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Book of Fuxi ELF Guide



Book of Fuxi is a new S-rank Fire ELF introduced in v3.7???
Book of Fuxi has a balance of both dps and utility skills. She boosts all elements, but fire valks will get the most out of Fuxi. Most of her important skills are unlocked at 2⭐, and has a very good improvement at 4⭐


Bonuses provided by Fuxi:

  • 23% Fire, 12% Ice, Lightning DMG
  • 10% Enemy All Elemental DMG taken
  • 15% Total DMG Multiplier (TDM) for QTE
  • Additional 120% ATK of Fire DMG


 Skill Tree Overview 


Gif shows basic atk's normal version (black orbs), followed by stronger version (white orbs)

  • Fires multiple shells of 550% ATK of Fire DMG, restore 3 SP, CD:2s
  • ELF Basic ATK restore 9 SP for the ELF. CD: 2s
  • Has 18% chance to deal 200% more DMG. CD: 10s
  • When ELF Basic ATK hits an ignited enemy, ELF gains 15% TDM for 10s



Gif shows ultimate in action

  • Summons magic circle, dealing 5x1000% Fire DMG
  • Magic circle lasts for 10s, seals the enemy and they take 10% more All Elemental DMG
  • Force activate QTE of Fire valkyries
  • Within the next 5s after ult, all QTE gain 15% TDM
  • (3⭐) When magic circle ends, enemies still within the AOE take 10% more All Elemental DMG for 5s


I've compiled Fuxi seal interaction against some bosses. Do check it out



  • If there is a Fire valkyrie in team, whole team gain 9% Fire, 6% Ice and Lightning DMG
  • ELF gains 40 initial SP
  • (3⭐) ELF gains 15% All Elemental DMG when there are two Fire valkyries in team
  • (4⭐) Team deal 6% more All Elemental DMG with three different member types



  • FREE WILL: When a valk performs Ultimate Evasion, she gains 8% more Fire dmg for 8s. CD: 4s
  • Within the next 6s after triggering Free Will, next combo/charged atk additionally deal 120% AOE Fire DMG



1.Crowd control
Fuxi ultimate summons a magic circle for 10s, sealing the enemy in a small radius. Enemy cannot escape the circle by normal means. Bosses move around a lot. Seal them in the circle, and it will make you land your hits much easier. 

Gif shows magic circle sealing Benares while flying

A few valkyrie and weapon skills push enemies away (eg Blood Dance or Sixth Serenade mark explosion). Magic circle makes them stay in place. They can't escape Jin Shengtan radius now!

Gif shows Blood Dance pushing enemy to border of magic circle

Note that the seal doesn't restrict any action. So, bosses can still teleport (Herrscher of the Void) or fly upwards (Benares) within the circle. Some bosses have special attacks that let them completely escape the seal, eg Tonatiuh.

Gif shows Tonatiuh teleporting out of magic circle


Again, check out this video to see Fuxi seal interaction against bosses


2. Provide elemental bonus and vulnerability

Enemies in magic circle gain 10% increased ALL Elemental DMG taken. Suitable for all elemental teams, but ice team might prefer Selune's Elegy ELF.

As for Elemental DMG bonus, there are three requirements. The first two are pretty easy to meet, the third one requires you to be blessed by Ai-chan or have money ?

  • Has fire valkyire in team : 9% Fire, 6% Ice ,Lightning DMG
  • Ultimate evasion: 8% Fire DMG
  • (4⭐) Three different members: 6% All Elemental DMG


3. Trigger Fire Valk QTE

This helps speed up to trigger QTE. No need to wait for Taixuan active or Phoenix evasion skill to trigger Vermilion Knight (VK)'s QTE. By the way, VK QTE damage was buffed this patch, so it's very strong when paired with Book of Fuxi.

All Fire valkyries in 3.7

4. Best ELF for Fire Team

Prior to v3.7, fire teams usually have no other choice but to rely on Blood Embrace ELF against enemies such as Argent Knight: Artemis or Parvati. Now, Fuxi will replace Blood Embrace in these situations, providing significant sideline damage while supporting the team.

 Gameplay Examples 

Here are some gameplay from CN server with Book of Fuxi ELF


VK FS VP 31520 vs Argent Knight https://www.bilibili.com/video/av86622554

DJ AE LE 941 vs Parvati https://www.bilibili.com/video/av86190902

AE BD VK 922 vs Herrscher of the Void https://www.bilibili.com/video/av85322976

 Which talents to upgrade? 

With the new Elf skill system, you need a lot of Adv skill materials and Mind Stones to upgrade talents, just for one ELF… and there are four ELFs! If you're on a budget, you gotta decide which talents to prioritize. These are the talents wroth upgrading:


Passive 1 > Basic 2 > Ultimate 1 > Ultimate 2 > Passive 4 (4*) > Team 3 > Team 1 > Team 2


The rest can be upgraded in any way you want.


 Should you get Fuxi over Selune ELF? 
Some of you with a limited budget might be wondering who should be your first gacha ELF.

Selune's Elegy excels in dealing powerful ice DMG, while Book of Fuxi is more flexible - she can work in any team, providing all elemental buffs while dealing good damage.
I would recommend Fuxi for its flexibility, but ultimately, it's up for you to decide.


Oh, Selune's Elegy is not available for this patch, so if you want her, you have to wait for another few months.


Book of Fuxi is a flexible elf that has both damage and support skills. If you are looking to improve elemental damage output of your team, definitely try to get her from ELF gacha which will open soon in 3.7. Finally, check out her origin story in Springfest manga https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1012/1