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Valkyrie Gloria Character Guide

Valkyrie Gloria Character Guide by Captain Hope

Valkyrie Gloria (VG)


Valkyrie Gloria (VG) is Durandal's first Battlesuit to be debut in Honkai Impact 3. She is A-ranked base QUA-type Fire Damage Dealer, first QUA Elemental DPS in the game. She also comes with the introduction of a new Lance weapon type, with new Throw mechanic. She comes with her own special Resolve meter, maxing at 480 (2 Bars).



  • Numbers in Blue are at max skills level.
  • Currently all Lance have the cooldown of 25s and weapon active deals 50% Physical ATK if enemy is in Invincibility or Iron Body state. They also have the ability to unleash the counterstrike Throw with no cooldown restriction when the weapon skill button flashes.



Skill Set

Passive Skills

  • Leader Skill: Boost 30% Fire DMG and 17% Throw Total DMG.
  • Deal 55% more  Fire DMG against ignited enemies (Unlock at S rank)
  • Performing Throw with weapon active entering cooldown or inflicting Collapsed debuff recover 480 Resolve. Triggering Throw Counter recover 280 Resolve.
  • Triggers 2s Time Fracture when activating cooldown of weapon active (Unlock at SS rank)


[Basic ATK: Hasta Domina] Five-sequence attacks, 2nd, 4th, and 5th restore 40 Resolve each hit. 5th sequence of basic ATK, Sprint ATK, and Decisive Blow also ignite enemies dealing 30% ATK Fire DMG/0.5s for 8s. 4th ATK also restore 1 bonus SP (Unlock at S rank)


[Ultimate: Eruptio Magnifica] Leap towards target & pull in nearby enemies, hurl a massive lance towards them, dealing 1100% ATK Physical DMG & 2400% ATK Fire damage in total & inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies, recover 480 Resolve & generate Aura Ignis for 15s - Gain 50% Total DMG, Basic ATKs recover twice the amount of Resolve & increase Ignore Interrupt. Within Aura Ignis, after hitting enemy 3 times, the next ATK deal additional 80% ATK Fire DMG


[Charged ATK: Impetus Gloria] Usable at 240+ Resolve, gains Iron Body & enter Sprint stage, each hit costing 40 Resolve, dealing 50% Physical DMG & 80% + 40% ATK Fire DMG. When consume 240+ Resolve, Fire DMG rises to 100% ATK.

When consume 240+ Resolve, release ATK button to launch Sprint ATK dealing 100% ATK Physical DMG & 450% Fire DMG.

While in Aura Ignis, hold ATK to consume all Resolve, launching Decisive Blow dealing a total of 200% ATK Physical DMG & 930% ATK Fire DMG. Each Resolve consumed boosts Total DMG by 0.2% (96% Max)

During Sprint ATK or Decisive Blow, every 240 Resolve grants a stack of Fiery Will (10 stacks max) which boosts Fire DMG by 6% and reduce Total DMG taken by 5% for 20s. Decisive Blow grants 2 more stacks of Fiery Will, Final Hit of Decisive Blow deals 250% ATK bonus Fire DMG (Unlock at SS rank)


[Evasion: Augur Martialis] Ultimate Evasion trigger 3s Time Fracture, restore 120 Resolve, granting Combat Focus state for 4s where she can directly unleash 5th sequence of Basic ATK after evasion which restore 3 SP and 40 Resolve on hit. In this state 5th sequence of Basic ATK also deals 40% more Total DMG (Unlock at SSS rank)




Valkyrie Gloria have a lot of built-in Fire DMG bonus in her skills, total of 145% (30% from Leader Skill + 55% on ignited enemies + 60% from max stacks of Fiery Will) which makes weapons and stigmas that boost her Total DMG or make enemies take more damage more effective than Fire DMG boost pieces. Therefore, her recommended equipments are as follows:


[EOS Gloria] Throw deals 1500% ATK Fire DMG while counterstrike Throw deals 800% ATK Fire DMG. When Throw hits the target, generate 11s Flame Aura around the wielder, makiing nearby enemies take 15% more Fire DMG and deal 35% ATK Fire DMG/0.5s.

When hitting an enemies with Basic ATK or Charge ATK, wielder gains 4% Fire DMG for 8s, each stack's duration is independent to each others. Hitting an enemy with Ultimate or Throw ATKs, immediately gains 10 stacks.

Thought - Her Signature Weapon. Fits her playstyle perfectly. The passive buff upto 40% Fire DMG.


[Lecia] Throw deals 1200% ATK Fire DMG while counterstrike Throw deals 600% ATK Fire DMG. When Throw hits the target, gains 30% Total DMG reduction.

Deals 15% more Fire DMG, further deals 35% more Fire DMG against ignited enemies.

Thought - Very competent alternative. The passive actually buff her Fire DMG more than EOS Gloria, but as stated in the beginning of this guide, she already has a lot of built-in Fire DMG bonus in her skills, so enemies taking 15% more Fire DMG after the Throw is more effective than raw Fire DMG bonus from this Lance.




[Leeuwenhoek] - Her Signature Stigmata set, provides 76% Total DMG & 75% Fire DMG boost in total. Every piece is good on her. Set Effects are also great.


[Thales] - Top and Mid Pieces are great. Granting upto 45% Total DMG & 15% Fire DMG boost and 20% more Fire DMG taken for enemies. Set Effect also grants 80% Total DMG boost for a short duration.


Other notable Stigmatas are Fu Hua Musician Set, Jingwei T&M, Nuwa T&M, Fuxi B, Lier Scarlet T, Darwin B,Newton B, Shakespear M, Robert Peary T, and many other Fire DMG boost Stigmatas


Best Partners are Azure Empyrea (AE) with her Signature Equipments and Wolf's Dawn (WD) with Star Shatterer: Vikrant and Ogier T + Fu Hua: Musician M&B.




Due to her skill, she can literally ignite enemies with 100% up time. The best way to play her is to gather 100 SP for ULT, switch to AE to apply debuff on enemies, QTE into VG, cast ULT, use Dicisive Blow, use Lance's Throw active to restore full Resolve to use Decisive Blow again, complete Basic ATK sequences to restore full Resolve and use Decisive Bllow again.



Two enemies that VG can not Throws at all


I would love to post some videos but Honkai Impact 3 on Android doesn't allow recording Internal Audio yet so I will skip it for now. I'm sure other Captains will make great video guides and examples out there.


That will be all for today. If you found this guide helpful and want to thank me or have any question, I usually lurking at Lounge 13 Discord Server. You will be able to find me there. And don't forget to keep spreading the Honkai!