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Azure Empyrea Complete Guide


Azure Empyrea (AE) is Fu Hua's S-rank battlesuit introduced in v3.7, marking her ascension from Phoenix to a Celestial.  
AE is considered a Tier 0 elemental support unit, for these reasons:

  • The only Valkyrie to provide Elemental Breach for the team. Elemental Breach reduces an enemy's elemental resistance on attack.
  • Gives team Total DMG Multiplier (TDM) and All Elemental DMG
  • Makes enemy take more All Elemental DMG
  • Myriad of support skills - Restore team SP, gives Anti-Interrupt, Total DMG Reduction, pull enemies, and more!
  • Long buff and debuff durations

This guide aims to help captains get to know her skills and learn how to operate her. Start reading or click any of these subtopics:

Elemental Breach > Basic ATK > Combo ATK > Ultimate > Other Skills >

Equipment Options > Team Options > Phoenix Comparison > Gameplay Examples > Should you get AE > Conclusion

 Elemental Breach 
Before we begin, some of you might be wondering...
[ What is Elemental Breach and how does it work? ]

Elemental Breach reduces elemental resistance of an enemy. S-rank AE gives 14% Elemental Breach on Ultimate. If an enemy has 50 elemental resistance, with breach, it will be reduced to 50-14 = 36%. How much damage increase is this? Well, let's do simple math.
Fire Damage = 100,000 , Enemy fire resistance = 50%

  • Without breach, damage will be 100,000 x (100-50%) = 50,000 DMG
  • With breach, damage will be 100,000 x (100-36%) = 64,000 DMG
  • A 28% increase in damage output!

This is just an example to give you a basic idea on how it works. Now, let's get into AE skills.


Basic ATK is a four-sequence attack that deals Fire DMG. Tap  ULT button to gain Yin , and  ATK button to gain Yang  (displayed above HP bar). AE can store up to 3 Yin-Yang, and won't gain any more counter until you clear them using Combo ATK.

  • You do not need to hit any target to gain Yin-Yang counters.
  • Note that animation of attacks stay the same regardless of which button you use.
  • 4th hit deals another 120% ATK of Fire DMG, ignites the target for 8s and apply 6 units of Ignite Trauma.
  • The first 3 sequence gains Ignore Interrupt and 35% Total DMG Reduction (TDR). 4th sequence gives Iron Body and 80% TDR. Basically, AE won't be staggered by enemy attacks most of the time!

When you have 3 Yin-Yang counters, hold the ATK button to clear the counters and unleash Combo ATK. Combo ATK changes according to your Yin Yang counters.

 Senpo: Empyrean Fir (3 Yang) 

  • Deal 900% ATK of Fire DMG 
  • Restore 4 SP upon hit.
  • Evaluation: Very quick, provides efficient SP recovery, and deals highest damage.

 Senpo: Snaring Flame (1Yin 2Yang / 2Yin 1Yang) 

  • Deal 600% ATK of Fire DMG
  • Pull enemies in a small area and immobilize them
  • If this move hits an enemy, all valkyries on the field restore 1 SP/s for 15s
  • Evaluation: Best against mobs, allow faster SP recovery for all valkyries.

 Senpo: Magma Melt (3 Yin) 

  • Deal 600% ATK of Fire DMG
  • Increase team's ALL Elemental DMG by 30% for 15s.
  • This bonus only works against the enemy hit by this combo move.
  • Evaluation: The fastest combo, also gives team buff.

Combo ATK Bonus
AE also has a few bonuses when using any one of the Combo ATKs.
1) Hex of Crucibles and Drowning: On hit, Combo ATKs give these additional effects

  • Enemy takes 35% more Fire DMG for 15s
  • Enemy takes 30% more Ice DMG for 15s
  • Note: These bonuses are also applied on Ultimate skill.

2) Hex of Reburn: If 2 consecutive Combo ATK are -

  • Same Combo: The second one deals 30% more Fire DMG
  • Different Combos: Restore 6 SP on hit.
  • Since AE is not a DPS valk, and she needs a lot of SP to ult, she prefers the second effect.

