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Patch 3.7 Upgrades to Darkbolt Jonin

One of the most buffed valkyries in patch 3.7 is the featured battlesuit of patch 3.6: Darkbolt Jonin (DJ). In this short guide, we will go over her buffs and whether it will make an impact on the battlesuit's current power ranking.


Darkbolt Jonin has many flaws. She is quite possibly the most expensive A rank valkyrie to build; SP battlesuits require an obscene amount of fragments and Advanced Skill Material (getting SSS rank is also quite crucial), and DJ's optimal weapon set up is forging duplicate PRI-ARM Mag-Typhoons. DJ also has a long basic attack pattern that leaves her vulnerable while performing it. However, all of that could be forgiven if she had a niche to fill, she does not. DJ is the only Lightning Biologic valkyrie in the game, but, anything she can do, Hawk of the Fog (HF) can do better. In fact, there are plenty of contents HF can excel at that DJ cannot. But this is patch 3.7 and all of that is in the past now… right?


Let's look at the buffs:


  • Darkbolt Pursuit range increased.
  • Darkbolt Mark is increased from 10s to 30s duration.
  • Biting Ember skill when casting Darkbolt Pursuit, 20% Total damage multiplier duration from 11s to 30s


This is a great quality of life change for DJ. In the past, it would be impossible to have these bonuses active along with other support boosts like Newton B, Mei Pool Party, and Jin Shengtan. Now you have a large window to prepare your next rotation.



  • Basic Atk 3rd and 4th sequence attack's Zakti gain is increased from 40 and 50 to 60 and 70 respectively.
  • Jonin Finisher Zakti bar from 50 to 60.


These are more great quality of life changes for DJ. The most important part is that DJ's 4 combo attack sequence will give a grand total of 200 Zakti, rather than the awkward 160, which will go a long way to reducing the number of basic attacks needed.


  • Ultimate first phase is increased from 350%+80%+6x30% to 600%+80%+6x30% and the second phase is increased from 7x60%+7x140% 7x120%+7x180% Atk.
  • Naraka Finisher SP gained increased from 0.5 to 1.4.


These last two points are likely the most impactful for those who wish to use her competitively. DJ's ultimate damage has increased from a total of 2,010% Atk of Lightning damage to 2,960% Atk. This is a huge increase in burst potential, which will likely be further exaggerated with Lightning damage and support stigmatas. 

The increase in Naraka Finisher Sp gain will also help DJ exploit her buffed ultimate, allowing her to reach 100 SP much faster.


Example of new DJ buffs in action: http://3rdguide.com/web/teamnew/detail?id=6161




These buffs will not erase most of the opinions made during patch 3.6, DJ still suffers greatly from multiple flaws. However, some of those flaws have been addressed. The Darkbolt and Zakti gain buffs have made her performance much smoother, especially for newer Captains who are most likely to make use of the change. The buffs to Naraka Finisher and her Ultimate will have high impact competitively, especially for those who can potentially burst down a boss with a single ultimate. These buffs are a step in the right direction, but still not enough for DJ to move out of HF's shadows. Unfortunately, DJ is still far too expensive of an investment, for very limited returns.