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Gustav Klimt Stigmata Guide



Gustav Klimt - Accursed Shadow is a stigmata set introduced in version 2.4. Since its debut, Gustav has been a staple physical support stigmata for competitive players. In this guide, captains will get to know about and utilize Gustav Klimt.



  • Gain 20% Physical DMG. A decent, unrestricted physical dmg bonus, hence it can be used on any physical valks.
  • The damage reduction isn't very useful. In abyss, you rarely get hit, and enemy doesn't deal too much damage. 
  • In the current meta, you want more damage, not damage reduction.


  • Gustav M is the only piece in this set that is suitable to be used alone.
  • Recommended for supports. Usually used by Celestial Hymn (CH) or Knight Moonbeam(KMB), as they always switch out after using weapon skill. 
  • Has a cooldown icon above HP bar.


  • 80 HP heal every 4 seconds isn't anything special.
  • In abyss, if you try to stay for too long trying to heal with this stigmata, you will bleed more than you heal.


Picture shows enemy with Hematic Curse has black bleeding effect.


  • The core of Gustav Klimt.
  • 10% Physical DMG Taken multiplier looks quite low, it's actually great since it's a new multiplier - so it multiplies with other bonuses.
  • Most of the support gears increase TDM taken (eg. Newton B, Mei: Beach Party M), so this 10% more Physical DMG taken will not get diluted.
  • Combined with Positron Blasters active, enemy will take a total of 30% more Physical DMG!
  • Add CH impair into the multiplier and you'll get physical damage that you have never seen before!
  • 2-set shares the same cooldown time with Gustav M, so you can watch Gustav M cooldown icon to know when 2-set is ready to be used.


2-set Combinations

  • TM: The best combo for single boss fight. Use Newton B for maximum support, or Ogier B for free-to-play option.
  • MB: Recommended against multiple enemies, mostly because Newton B only debuffs one enemy at a time. You can put Tesla Band T to provide 10% Physical DMG buff to team.
  • TB: Not recommended as you don't get Gustav M bonus.


  • Indirect DMG includes Abyss bleeding, ignite, etc, which are insignificant for high level content.
  • Extends Hematic Curse by 2s, allowing you to dish in more damage.
  • However, most valkyrie buffs don't last that long, so 3-piece effectiveness will already die down at 6-7 seconds in. Hence, most of the times, extending Hematic Curse with 3-set isn't necessary.





  • Gustav is a great set that increases the performance of physical team.
  • The best combination is Gustav TM Newton B for bosses.
  • I recommend competitive players to get Gustav from Focus, Exchange House or Elite Works (soon?). 
  • Of course, casual players with no intention of getting Top 100 Arena or Myriad promotion can choose to ignore Gustav.