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Lier Stigmata Guide

Lier Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we are going to re-evaluate the Noble Stillness Set Lier in today's meta.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Lier (T)

5★ HP: 563; ATK: 91; DEF: 39

Shield of Tranquility: At 80% or higher HP, gain 103% DEF in battle.


Lier (M)

5★ HP: 563; DEF: 39; CRT: 13

Wind of Tranquility: At 60% or higher HP, gain 36% Move Speed.


Lier (B)

5★ HP: 563; ATK: 44; DEF: 39; CRIT: 8

Sword of Tranquility: At 100% or higher HP, gain 46% Physical DMG.

2-pc bonus: Life Leech

15% chance of healing 5% HP upon hitting a target. CD: 2s.
BIO-type battlesuit equip bonus: Gain 15% Max SP in battle.

3-pc bonus: ADV Force Field

Blocks an interruptible attack 1 time and knocks the enemy Airborne. CD: 5s.


Stigmata Skill Review

Lier (T): Provides DEF Bonus. Despite the tremendous amount of DEF this pc provides and also although it's not too difficult to maintain at least 80% HP, DEF is not too useful. You would want to avoid getting hurt anyway through dodging attacks whenever possible. With that practice in mind, not having hit does not make DEF too useful at all.

Lier (M): Provides Speed Bonus. This is the easiest of the three pieces to maintain a bonus. Movement speed isn't bad but still isn't great in today's game modes. (If it was attack speed, maybe it'd be a bit different). It's good for getting around in the overworld however.


Lier (B): Provides Physical DMG bonus. The bottom piece is pretty much the only piece that matters. It has both its upsides and downsides. It comes with both a whopping 46% Physical DMG bonus. Meaning anything your physical DMG valkyrie unleashes, be it QTE, Ultimate, combo attacks, etc, they will all be buffed so long as the attack is Physical. Unfortunately, it requires the host to have exactly full HP. so even at the 99% HP, you won't be able to get any damage buffs. As a way to deal with this issue, it's better to play in stages that do not have bleed, have some form of healing, and/or never get hit. In any case, to Lier B is an high-tier F2P stigmata.


2-pc bonus: Small chance of small heals and sp max cap increase for BIO. Although there is only a small CD of 2s, this 2pc set is very lackluster. It does come with a form of self-healing to cover for your mistakes of getting hurt. But is it worth it? Not really because the T and M pieces have little impact even while their buffs are enabled. Additionally, a small chance to heal a bit is not helpful if you were to get hurt a lot. You would have to dodge while recovering a lot of HP, in which case it would have been better if you dodged in the first place to not get hit so much.

3-pc bonus: Can block most attacks once every 5s (plus an airborne knockup). Just like the 2pc, the 3pc effect is there to cover your mistakes of not getting hurt, and this time it's to give you a slight amount of breathing room. Because this effect only blocks only one time with a long 5s CD (long in this context), it's not worth it. It's better to end the fight early than prolong it with a higher chance of getting hurt and/or avoiding getting hurt. In Dirac Sea and Quantum Abyss, this is especially unforgiving as soon as the bleeding kicks in.

How to Obtain

There are quite a few ways to get your hands on the Lier Stigmatas: Supplies, Bounty, and Exchange House.

When pulling from a supply, there can be a chance you can pull a Lier pc from a supply that has Lier as its UP/Off rates. However, I don't suggest you attempt to pull specifically for Lier and hope that you don't accidently pull it unintentionally either. You'd rather not obtain a stigmata with crystal-costing pulls when you can obtain it through crystal-free methods such as the ones below.


Lier has been available for a long time in Bounty. Bounty is a long and tedious process to obtain certain equipment. Despite that, Bounty is actually the best way to obtain Lier because it doesn't cost you any crystals to obtain and you can selectively choose which stigmata to craft.

Exchange House

The last method to obtain Lier stigmatas is through the Exchange House, where you exchange 6000 Stigma Resonance for a single stigmata. While you can trade for a Lier piece of your choice here, it is highly not recommended to get Lier from the Exchange House. To get Stigma Resonance requires the sacrifice of 6 four-star stigmatas, which is not worth for any Lier piece. There are much better options than Lier in the Exchange House such as Newton B, Newton B, and Newton B. And when you factor in the fact that you can also get Lier from Bounty crafting, exchanging for Lier in the Exchange House just isn't worth it.


Recommended For

                              Void Drifter                   Night Squire

The Lier set as a whole and with 2 pieces together are a no go in today's meta. However, Lier B can be found shining through achievements that Void Drifter (VD) and Night Squire (NS) can accomplish. VD frequents through the top leaderboards with her amazing switch-in and switch-out playstyle that minimizes her exposure to damage while also dealing large bursts of Physical DMG as well. Most importantly, a lot of these teams that VD goes with, comes with her equipped with Lier B. This makes Lier B an important and powerful piece vital to VD's performance. Below are some of VD's performances in EX-Memorial:

VD: EX-Memorial, Homu King, 30933


VD: EX-Memorial, Shadow Knight, 30986


VD: EX-Memorial, Jizo, 31253


NS, while she doesn't often use Lier B to make it to the top, has been rediscovering herself in recent Memorial leaderboards. Lier B makes for a good DMG boost to NS so as long as she avoids getting hit. This makes it more difficult to perform with NS but it allows for cheaper builds to make it to the top with NS!

NS: EX-Memorial, Tonatiuh, 30560

NS: EX-Memorial, Jizo. 30240


Any Physical Valkyrie

Pretty much any Physical DMG dealing valkyrie can utilize Lier B but don't expect them to perform their best with a conditional DMG buff. These valkyries have other preferred choices but if you lack other choices, you can temporarily make do with Lier B. Just keep a close eye on your HP or you will find yourself lacking severely in damage.