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Ruinous Sakura Weapon Guide

Table of Contents

   1. Introduction
   2. Skill Overview
   3. Skill Analysis
   4. Team Lineups and Playstyle
   5. Obtaining & Upgrading

ATK 393 - CRT 43


Since the introduction of Argent Knight as a boss in Abyss and Memorial Arena, we have once again seen a rise in popularity of Fire-elemental battlesuits. Flame Sakitama also benefits greatly from this - She can deal insanely high amount of Burst damage, synergizes with almost all Elemental support characters, and requires little investment to function. The only problem is people are equipping her with MAG-Typhoon, due to her signature weapon Demonblade - Florid Sakura beginning to show its age. That changes today.


Skills Overview

Bloodfyre Frenzy

Similar to Frozen Naraka, this weapon skill has 2 charges with no SP cost. The first slash deals 500% of Fire DMG, makes the user invincible for the duration of the attack and negates the first hit taken within 5 seconds afterwards.

If wielded by Flame Sakitama, the first slash will make enemies take 42% more Fire DMG and 10% more Ice & Lightning DMG for the next 15 seconds - we'll come back to this later.

Followed by this, the second slash deals 300% of Fire DMG (500% if the user has taken a hit after the 1st slash), ignites the target for 5 seconds, and makes the user invincible for the same duration. 


Pyre of Gojinka

The wielder deals 45% more Fire DMG. That's it.


Fuel the Ruin

Casting Ultimate gives the user a 10% Total DMG boost for 15 seconds. In the same duration, the user also takes a curse, losing 1% of their Max HP every second (will not cause death). For every second under the curse, the 2nd slash of Bloodfyre Frenzy will gain an additional 80% of Fire DMG (up to a maximum of 800%). Casting this 2nd slash will also end the curse.


Skills Analysis

Compared to Demonblade, Ruinous Sakura gives Flame Sakitama a much bigger performance boost. The first slash of Bloodfyre Frenzy makes enemies take 42% more Fire DMG, which is perfect for starting off her Ultimate. Followed by that, the second slash - which deals up to 1,300% of Fire DMG - can be used to quickly finish off a boss, or casted  at the end of Burst mode for extra damage. And keep in mind that Flame Sakitama's Ultimate lasts for roughly 10 seconds, perfectly in line with the 2nd slash.


This weapon also fixes one more glaring issue of Demonblade, by providing Flame Sakitama with extra survivability. Thanks to the 5 extra seconds of invincibility, she will have a much easier time incinerating bosses with her Ultimate.


But that's not the end of the story. The 42% more Fire DMG that enemies take from the first slash of Bloodfyre Frenzy lasts for a whopping 15 seconds, which functions as an excellent Fire support ability. Imagine Blood Dance, but as a Katana. Fire elemental battlesuits will see a tremendous performance boost when combined with this setup, especially Vermilion Knight with Might of An-Utu.


Team Lineups and Playstyle

Team 1


The newly-introduced battlesuit Azure Empyrea is the best option, but Phoenix will also work just fine. Common options for the 3rd position includes Molotov Cherry as a Blood Dance carrier, or any Kiana with Thunder Kikaku or Jingwei's Wings to reapply support stigmas. This setup works best in Dirac Sea/Q-Singularis with Fire weather, thanks to the starting 90 SP provided by these modes.

Video example: 

Stigma recommendations:

Compared to other elements, Fire battlesuits generally have a large variety of stigma options. Other great options (including F2P ones) include Jingwei T, Zorro T, Jingwei M, Shakespeare M, and Fu Hua Musician B. Keep in mind that Flame Sakitama's Ultimate is not a Burst mode, so stigmas like Dirac M will not work on her.


Team 2


This team is mostly used versus Argent Knight in Memorial Arena. Flame Sakitama plays a support role in this setup, thanks to the Ignite from her Combo attacks and Ruinous Sakura's Weapon skill. Keep in mind that Bloodfyre Frenzy fully stacks with Blood Dance's active skill, however it's a bit overkill and equipping Dark Xuanyuan Sword on Rozaliya for extra Time Fracture is a better option.

Video example: 

Stigma recommendations:


Obtaining & Upgrading

Similar to previous PRI-ARMs, the first and foremost requirement on crafting Ruinous Sakura is having Demonblade - Florid Sakura in your Weapon library. To obtain Demonblade, you have several options:
   - Try to fish it from Focused Supply.
   - Buy it with 4000 Weapon Resonators in Exchange Shop.
   - Craft it in Bounty Mark (Recommended).
Next, you need to sacrifice a Lv.50 Katana that weren't acquired from Events or with AE Imaginons. As such, weapons like One Salty Tuna or Plasma Kagehide are not applicable.

Finally, you need 3 different types of materials:
   - Einstein's Torus is the major bottleneck in the bunch. The fastest way to obtain them is to buy them with Weapon Resonators at a 10:1 Ratio. Alternatively, the Dorm Shop is selling 50 of them for a total of 5000 Work Points Cards.
   - Nanoceramic can be obtained through Weekday Events, or purchased from Asterite Shop.
   - SC Metal-H2 is available in Memorial Arena Rewards, or you can exchange for them with Work Points Cards, Asterites or Gold Pins.  
To obtain and max out Ruinous Sakura, you will need 400 Einstein's Torus (Roughly 4000 Weapon Resonators), 150 Nanoceramic and 520 SC Metal-H2.



Similar to how Mag-Typhoon boosted a Lightning team, Ruinous Sakura is a great enhancement for your Fire elemental setup, whether or not it includes Flame Sakitama as the primary damage dealer. It's a recommended investment for all captains who are looking to enhance their Fire elemental teams, and even more so if they already have Vermilion Knight with Might of An-Utu


Thanks for reading!