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Valkyrie Gloria Character Guide

Greetings, Captain. Today we will be introducing the new character slash new battlesuit for v3.8; Bianka Ataegina Durandal and her A-rank battlesuit – [Valkyrie Gloria].

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[Valkyrie Gloria] are a close-range Fire DMG dealer and charges at enemies to attack. Her Ultimate moves deals massive Fire DMG while she is capable of controlling enemies with her Throw skill.
Let's not forget that her type is Quantum type battlesuit.


This guide aims to help captains get to know her skills and learn how to operate her. Start reading or click any of these subtopics:

1) Battlesuit Intro
>Special Mechanic [Resolve Gauge]
>Basic ATK [Hasta Domina]
>Special Attack (Charged Attack) [Impetus Gloria]
>Ultimate [Eruptio Magnifica]
>Evade [Augur Martialis]
>QTE [Irae Angelus]
2) Recommended Weapon
3) Recommended Stigmata
4) Recommended Lineup


1) Battlesuit Intro

All of these stats are based on SSS rank [Valkyrie Gloria] statistic.


Special Mechanic: [Resolve Gauge]
First of all, the red bar on top of HP bar are the Resolve Gauge. One of the bar equal to 240 Resolve, which mean the maximum of Resolve are 480. This bar is required to perform charge attack [Impetus Gloria] by [Valkyrie Gloria].

  • Basic attack [Hasta Domina] restore 120 Resolve.
  • During Aura Ignis (a field coverage after Ultimate, will explained later), basic attack [Hasta Domina] recover twice the Resolve.
  • Upon evasion, restore 120 Resolve.
  • After QTE, restore 240 Resolve.


Basic ATK [Hasta Domina]:

[Valkyrie Gloria]'s main way of attacking: Five-sequence lance attacks.  


  • [Hasta Domina] can deal tons of Physical and Fire DMG. The higher the lance attack sequence, the higher the ATK of Fire and Physical DMG.
  • While completing all the 5th sequence, it can restore 120 Resolve, which are at the 2nd, 4th, and 5th sequences that will restore 40 resolve each.
  • At the 5th sequence of [Hasta Domina], it will apply Ignite to enemies, dealing 30% of ATK of Fire DMG.
  • The important part to know is that you NEED to hit enemies to fill the Resolve Bar unlike Azure Empyrea battlesuit. 


Special Attack (Charged Attack) [Impetus Gloria]: 

Tap and hold the [ATK] button to unleash Charged attack. 


[Impetus Gloria] are the charged attack by consuming the amount of Resolve [Valkyrie Gloria] had. The more Resolve spent, the stronger the Sprint ATK. 

  • If the Resolve Bar are over 240, hold the [ATK] to gain Adamance and Iron Body and enter Sprint Stage 1, where each hit costs 40 Resolve and deal 50% ATK of Physical DMG & 80% ATK of Fire DMG.
  • Consume at least 240 Resolve to enter Sprint Stage 2, where each hit of Fire DMG rises to 100% ATK. Release [ATK] to launch Sprint ATK dealing 100% ATK of Physical DMG & 450% ATK of Fire DMG.


While in Aura Ignis (a field coverage after Ultimate) with over 240 Resolve, hold [ATK] to consume all Resolve for Decisive Blow dealing 8x60%+350% ATK of Fire DMG & 200% ATK of Physical DMG


Fiery Will: A skill where every 240 Resolve consumed grants a stack of Fiery Will (10 stacks maximum) which boosts Fire DMG by 6% and reduce total DMG taken by 5% for 20s. 


Ultimate [Eruptio Magnifica]:

Unleash a Mighty Blow with a massive lance. [Eruptio Magnifica] are the ultimate moves for [Valkyrie Gloria] that leap toward target and pull in nearby enemies for a short duration.


The ultimate moves deals 2x300% ATK of Physical DMG + 2x300% ATK of Fire DMG, after that, hurl a massive lance to further deal 500% ATK of Physical DMG + 1800% ATK of FIre DMG and inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies.


