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Nebulous Duality Weapon Guide


Nebulous Duality Weapon Guide by Reinbex  


Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new Gauntlets weapon released in v3.7: Nebulous Duality.


Weapon Intro



5★ ATK: 294; CRIT: 16

"The vicissitudes of life never came to hinder the utter serenity of my endless years." On the day of the Celestial's ascension, a fire burned down Fog Mount Temple, a tranquil residence on Mount Taixuan where she used to sojourn. Later, this sublime relique was found in ashes. No one knows what it's made of - it is silkier than the finest satin, yet tougher than the hardest metal; and when affected by external forces, the yin and yang on the relique start spinning, reflecting the forces back as a much more powerful counterstrike.



Weapon Skills

★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Well of Yin

[SP: 25] [CD: 24s] The wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 10.0% ATK Speed for 10s, during which she restores 3.00 SP but loses 1% of her current HP per 0.5s. If wielded by Azure Empyrea, the protective effect of her Evasion skill will be reset immediately. 


Fount of Yang

Fu Hua equip bonus: Hitting an enemy with the final hit of any set of her combos boosts her Total DMG by 6.0% for 15.0s (stacks up to 3 times) and adds 1 charge (Max: 3). This effect can be triggered once every 2s; triggering it again resets the duration. When the wielder leaves the battlefield, each charge boosts teammates' Total DMG by 4.0% for 15s (triggering this effect again resets the duration), then all charges will be removed.



Skill Review

Well of Yin

Gpod for a net gain of +35 SP and triggering Fu Hua: Margrave's Fyreheart effect. The weapon active skill allows the user to connect her attacks more uninterrupted and quickly. With more SP, the user can gain enough SP quick enough to use her ultimate as well. In addition, Azure Empyrea (AE) gains another protective shield asap. 


Fount of Yang

Increases the Total DMG of both the user and her team by up to a maximum of 18% and 12% respectively. This effect is a good universal gauntlet weapon that gives a good vanilla amount of damage increase. Even if you do not know what to equip for your (any) Fu Hua, this skill provides a fair amount of damage increase and team support.


Recommended For

Azure Empyrea

Fu Hua: Margrave Set

Azure Empyrea (AE) equipped with the Margrave Stigmatas would enjoy using Nebulous Duality the most. Not only does the weapon help AE pull off her combos quicker and uninterrupted (once more after using the active weapon skill), the 25 SP-cost of the weapon skill induces Margrave's Fyreheart and Warhaunt. Thus furthering more of AE's power and more importantly, her support utility for more DMG increase and intake.



Honorable Mentions

Essentially, any and all Fu Huas don't mind using Nebulous Duality. They would all enjoy the damage buffs and SP gains that the weapon has to offer. Of course, while there are other better options, they can still use this pair of gauntlets as a great substitute. Make no mistake, Nebulous Duality does not pale in comparison to the other gauntlets!