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Fuxi Stigmata Review



Fuxi - Hexagrams of Fuxi is one of the earliest stigmata set in the game. Fuxi is an ALL Elemental DMG set specialized against enemies that are vulnerable to either frozen, paralyzed or ignited status. You can forge it from Bounty Mark! 


FUXI T gives a huge 92% Elemental DMG on attacks against frozen enemies, the highest Elemental DMG bonus of any top piece in the game. However, the problems with this piece are:

  • Most Elemental DPS either can't freeze or can only freeze for a very short time.
  • Only works on mobs. A lot of bosses are either highly resistant to freeze or completely immune to it.

Only Argent Knight: Artemis (AKA) can reliably freeze mobs with her Charged ATK. However, I don't recommend forging Fuxi T just for mobbing purposes on AKA, since Foundry equipment takes a lot of resources and time. 


FUXI M  gives a strong 92% Elemental DMG boost on attacks against paralyzed enemies, the highest elemental dmg bonus of any mid-piece in the game. It is great on Elemental DPS that can reliably apply paralyze, which are:


Hawk of the Fog and Lightning Empress


Hawk of the Fog (HF) is a powerful Lightning DPS, and applies paralyze on her strongest attacks - AB and Ultimate. Lightning Empress (LE) is also a viable DPS, but HF does an overall better job. 

Keep in mind that most bosses are immune to paralyze, so Fuxi M is only suitable against Abyss mobs. One exception is Padrino - HF with Fuxi M can get a high score against Padrino in Memorial Arena. 


Gameplay Example:
1) HF vs Padrino MA: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av74200215
2) HF vs Red Lotus mobs: https://youtu.be/z6U5hXqFpbA


FUXI B gives a huge 51% Elemental DMG boost on attacks against ignited enemies. This is the most versatile piece out of the entire set because 

  • A lot of Fire Valks can reliably apply ignite.
  • A lot of bosses are not completely immune to ignite.
  • Useful for top scores in both Abyss and Arena.

Valkyrie Gloria, Vermilion Knight, Blood Rose and Flame Sakitama

Gameplay example: 
1) VK vs HoV Arena: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av91600219?
2) FS vs AKA Dirac Sea: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av96925373


This set might be useful to reduce Knight Moonbeam's evasion cooldown, which enables you to trigger time fracture much faster. However, it can be substituted with Zhuge Kongming T, Sirin Ascendant M, or Allan Poe B, which also reduce Evasion skill CD, but as a single-piece effect.


60% Elemental DMG is pretty good. However, you need to freeze, paralyze and ignite enemies to get the benefits of all single-piece effects, which is impossible, because:

  • Enemies can't be paralyzed while it is frozen. 
  • There's no valkyrie that can reliably apply ignite and paralyze/frozen both at the same time.
  • 60% Elemental DMG is to compensate for DMG loss from the single-piece effect, but it is still not worth using 3-set over other, more suitable stigmatas.


Image shows Chariot affected by both ignite and frozen status.

MAG-Typhoon failed to apply paralyze, and FS QTE does not get triggered.


Fuxi T
: 92% Elemental DMG against frozen enemies. Only AKA can use it against mobs. Other than that, not much practical use. Not recommended to forge.
Fuxi M: 92% Elemental DMG against paralyzed enemies. Can be used by HF against Abyss mobs and Padrino Boss. Recommended if you do not have Goemon or Mei Beach M for HF.
Fuxi B: 51% Elemental DMG against ignited enemies. A lot of Fire DPS can use this against mobs and bosses. Recommended to get one for all your fire needs!


That's it. I hope this has been helpful for you captains. 
Spend your resources wisely and keep fighting for all that's beautiful in the world.
If you have any more questions, visit Honkai Official Discord or just ask my apprentice, Marisa Honkai (Discord / Youtube). Bye~