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Valkyrie Gloria Complete Guide



Durandal has arrived! ? Valkyrie Gloria (VG) is Durandal's first A-rank battlesuit in the game. She uses a new Lance weapon, and is the first QUA Fire DPS in the game. She relies on her Ultimate and Charged ATK - Decisive Blow to deal huge AOE damage. Here is an overview of VG:

VG might seem complicated at first, but with practice, you will find that she is fairly easy to play. This guide aims to help players understand her skills and able to use her effectively. If you have read her skills and just want to know how to play her, then you may skip to the [How to Play] section.

As always, before we begin, let's get to know some of VG's special skills. 
 1) RESOLVE METER  - Two gauges, 240 units each (480 total)

  • Used for Charged ATK.
  • You can get Resolve from Basic ATK, Ultimate, Throw, QTE.

 2) THROW ATK  - VG can Throw enemies using her Lance weapon skill. Throwing will 

  • Trigger weapon skill effect & cd 
  • Trigger 2s Time Fracture
  • Recover 480 Resolve

 3) COUNTERSTRIKE THROW (CT)  - A variation of Throw that can only be activated against certain enemy attacks. 

  • Trigger weapon skill effect, BUT bypasses weapon CD
  • Does not trigger Time Fracture.
  • Only recover 240 Resolve

Examples of Throw (Left) and CT (Right)


 BASIC ATK  - Deal Physical and Fire DMG

  • A full sequence recover 240 Resolve (one gauge)
  • 4th sequence recovers 1 bonus SP on each hit (has 4 hits = 4 bonus SP)
  • 5th sequence ignites enemy for 8s


 EVASION  - After ultimate evasion, press ATK to launch Basic ATK 5th sequence.

Evasion Skill in action. Combat Focus indicator appears on top of Resolve meter.

Evasion Skill:

  • Trigger 3s Time Fracture. CD: 15s
  • Recovers 100 Resolve and enters Combat Focus state for 4s. 
  • During Combat Focus, you can keep pressing evade & atk button to directly unleash Basic ATK 5th sequence. 
  • Each hit gain 40% TDM, recovers 40 more Resolve (total 80) and 3 more SP.


 CHARGED ATK  - Durandal goes choo choo

Gif shows Sprint state 1, then state 2, and ends with Sprint ATK.


  • When you have 240 Resolve, hold down ATK button to enter Sprint State 1. Each hit consumes 40 Resolve, deal Fire and Physical DMG.
  • After consuming 240 Resolve on state 1, you will enter Sprint State 2. Fire DMG dealt is increased.
  • After consuming >240 Resolve, release ATK button to perform Sprint ATK.
  • VG has another Charged ATK, that we will discuss in the Ultimate section.



  • For every 240 Resolve consumed during Sprint, you gain Fiery WIll buff.  
  • Each stack gives 6% Fire DMG for 20s. Max 10 stacks.
  • Buff indicator shown above Resolve meter.


 ULTIMATE  - Once you have 100 SP, you can use Ultimate, which generates Aura Ignis, which unlocks her strongest Charged ATK - DECISIVE BLOW. Sounds confusing? Ok, let me explain it in order.

VG using Ultimate and Decisive Blow


  • Deals huge 600% Fire + 600% Physical DMG (helps break shields)
  • Recover full Resolve
  • Apply Quantum Implosion
  • Generate Aura Ignis on entire field for 15s


In AURA IGNIS, VG gets buffed??

  • Gain 50% TDM
  • Basic ATKs recover twice the Resolve
  • Every 4 hits deal additional 80% ATK Fire DMG
  • Gets access to her strongest Charged ATK - DECISIVE BLOW



  • Deals 830% Fire + 200% Physical DMG in an area
  • Gain 0.2% TDM for each Resolve consumed (Max 96% TDM
  • At max Fiery Will stacks, final hit will deal additional 250% ATK Fire DMG

Since VG specializes against mobs, this rotation is written for Abyss purposes.



  • Use Basic ATK to gain SP and Resolve. 
  • When you have 240+ Resolve, use Sprint ATK to stack/refresh Fiery Will buff.
  • Evasion skill is a bonus. More SP and Resolve regen.
  • Don't use Throw. It has a long CD. Save it for Ultimate.
  • Once your team is ready to ult, proceed to the next step.



