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Zhangheng Stigmata Guide




Zhangheng - Observer Set is a forgeable stigmata set in Foundry. Since its debut, all the pieces are considered costly and mediocre. Most captains only forge Zhangheng M to get Ekaterina M in Bounty Mark.
That was… until Hawk of the Fog (HF) arrived, and was able to utilize the bottom piece to nuke bosses in both Arena and Abyss. In this article, I will discuss the strength of every Zhangheng piece, how they fare in current meta and how to use them.



  • Having 25% TDM is pretty good; it is the same bonus as Thales T.
  • However, it requires you to have Combo Hit Count below 20. So, only valks with low .Hit Count can use this. Eg: Vermillion Knight (VK) and Void Drifter (VD)
  • For single boss fights, Foundry stigmata Jingwei T provides a higher bonus - 31% TDM.


  • Physical DMG Reduction is insignificant in our current all-out offensive meta.
  • Drive Kometa (DK) can provide better defensive support.
  • Mostly used as material to forge Ekaterina M in Bounty Mark.
  • Note: Starting from 3.7, you can craft Zhangheng M using SS Imaginons instead of buying Military Box for its frags.


  • The highlight of the whole set.
  • 120% Lightning DMG is the highest bonus of all lightning dmg stigmata.
  • The requirement is very strict. So far, only Hawk of the Fog (HF) can take advantage of it.
  • HF is currently one of the best Valkyrie in the game. Go forge Zhangheng B for boss fights. 
  • Nuada, Monet T, Mei Beach M, Zhangheng B is the most common setup.
  • Taixuan, Jingwei T, Anniversary M, Zhangheng B is a free-to-play option.


HF with Zhangheng B takes almost 50% of Heimdal's HP in just one Ult + Evadion


Other Examples:
1) HF vs E
xalted Hellmaru 37248 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av84370698

2) HF vs Exalted Homu King 37312 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av85409153

2) HF vs Red Lotus Parvati 860 Score http://www.bilibili.com/video/av85409153



  • Emits shockwave every 5 sec.
  • Firstly, knockdown and stun aren't very useful status effects. At least, stun can trigger a few QTEs.
  • Secondly, it only works for enemies with low anti-interrupt.
  • Finally, 5s is a very long time….


  • Require 3 or more enemies, so only suitable for mob battles.
  • Can be substituted with a cheaper set without any ridiculous requirements - Fuhua Musician TM Ogier B, providing 5% Physical, 10% TDM bonus





  • Zhangheng B is a great Lightning DMG stigmata for HF, while the others provide a bad or just decent effect with strict requirements.
  • I recommend getting Zhangheng B if you already have 6* HF and her support. 
  • You can also consider forging Zhangheng M to get Ekaterina M.