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Trial Ignis Weapon Guide


Trial Ignis Weapon Guide by Reinbex  


Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new 2-Handed Sword weapon released in v3.8: Trial Ignis.


Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 283; CRIT: 24

An experimental greatsword. Its special structure allows it to absorb, store, and release Honkai energy from the environment, like stealing power from the deities. However, power and risk always coexist - not every wielder could handle what this weapon offers...



Weapon Skills

★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.


Within the next 10.0s after unleashing Ultimate and during Burst mode, each hit unleashed by the wielder additionally deals 60.0% ATK of Fire DMG; however, this DMG bonus can only be triggered once per second against each target.



Ultimate and Burst ATKs deal 35% more Total DMG.



Skill Review


Deals some Fire DMG per ult/burst hit (1s CD). Prometheus doesn't really stand out too much. It's only good for dealing some form of fire damage, making this a subpar passive weapon skill.


Provides a solid TDM for Ultimates and Burst Attacks. There's nothing complex here about the second passive weapon skill. Ultimate attacks and all burst attacks get a very large TDM bonus. This makes for a great power boost.



Recommended For


Blood Rose

Thales Set

Blood Rose (BR) is a Fire 2-Handed wielder who can utilize Trial Ignis. Apart from Vermillion Knight, BR's main sources of DMG stem from her Burst Attacks. As such, she can make good use of Trial Ignis's Ult/Burst TDM bonuses.


However, I will have to state that while Trial Ignis instantly provides a TDM bonus upon ulting/bursting, Godslayer Surtr is still the better weapon in terms of bonuses (15% SP recovery, 15% faster ATK speed, and 25-45% TDM). Of course, Trial Ignis is still a very good option for BR if you lack Godslayer Surtr.



Closing Thoughts


Well, for this new 2-handed Sword, it may seem impressive at first glance but only a handful of valkyries (including Scarlet Fusion and Vermillion Knight) can use it. And even less can properly use the sword. If you lack better greatswords, Trial Ignis makes for a good substitute. Otherwise, it's better to use other greatswords because only Protagonist-Kun can use Trial Ignis properly.