  • Gather enemies: Can be achieved with Azure Empyrea, Drive Kometa or Valkyrie Chariot
  • Apply buffs / debuffs: E.g. Blood Dance, Azure Empyrea ultimatE



  • Use Ultimate, Evadion and ELF ultimate.
  • Use Charged ATK - Decisive Blow
  • Use Throw ATK
  • Use Charged ATK - Decisive Blow
  • Do a full basic ATK sequence
  • Use Charged ATK - Decisive Blow


VG has a balanced self TDM and Fire buffs - around 146% TDM and 115% Fire DMG during Decisive Blow. That's why she prefers gears such as Leeuwenhoek and Thales, which provide a mix of TDM, Fire DMG and Enemy Fire DMG Taken multipliers.



Azure Empyrea (AE), Valkyrie Gloria, Blood Dance user

The best team for VG. AE provides tons of buffs, but most importantly - 

  • ELEMENTAL PENETRATION - Strong debuff that reduces mobs' high elemental resistance as Abyss D / Eh rises.
  • LONG DEBUFF DURATION - Azure Empyrea + Margrave debuff duration is 15s long, which will support VG during the entire Aura Ignis.

Valkyrie Gloria, Phoenix (PX), Drive Kometa (DK)

A powerful F2P team - 

  • PX buffs Fire DMG & applies 20% Enemy Elemental DMG taken (SS-rank)
  • DK can gather enemies. As mentioned before, VG Sprint pushes mobs away, and DK solves this problem. DK can gather enemies using QTE or Ultimate.
  • DK also helps you survive Abyss bleed and interrupt enemies.

Special: Valkyrie Chariot

  • VC Ultimate can help gather enemies during Aura Ignis
  • Can also re-trigger Jin Shengtan 2set aura



1-VG is great against Abyss mobs for a number of reasons:

  • No type disadvantage - Abyss usually consists of multiple-type mobs. Being a QUA-type means VG does not have to worry about type disadvantages.
  • Her AOE attacks hit multiple enemies at once, raising her damage, hit counts and SP recovery. Add up her bonus SP passive, VG only needs a few rounds of Basic ATK to get to her next Ultimate.
  • One can say that she is the elemental counterpart of Swallowtail Phantasm, or the mobbing counterpart of Flame Sakitama.

2-She is best used in

  • Dirac Sea: Tundra, Frost, Fog, Quantum
  • Q-Singularis: Flash Explosion, Quantum Collapse
  • Can work in any weather / evadion buff as long as it does not give her any disadvantage.

3-One thing to note: VG is bad against invisibility enemies like Doom or Bandit, because

  • Throw ATK doesn't work on them 
  • VG lacks Heavy ATK to fill their trauma meter

4-Here are some examples of VG in Myriad Abyss. Note that BETA Abyss only has five floors, similar to Q-Gateway.

VG with different gears vs 222Eh Myriad mobs (Quantum Evadion)


Full gameplay of VG clearing one Myriad floor 210Eh (Lightning Evadion)


Unfortunately, VG does not get a good score against all Arena bosses. A few reasons:

  • Takes a while to build 100 SP against a single enemy
  • Needs more than one Ultimate to kill (except Argent Knight)

She only gets decent score against Argent Knight: Artemis boss, which already has other options, for both beginners and veterans.


Maybe one day there will be a QUA boss or mob that takes 20x damage from Lance user, then another 10x Fire DMG, then VG will have a use in Arena... 


⭐Congratulations, you have mastered VG! Use what you've learned today into practical use. VG will definitely help you in Abyss! ⭐

?In terms of investment priority, VG is currently not high in the priority list, because she's only good at mobbing, and there are a lot of other stronger, versatile, farmable valks (such as Hawk of the Fog). However, her stigmata Leeuwenhoek, is one of the best Fire set right now, so if you do get it, you're not just gearing VG; you're gearing your whole Fire team. ?


? That's it, captains! If you have further question or suggestion, you can contact Captain Marisa on Youtube, this Discord or the Official Honkai Discord. ?