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PRI-ARM: Positron Blasters Guide

Positron Blasters Guide by Stroke


Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. Weapon Analysis

  3. Weapon's Verdict

  4. Team Line- up and Playstyle


  1. Overview


Positron Blasters is one of two PRI-ARM weapons introduced in version 3.5. This weapon is the 6* upgrade to Hyper Railguns and is specially tuned to Knight Moonbeam (KMB). KMB has been used as a hybrid valkyrie, predominantly used as a support valkyrie, while also having niche damage dealing scenarios. Positron Blasters continues that playstyle, increasing her support capabilities while also massively boosting KMB's damage output.


Positron Blasters cost quite a bit to acquire and max:

  • Railguns must be on the player's Library. The recommended way for most players is to craft it from Bounty Marks.

  • Sacrifice a level 50 gacha Pistol.

  • Requires 400 Einstein's Torus, 520 SC Metal-H2, and 150 Nanoceramics.


Nanoceramic is easily farmed through daily events, but the former two are not. Einstein's Torus' main source is through event shops and Weapon Resonance, meaning it will usually take 4 gacha weapons. Including the level 50 gacha pistol, you essentially need 5 gacha weapons and 3 honkai cubes to max a PRI-ARM. SC Metal-H2 are not too cheap either. You can slowly grind through weekly events and event shops, but if you are running short on time, the other option is Asterite shop.

In this guide, we will go over the best scenarios for the weapon, how it performs, and whether it is a worthy investment.


  1. Weapon Analysis

ATK: 418 | CRT: 27

The PRI-ARM form of Hyper Railguns. A built-in particle accelerator that emits a beam of positrons has been added. The annihilation caused by the collision between a positron and an electron will unleash destructive power. The discovery of the PRI-ARM technology has opened up a whole new world for Anti-Entropy's research on anti-Honkai weapons. However, Einstein believes that their understanding of this technology is still at an extremely superficial level.



Active Skill - Positronic Beam (SP:0 CD:20s): Has two charges. Hits enemies for 600% Physical damage and paralyzes them for 6 seconds. ONLY ON KMB: Also allows KMB to chain into her Combo Atk by pressing ATK button after casting skill. Also makes enemies take 20% more physical damage for 8 seconds. Debuff duration is refreshed and does not stack with additional uses. Debuff is not extended with time slow.

This ability costs 0 SP, making it available at the start of Memorial Arena (MA) boss fights, and with two charges, you can do multiple quick rotations. It also provides KMB with a reliable paralysis source, making her no longer reliant on stigmatas like Kepler M or Rinaldo M. Being able to smoothly chain into her combo attacks is also significant. Most importantly, the 20% physical damage debuff upon enemies is a rarely diluted multiplier that can stack with other debuffs and impair, giving KMB immense support capabilities.


Passive Skill - Leaping Arc: Generates Lightning Chain every 20 hits against enemies. Deals 650 Lightning damage and 250% Physical damage, and paralysis enemies for 1.5s. It also will not override older paralysis status; this means you will not need to worry about Leaping Arc overriding Positronic Beam's 6s paralysis with a 1.5s paralysis. ONLY ON KMB: KMB will gain 1 or 2 SP for each target hit by Lightning Chain, for unparalyzed and paralyzed targets.

Not too important. The SP gain is irrelevant, her only SP sink is KMB's ultimate which you rarely use in a realistic setting. The Lightning Chain is nice if your active is on cooldown.

Passive Skill - Aspect of Avaddon: User gains 20% move speed and 50% Crit Dmg for combo ATKs. ONLY ON KMB: KMB will gain 20% Physical damage for 12s (30s CD) after her evasion.

The 50% Crit Dmg may make Positron Blasters an alternative weapon for valkyries such as Ritual Imayoh (RI) or Void Drifter (VD) if you do not have other weapons for them. The massive ATK stat difference between a 6* and 5* weapon will help justify the use. The 20% Physical damage only affects KMB which will help her as a damage dealer, but is irrelevant as a support.


  1. Weapon's Verdict

To determine if it is worth it, we need to compare Positron Blasters with its most common competitors.


Judgement of Shamash's active costs 20 SP and has a 35s CD. It makes enemies take 15% extra Total damage for 15s. User will also lose 65% Max HP.

