leeuwenhoek TB Thales M

There is roughly 20% DMG difference between the two setups.



VK vs Argent Knight boss (Thales TM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRfajdE8Mz8
VG vs Myriad mobs (Thales M) https://youtu.be/EIaAzvFNeMM

VK vs Argent Knight boss https://www.bilibili.com/video/av89894547?zw
VK vs Herrscher of the Void https://www.bilibili.com/video/av91600219?zw


  • Thales TM is a powerful Fire / TDM set. ?
  • Thales M is one of the rare pieces to provide increased Fire DMG taken. ??
  • Thales M is also compatible with the newer Leeuwenhoek set.???


?Overall, Thales is still a great Fire / TDM set. If you already have it, then you can keep using it and can afford skipping Leeuwenhoek. ?

However if you have to choose between pulling Thales and Leeuwenhoek first, I have to recommend pulling Leeuwenhoek first.