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Fu Hua: Margrave Stigmata Guide

Fu Hua: Margrave Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  


Hey, Captains! Today we are taking a close look at a new stigmata set released in v3.7: the Guard Emperya set Fu Hua: Margrave.


Stigmata Intro

※ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Fu Hua: Margrave (T)

5★ HP: 423; ATK: 115; DEF: 22

Blazing Anser: Deals 20.0% more Fire DMG, with Fyreheart active, all team members gain 20.0% Fire, Ice, and Lightning DMG. This effect cannot stack.


Fu Hua: Margrave (M)

5★ HP: 580; DEF: 177

Stalwart Flame: Deals 30.0% more Fire DMG; with Fyreheart active, all team members heal 20 HP per second. This effect cannot stack.


Fu Hua: Margrave (B)

5★ HP: 459; ATK: 64; DEF: 22; CRIT: 11

Marchers' Dread: ATK Speed increases by 20.0%; with Fyreheart active, all enemies less than 12 meters away from any team member suffer Warhaunt (effect does not stack), taking 14.0% more Total DMG.



2-pc bonus: Tireless Warrior

Deals 30.0% more Fire DMG; after spending no less than 25 SP in one action, the team gains Fyreheart for 15s (triggering this again resets the duration).


3-pc bonus: Feared Champion

When spending no less than 60/120 SP in one action, Fyreheart triggered thereupon causes enemies affected by Warhaunt to take 17.0%/20.% more Total DMG. (Warhaunt does not stack.) Fu Hua equip bonus: Minimum SP cost to activate Fyreheart is reduced to 15.



Stigmata Skill Review

Fu Hua: Margrave (T): Fire DMG bonus and Team Elemental DMG Bonus (Fyreheart). It is a simple and yet impactful stigmata. Aside from the minor 20% host-only Fire DMG boost, this stigmata also provides a whopping 20% support DMG buff for elemental damage. Not many stigmatas can provide this kind of support so this is a very valuable piece.

Fu Hua: Margrave (M): Fire DMG Bonus and slight team healing (Fyreheart). The M piece doesn't provide too much support. However, it does provide a nice amount of Fire DMG buff to its host. By itself, and for the Fyreheart effect, it does not stand out too much.


Fu Hua: Margrave (B): ATK Speed Bonus and Enemy Total DMG intake debuff via Warhaunt (Fyreheart). The last piece of this set is also amazing. Apart from the good speed attack speed bonus that it gives, its Fyreheart effect is also amazing. Enemies close enough to the team will intake up to a 14% Total DMG debuff. Because this is a debuff to the enemy, the effect won't be as watered down by the other debuff/buff effects.

2-pc bonus: Unconditional 30% Fire DMG Bonus and Fyreheart invoker. While this effect provides another nice 30% FIre DMG buff, the main power of this stigmata set stems from the Fyreheart effects. That means at least 2 pieces are required. However, to invoke this effect that needs at least 25 SP (from any weapon skill or Ultimate) to be used in one go. Although it's not required for a gauntlet weapon skill to be used, it's to be noted that, at the time of writing this, the only gauntlet that can pull off the Fyreheart effect is Nebulous Duality.

3-pc bonus: Induces more Total DMG intake-debuff and cheapens Fyreheart cost. If the host spends either 60-119 SP or 120+ SP in order to trigger Fyreheart (from the 2-pc effect), enemies that are affected by the B-pc's Warhaunt effect intake a stronger Total DMG intake-debuff instead. In addition, if the host is Fu Hua, the minimum cost for the 2pc's 25SP-cost for Fyreheart lessens into 15 SP. Meaning Fu Hua can use other gauntlets aside from Nebulous Duality if she wields all 3 pieces of Margrave.


Recommended For

Azure Empyrea

The Fu Hua: Margrave set is designed for Fu Hua, mainly Azure Empyrea (AE). Fu Hua: Margrave's is designed to help AE quickly build up her support bonuses and SP in order to spend them. As a support fire-dmg dealing character, she really enjoys the Fire DMG bonus and attack speeds. More importantly, she can set up the effects of Fyreheart and Wargrave quite easily as her ultimate costs 125 SP, and she also is built to provide and induce elemental DMG bonuses and intake-debuffs respectively as well. 



While there are other potential Valkyries and weapons that can be mixed and mashed together to utilize Margrave, they can only utilize Margrave so much that they make a big enough impact. Therefore, the only other valkyrie that I will be recommending to equip the Margrave pieces is Fu Hua's Phoenix (Phx) battlesuit. At S and especially at SS rank, Phx can provide Elemental bonuses and debuffs similar to AE. However, note that her ultimate does not cost over 120 SP for the 3pc's best effect so it's better that she either goes with the 2-pc effect (preferably TB) with Nebulous Duality or 3-pc with any gauntlets, such as the Grips of Tai Xuan, that has a 15+ SP cost weapon skill.