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Zorro Stigmata Guide



Zorro - Night Vigilante set was the first stigmata set released in 2019, and was one of the best Physical DMG / utility stigmata for Masters Arena.
Almost one year has passed, and a lot of stigmata have fallen since the introduction of Exalted Arena. What about Zorro? This article will discuss the pros and cons of Zorro in current meta.



20% TDM

  • 20% tdm is pretty good. On top of that, it is unrestricted bonus, which means any attack - burst attack, qte, etc can benefit from it

SP recovery

  • Normally, all valks gain 2 sp after ultimate evasion. With this stigmata, you get a total of 5 SP after every Ultimate Evasion (for active valk). That's 150% more SP! Wow!
  • On top of that, SP gain has no cooldown. When enemy attacks a lot, or the attack has multiple hit counts (eg rpc barrage), you can keep dodging continuously and gain a lot of SP in a short time. 
  • Note: Bronya's perfect defense and self-activated evasion skills do not count as Ultimate Evasion


Image shows SP recovery comparison using Zorro T


Common users:

  • Eg. Night Squire (NS) / Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) with Zorro T Dirac MB. Zorro T and Dirac B both recovers SP on ultimate evasion, allowing them to get ult very fast.
  • Divine Prayer (DP) with Zorro T Dracula M Nobel B. Usually used in Lightning Empress (LE) + Hawk of the Fog (HF) / Judah


  • Pretty straightforward effect. 40% Crit DMG with an extra 15% Crit Rate after ultimate evasion.
  • Has a free-to-play alternative - Marco (M), which provides 50% Crit DMG
  • Good against most bosses, since they attack a lot and are hard to interrupt, so you can always evade their attacks to gain the extra crit rate.


Common users:

  • NS or SP with ZorroTM Dirac B
  • Twilight Paladin (TP) with Michelangelo TB Zorro M


  • Provides a total of 40% Physical DMG.
  • As mentioned in Zorro M, it's good against bosses since you can keep triggering the additional physical dmg. 
  • This piece has a few free-to-play alternatives, but they both have requirements.
  • Lier (B) provides 46% Physical DMG, but requires full HP
  • Fuhua: Pride (B) gives 30% Physical DMG, but makes you take more DMG every time you kill an enemy.



Gif shows Lightning Shockwave in action


This description is pretty confusing so let me rephrase them…

Effect 1 - Lightning Shockwave

Upon entering battle, if an enemy is in range, summons Lightning Shockwave. Dodging this shockwave will:

  • Trigger Ultimate Evasion effect
  • Deal 100% ATK lightning DMG
  • Stuns the enemy.
  • Enter cooldown for 10s. If an enemy is nearby, shockwave will appear again.


Effect 2 - TDM bonus

After Ultimate Evasion, Combo/Charged ATK gain 20% TDM for 5s. Duration resets on ult evasion.



  • In Masters Arena, you can use Lightning Shockwave to trigger Time Fracture from Evasion Skill, and get a super fast kill, provided you have enough damage.
  • In Exalted Arena, this strategy does not work since bosses have a lot MORE HP. However, it can still be used as support to trigger Time Fracture from Evasion Skill.
  • In Q-singularis, evasion via Lightning Shockwave gain one Evadion charge (since it still counts as Ultimate Evasion). 
  • On boss floor, it allows you to get full Evadion much faster. This opens up possibilities for a higher score, which also increases your chance forMyriad promotion.
  • This strategy varies with its users and floor bosses. If you want to learn the best strategy for each Abyss round, I suggest joing Global Discord for further discussion. Click Here : https://discord.gg/hi3



Image shows Z-Slash effect and impair status


  • This weak impair is not very useful since it overrides other sources of stronger impairment. 
  • Normally a physical team has Celestial Hymn (CH) or Divine Prayer (DP) for 75% and 80% impair, respectively. Overriding them will only result in less damage output.
  • Therefore, it is not recommended to use full Zorro set for high level gameplay.
  • Most of the time, Zorro TM or Zorro TB are used for SP recovery effect. And the third slot goes to Dirac B or Ekaterina M, respectively.


So let's compare the multipliers provided by Zorro with the current most popular physical stigmata - Dirac and Kafka.


Table comparing multiplier bonus from Zorro, Dirac and Kafka combinations

From the table, we can see

  • For burst characters, Zorro T Dirac MB is the best, providing high TDM and Physical bonus, as well as massive SP recovery. 
  • For charged valks, Zorro loses to Kafka set, and Kafka TM Michelangelo B
  • Zorro 2-set combinations lose to Dirac and Kafka, only providing highest Physical dmg bonus with Ekaterina M




1) Getting Zorro for DPS

  • As dps stigmata, Zorro provides high physical and TDM bonus, but the valks who used to equip Zorro have better options now - Dirac for burst valks, and Kafka for charged atk valks.
  • Hence, I do not recommend pulling Zorro for DPS. However, if you DO get Zorro from Supply, you can still use it until you have better gears.


2) Getting Zorro for SP RECOVERY and SHOCKWAVE

  • Zorro T is very good for SP recovery.
  • The 2-set effect enables time fracture support, and faster evasion charge in Q-singularis.
  • For these reasons, I recommend competitive players to get Zorro.