Finally, it will generate an Aura Ignis covering the entire fields where Basic Attack recover twice the Resolve and gain higher Ignore Interrupter for 15s. The sky turning darker prove that [Valkyrie Gloria] are in Aura Ignis coverage and the sky will naturally turn into normal after 15s. 


Evade [Augur Martialis]:

Upon evasion, tap [ATK] to directly unleash the 5th sequence while at the same restores 120 Resolve and triggers Time Fracture for 3s. 


QTE [Irae Angelus]:

Deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG + 800% ATK of Fire DMG and restores 240 Resolve. QTE are triggered by Time Slowed enemies.


2) Recommended Weapon

[Eos Gloria]


[Eos Gloria] is the best weapon for [Valkyrie Gloria] in term of raw damages, no other weapon can compete to this (for now). This weapon straight up provides [Valkyrie Gloria] 50% ATK of Physical DMG and 4% Fire DMG.  

  • [Fiery Cleansing], the Passive Skill of [Eos Gloria], provides 4% Fire DMG for 8s; this buff stacking up to 10 times. 
  • [Aurora Domina] deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG. The unique skill for this weapon are when an enemy launching a certain moves, the wielder can unleash a Counterstrike Throw when the weapon skill button flashes to control the enemy and deal 20% ATK of Physical DMG + 800% ATK of Fire DMG. And the best part is; this attack has no CD (because you have to wait for the enemy to launch a certain move). At the same time, generates a Flame Aura which makes the nearby enemies take 15% more Fire DMG and deals Fire DMG equal to 35% of the wielder's ATK against them.

Aurora Domina:


Counterstrike Throw:




  • [Ignis Stella] deals 15% more Fire DMG, additionally deals 35% more damage against ignited enemies.
  • [Flash Slam] deals 50% ATK of Physical DMG. When an enemy launcing a certain moves, the wielder can unleash a counterstrike Throw when the weapon skill button flashes to control the enemy and deal 20% + 600% ATK of Physical DMG. The wielder then gain Fyre Mantle which reduces 30% of Total DMG taken for 10s.


3) Recommended Stigmata


[Leeuwenhoek Set]

[Leeuwenhoek Set] are possibly the best stigmata set for [Valkyrie Gloria] in all ways. It provides powerful Total DMG and massive Fire DMG buffs, and the 2-pc set gives even more Total DMG and Fire DMG while the 3-pc significantly enhances [Valkyrie Gloria] survivability. These many buffs and bonuses greatly boost [Valkyrie Gloria]'s Skills and keep her almost untouchable even in tough battles.


[Fu Hua Musician Set]

[Fu Hua Musician Set] are next on the list as it provide almost the same buff (if not lower) as the first set and it can be exchanged with Imaginon in Foundry. This set provides decent Fire DMG especially against ignited enemies. Not only it will buff the battlesuit, it also buff the entire team with the 2-pc set which are very convenient with enemies that are weak toward fire element.


4) Recommended Lineup


[Valkrie Gloria] + [Azure Empyrea] + [Wolf Dawn]

[Azure Empyrea] and [Wolf Dawn] are suitable for [Valkrie Gloria] as both of them are battlesuit with support buff. [Azure Empyrea]'s ultimate deals 1800% ATK of Fire DMG against all enemies and boosts the team's All Elemental DMG while [Wolf Dawn]'s Barrier gives the team an increased Elemental Damage when it's not broken.


[Hoshina's opinion: To be honest, her weapon is a new type so dear Beginner need to take some time to get used to her attack, combo and timing, including the counterattack throw before bringing her into real combat stage. But for Veteran/Master, I trust that they can get used to it in no time as they got more experience in switching between battlesuit and used in frequent weapon-changing. All in all, [Valkyrie Gloria] is one powerful Close-range battlesuit with a unique weapon and weapon skill that are quite tricky for catching the timing (ehem the counterattack throw) but is very VERY fun to train with her to get used to her skill. Peace out.


Thank you for reading!