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Jin Shengtan Stigmata Guide



Jin Shengtan (JST) - Critic Set is a stigmata set introduced in version 2.6. Since its debut, JST has been a staple elemental support in high-level gameplay. This guide aims to help captains to use JST and how to maximize its support potential.



  • DEF stat is not very impactful in high-level gameplay. Drive Kometa (DK) can provide more defensive support for the team. You can even put this piece on DK to increase her shield's DEF.
  • Blue Phoenix Field is the 2-set effect, and this stigmata provides 15% Elemental DMG for allies in the field.
  • You should not use this piece alone. It exists solely to improve 2-set effect.



  • Active valk gains 35% bonus ice dmg. Suitable as alternative stigmata for Herrscher of Reason (HoR), Goushinnso Memento (Meme), or any ice dps.
  • When used as support, gives a good damage boost - 15% bonus Ice DMG and Ice Resistance for the team. 


  • Gain 15% Attack Speed. Can be used as a placeholder if you really don't have any suitable stigmata. Some valks that benefit from attack speed include Stygian Nymph (SN) and Shadow Knight (SK).
  • Total DMG Reduction isn't very impactful in high level gameplay.



Image shows Blue Phoenix Field


  • This is the core of Jin Shengtan
  • Blue Phoenix Field provides 30% Elemental DMG (up to 45% if JST T is used) and makes enemies take 10% more All Elemental DMG.
  • 10% more All Elemental DMG taken might seem low, but it is one of the rare damage multipliers. Combined with Blood Dance, enemy will take 70% more Elemental DMG!
  • A combination of Lightning Empress, MAG-Typhoon, Thunder Kikaku and JST 2-set will make enemy take 165% more Lightning Damage!
  • Widely used as support for elemental teams in Arena and Abyss.
  • You should only equip this on support valks. Attack once with the support, trigger the field, and switch out to dps valk.


Image shows the damage increase with JST 2-set support


2-set Combinations

  • TM: The most recommended combination for burst potential. Use Newton B for bottom slot to maximize damage output.
  • TB: You can use Tesla Band M for electric team buff.
  • MB: Now you can put Ogier T - providing 5% Elemental DMG bonus to team. Not very recommended as JST T provides way more bonus.


Advanced application

  • You can trigger Blue Phoenix Aura with damage from weapon skills such as Blood Dance, Pulse Katana Type-17, etc
  • Most commonly equipped on Blood Dance holder or Lightning Empress + MAG-Typhoon, since they usually switch out right after using weapon skill.
  • The AOE of Blue Phoenix Aura is based on the latest position of the stigmata holder, so make sure to get close to the enemy before triggering it.

Gif shows activating Blue Phoenix Aura using Blood Dance


  • Full JST extends Blue Phoenix Aura duration by 3s.
  • In most cases, this is not as good as JST TM + Newton B. However, this will be beneficial to some valkyries with long attack duration.
  • For example, both HoR and SK have long ultimate duration. Not all their attacks will fit in the 2-set Blue Phoenix duration. Full JST set will help solve this problem.
  • Ice Protection protects you from getting interrupted, but valks like HoR and SK already have high anti-interrupt, so this effect isn't very game-changing.





  • JST is an excellent elemental support stigmata, and can make elemental teams reach higher score in Arena and Abyss.
  • However, keep in mind, as with all support stigmatas, JST will only make a GREAT impact if your elemental dps is fully-geared.
  • I recommend captains to get Jin Shengtan from Supply, Exchange House or Elite Works, only if you already have a fully-geared dps valks.