Major advantages of Positron Blasters are, its 0 SP cost, two charges on a much shorter CD, and higher damage debuff at 20%. No SP and lower CD is very crucial, letting you perform rotations more frequently.

On the other side, Positron Blasters is limited to physical damage and has a lower duration. However, KMB is rarely used in non-physical teams and 8s is already a standard duration for support stigmatas like Gustav and is long enough for most burst rotations. Overall, it is an extremely strong upgrade to Shamash.


Mjolnir is being pushed out of the meta at the moment. Mjolnir is mostly paired with Divine Prayer (DP), and with the introduction of 11th Leitourgia for CH and, to a lesser extent, Positron Blasters for KMB, Mjolnir does not have a place anymore. 


The next two weapons are pistols with both damage dealing and supportive aspects. From a damage standpoint, Positron Blasters will blow both Jingwei’s Wings and Thunder Kikaku out of the water for KMB. However, their support aspect relies on their rare ability to trigger support stigmatas like Newton B and Pool Party Mei M with their damage over time actives. This gives an advantage of being able to adjust the time window to deal damage, which Positron Blasters will not be able to replicate.


Finally, Energy Leaper is just completely obsolete for physical damage KMB with the introduction of Positron Blasters. Energy Leaper gives 80% attack speed and 25% Crit Rate. This does not compete well against a reliable paralysis, 20% physical damage, 20% physical damage taken debuff, and 50% crit damage.

If you want the option of damage dealer KMB, getting Positron Blasters to level 65 is a must. However, aside from very specific bosses, such as the new quantum boss stages, Doom, and Cursed Himeko, there are not many bosses affected by paralysis.

If KMB is used in a support capacity, the weapon will be very strong at level 50. For support, the only scaling on this weapon is its physical debuff active increasing from 15.3% to 20%, which is not worth 300 Torus and 400+ HC-Metals.

Overall, Positron Blasters is a strong weapon that can replace many of the other relevant pistols and will be a worthwhile investment to anyone with KMB. How far you level the weapon depends on the roles you need KMB to fill.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle

Positron Blasters are strongest when paired with KMB. KMB can fit into both the support and damage dealer role.


Team 1

For the support role, she can bring to the team a strong leader skill, instant time fracture, and a very strong, low cost, 20% physical damage debuff. KMB's inseparable partner is Celestial Hymn (CH). At SSS rank, KMB support can outperform other supports, even outside of Biological type teams. The pair can be used for various damage dealers like Night Squire (NS), Twilight Paladin (TP), and Stygian Nymph (SN).

Stigmata recommendations: 

Support Stigmatas options have not changed with the addition of the new PRI-ARM. She will still be able to carry traditional support stigmatas like Tesla Band T, Gustav T/M, Beethoven M, Pool Party Mei M, Ogier B, and Newton B. Evasion CD stigmatas are another viable option as well.


Team 2

As a physical damage dealer, you can quickly eliminate any enemy, so long as they are susceptible to paralysis status. Like before, CH is a natural part of any physical damage team. The third slot is flexible. The traditional third biological support Snowy Sniper, would not be applicable here because her freeze status will override paralysis. I've been using Valkyrie Chariot (VC) for her 30% ranged physical damage, as well as ensuring enemies remain gathered, with her ultimate, making VC a great F2P support.

Stigmata recommendations: 

Damage Stigmatas have changed quite a bit with the addition of the new PRI-ARM. She will no longer require another source of paralysis, making Kepler T/M completely obsolete. So in their place, we can put in more damage centric stigmatas. Tesla T and Dark Jixuanyuan M are great choices to fill the hole. Dark Jixuanyuan M can also be switched with other options such as Ekaterina M or Planck M if your KMB is not SSS rank for more uptime.


Closing Thoughts

Positron Blasters is the second most important weapon for physical damage teams. When it comes to developing a physical damage team, the number one priority is 11th Leitourgia, but Positron Blasters is a close second. It should be noted that simply a level 50 Positron Blasters already fills most of its support capabilities, giving you a two charged active with 0 SP cost and a good 15.3% physical damage debuff. This makes it a quite impactful weapon right out of the gate.