3) Hex of Force: Each Combo ATK gives AE 4% TDM for 40s (Max stacks: 5). Triggering this effect again resets the duration.
4) Hex of Mending: Combo ATK hit heals team for 60 HP. CD:3s

  • I find that Snaring Flame > Empyrean Fir > Snaring Flame > Empyrean Fir  is the best combo loop to recover SP for Ult.
  • Magma Melt is the fastest combo, but it does little to no help in recovering SP. 
  • As for the Magma Melt buff, it will be applied when you use ultimate.
  • Magma Melt may be more useful in Memorial Arena, where you start with 0 SP and need to do a fast rotation (most of the time). 

 Ultimate Skill - EMPERYAN SUNDER  

AE's Ultimate skill is EMPERYAN SUNDER. Costs 125 SP with 5s CD. This is the only skill in the game that provides Elemental Breach for the team. Here are its full effects:
Core Effects:

  • Team gain 14-16% Elemental Breach for 15s
  • Increase team All Elemental DMG by 30% for 15s (Doesn't stack with Magma Melt buff)
  • Enemies take 35% more Fire DMG, 30% more Ice and Lightning DMG for 15s (Fire and Ice buff are Hex of Crucibles and Drowning skills)

Additional Effects:

  • Pull enemies in a large area and deal 1800% ATK of Fire DMG
  • Enemies are immobilized for 8s, lose Ignore Interrupt for 15s
  • For 15s, team members on field restore 1 SP per second, gain Ignore Interrupt and 35% Total DMG Reduction.
  • For 15s, team members deal 50% ATK Fire DMG on hit (only once per second for each target)

How good is this actually?

  • I said this a few times already, but this is the only skill that gives Elemental Breach to team, adding another multiplier effectively to damage output.
  • Basically, any damage you've done before 3.7, will now have significant increase with Elemental Breach.
  • Your goal when playing AE is to farm 125 SP for Ult
  • E L E M E N T A L   B R E A C H 

 Other Skills  

Leader Skill - HEX OF EXPOSURE
All team members gain 18% TDM for 15s upon entry. If team consists of 3 different types, all team members gain 24% TDM
Team Skill
Deals Fire DMG against enemy in a large AOE and make them take 10% more Elemental DMG for 10s. CD: 45s

Passive Skills

  • Gain 15% ATK Speed
  • Spirit Shield: Blocks 1 ATK. Its status icon is above Yin-Yang counter
  • (SS) Can revive once per battle. Also restore SP.
  • (SSS) Character deals 20% more DMG with active Spirit Shield.



  • Triggers when an enemy is affected by Time Slow. 
  • Deal 5x100% + 450% ATK of Fire DMG.
  • Gain 3 Yin immediately.


  • After Ultimate Evasion, can directly perform 4th Basic ATK
  • Gains Ignore Interrupt and 80% TDR
  • Resets Spirit Shield.
  • Evasion Skill: Triggers Time Fracture for 3s. CD: 11s 


 Equipment Options  


 Team Options 
AE is an elemental support, so she is usually paired with another support such as Blood Dance carrier or Lightning Empress. If AE is the leader, make sure to have three different types for the bonus TDM.


 Comparison with Phoenix  

  • Without ultimate, AE provides around the same Elemental DMG boost as Phoenix. (~30% Elemental DMG bonus, 20-30% enemy Elemental DMG taken)
  • With Ultimate, AE will effectively be better than Phoenix because of the E L E M E N T A L   B R E A C H
  • Since Abyss provides starting SP, AE will be better than Phoenix in all situations. 
  • In Arena, Phoenix is better in most cases, since she provides SP pack drop. AE is used if teams have enough starting SP (Lightning Empress leader of Might of An-Utu)


 Gameplay Examples 

Here are some gameplay examples from CN server




Also, my own AE LE HF 938 Score vs Ganesha


 Should I get Azure Empyrea? 

Yes, after I've listed down all her abilities - including E L E M E N T A L   B R E A C H - you're still asking this question?! 


For competitive players, AE will help you in these few ways~

  • Helps in Myriad abyss promotion
  • Clear Abyss faster even at way higher Disturbance
  • Expands elemental team options in Arena


If you do not get AE, you might still retain Red Lotus, but will be risking retention spot if you are up against AE owners. Also, SEA and Global server Disturbances have been rising steadily recently. You will have a hard time climbing once Disturbance is too high. 



Azure Empyrea is a top-tier Elemental Support, providing Elemental Breach for allies. If you have any question or wants to discuss more about Azure Empyrea, join the Official Global Discord - discord.gg/hi3 , or find me at Discord - Marisa#4065 and my Youtube channel.