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Tranquil Rhapsody PRI-Weapons Guide


Tranquil Rhapsody Weapon Guide by Reinbex  


Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new PRI-ARMS Pistols weapon released in v3.7: Tranquil Rhapsody.


Weapon Intro


6★ ATK: 415; CRIT: 35

The PRI-ARM form of Tranquil Arias, a mystic weapon developed by St. 1504 Labs of Schicksal. The entire project was conducted under the direction of the Schicksal Overseer. According to the researchers involved in the project, this pair of dual pistols demonstrated incredibly advanced performance that must not belong to the modern era. It enslaves darkness and unmasks all sins with its luster - it is the dominator of the night.


Weapon Skills

★ Stats below are all Lv.65 figures.

Night Phantom

[SP: 0] [CD: 20s] Hold the weapon active button to enter Nightwalk mode (lasts 2s), during which the wielder is immune to attack; release the button to make the wielder reappear and leap backwards, pulling enemies around her and dealing 1,000% ATK of AOE Ice DMG. If wielded by Sixth Serenade, she will gain 300 points of Nachtsicht upon entering Nightwalk mode; in Nightwalk mode, she gains another 300 points of Nachtsicht (once during each skill span) and deals 200^ ATK of Ice DMG when passing through an enemy; after casting the weapon active, tap [ATK] to immediately unleash her combo ATK at no Nachtsicht cost.


Dirge of Totenmond

After unleashing the weapon active or Ultimate, the wielder deals 40.0% more Total DMG for 9s; CD: 15.


Frost Raven

The wielder deals 40.0% more Ice DMG and her QTE deals 30.0% more Total DMG; if wielded by Sixth Serenade, her Raven Mark deals 30.0% more Ice DMG, and she significantly gains Ignore Interrupt for 5s after unleashing weapon active or Combo ATK.


Skill Review

Night Phantom

Saves a lot of time in setting up for combos and gathers. This cost-free weapon skill enables the user to deal good amounts of Ice DMG and gather. If used by Sixth Serenade (6S), she saves a lot of time trying to build up Nachtsicht (1 bar = 300 Nachtsicht). You would want to use it whenever you lack Nachtsicht and can pass through an enemy within the 2s time-window of Nightwalk mode. Doing so fills up her meters to the max.




Dirge of Totenmond

A simple instant increase in Total DMG bonus (after wep skill/ult). This skill is very simple. Any pistol-user would enjoy this weapon skill immediately after using her weapon skill and/or ultimate. The cooldown of 15s is short enough to not feel the repercussions. 


Difference between Arias and Rhapsody Note: Arias has a 50% Total DMG buff for any attack for 5 short seconds and 30s CD but Rhapsody has a 40% Total DMG bonus only for ulting (and after using the weapon skill) even if it is 9s now with a 15s CD instead. This is a downgrade in damage for ultimate attacks.


Frost Raven

A passive bonus in Ice DMG and QTE Total DMG. Provides Ignore Interrupt for 6S. In regards to pistols-users, only 6S would enjoy the passive Ice DMG buff and the Ignore Interrupt, and only she herself can enjoy the Raven-Mark damage buff as well. This means other currently available battlesuits can only enjoy the QTE Total DMG buff of this skill. Make no mistake, this is still a strong weapon skill. 

Difference between Arias and Rhapsody Note: Arias has a 50% Total DMG buff for any attack for 5 short seconds and 30s CD but Rhapsody has only a mere 30% Total DMG buff for QTE attacks. This is a downgrade in damage for QTE attacks


PRI-ARMs upgrade Chart

A reminder to readers that here is the upgrades materials chart if you wish to obtain Tranquil Rhapsody and upgrade it.



Recommended For

Sixth Serenade (6S)

Nohime Set

6S is the valkyrie that the PRI-ARMs is designed for because only she can fully utilize all the benefits of Tranquil Rhapsody. With the introduction of this new PRI-ARMs, she has her own method of gathering enemies so that her combo attacks has maximum value. She can also perform her combo attacks uninterrupted and max out her Nachtsicht meters easily with a press of a weapon skill button (that does not cost SP and therefore does not inhibit her ult-building process). And additionally, all of her attacks, be it QTE, combo, and Ultimate, have all been strengthened. This makes her viable again in the somewhat more competitive areas such as Red Lotus Dirac Sea and Quantum Singularis. However, she is still outshined by other psychic Valkyries such as Valkyrie Accipiter's awakening Hark of the Fog, especially when fighting against both single and multiple enemies at once.

Here is a demonstration of gameplay with 6S utilizing her new Tranquil Rhapsody.



Honorable Mentions 

Much like its predecessor, Tranquil Rhapsody can also be utilized by Void Driftor (VD) and Herrscher of the Void (GK). They both can enjoy quick entry (via QTE) and quick tap-out playstyles. Furthermore, GK's ultimate still enjoys the Total DMG bonus that this weapon provides.




Now, you might be wondering, should you get this weapon and is it worth it? The answer is no, do not get Tranquil Rhapsody. While I do think Tranquil Rhapsody is a fun and strong weapon that does make 6S a better valkyrie, it only suits 6S now. Tranquil Rhapsody unfortunately does not push 6S high enough to be among the meta of today. She still can only fight best against multiple enemies instead of a single boss even with Tranquil Rhapsody. Furthermore, the other strong valkyries who used Tranquil Arias, namely VD and GK, fall off in damage if they were to wield Rhapsody over Arias. To get “upgrade” Arias into Rhapsody means to make 6S a bit more viable at the cost of a lot of valuable materials and making VD and GK less powerful. If you're looking for a PRI-ARMs to invest in, there are other choices to consider. If you really do want Tranquil Rhapsody, make sure you use another spare Arias or some other obsolete maxed out Pistols that you have instead and that you already own a pair of the Positron Blasters. In 3.7, there is a refund option to convert Tranquil Rhapsody back into Tranquil Arias if you wish to take back your action of upgrading Tranquil Arias. Tranquil Rhapsody is a new PRI-ARMs designed to solely and somewhat improve 6S but can only be wielded by her.