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Allan Poe Stigmata Guide

Allan Poe Stigmata Guide by Reinbex  


Hey, Captains! Today we are taking a close look at a new stigmata set released in v3.5: the Voice of Darkness set Allan Poe.


Stigmata Intro

Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Allan Poe (T)

5★ HP: 411; ATK: 113; DEF: 44

Black Cat: Gain 18.0% Crit Rate. If there are 2 or more enemies present, 2.0%*n of the bonus Crit Rate will convert into 4.0%*n bonus Physical DMG (n=the number of enemies present, and n ≤ 5).


Allan Poe (M)

5★ HP: 483; DEF: 177; CRIT: 11

The Raven: After spending no less than 3/33/63 SP in one action, Crit DMG of Basic Attacks (including Combo ATKS and Charged ATKS) increases by 50.0%/60.0%/70.0%. This effect lasts until the next trigger.


Allan Poe (B)

5★ HP: 338; ATK: 60; DEF: 66; CRIT:21

The Balloon-Hoax: Attack Speed increases by 25.0%. CD of Ultimate Evasion shortens by 15.0%.



2-pc bonus: Sculptor of Terror

Gain 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier. Total DMG of Charged ATK and any follow-up hits unleashed within the following 1s increases by 40.0%. Seele Equip Bonus: Total DMG increases by an additional 40.0%. CD: 2s.


3-pc bonus: Weaver of Death

Once attacked, ignore the damage from the attack and greatly increase Ignore Interrupt for 3s. CD: 20.0s. During the CD, the host restores 650 HP upon hitting enemies with Charged ATK (applies once during each CD). Seele equip bonus: Total DMG Multiplier increases by 25.0%.



Stigmata Skill Review

Allan Poe (T): Provides a Crit Rate/ Physical DMG bonus. Gives a sole 18% Crit Rate increase when facing a single enemy, which is great against bosses. When there's more than 1 enemy, every 2% Crit Rate bonus changes into a 4% Physical DMG increase, for a maximum of 5 conversion stacks (8% Crit Rate and 20% Physical DMG when 5+ enemies). The Top Stig's effect is the only effect that increases the host's Crit Rate. It's more ideal for the host to face single bosses for a more consistent output of critical attacks.

Allan Poe (M): An increase in Critical DMG Bonus. The amount of Crit DMG your basic attacks gain depends on how much you spend your SP. However, for a mere cheap cost of even spending only 3 SP, your CRIT DMG buff will last forever. The only way for your 50% Crit DMG bonus to go away is to increase that  bonus via spending 33 or 63 SP. This stig makes is incredibly easy to strengthen your host, provided that they can land critical attacks often, thus increasing the value of crit rate bonuses such as the T stig.


Allan Poe (B): An unconditional Attack Speed increase and Ultimate Evasion Cooldown decrease bonuses. A rather simple stigmata with some good but not too impactful effects. However, this is the first B stigmata introduced into the game that shortens Ultimate Evasion cooldown, allowing players to allocate certain stigs for certain strategies.


2-pc bonus: Unconditional 20% Total DMG Multiplier (TDM) Bonus alongside instant Bursts of TDM bonuses. Within a 2s CD and 1s time window of effect, using a Charged ATK, especially if by Seele, significantly increases the user's TDM by a whopping 40-80% TDM Bonus after the first hit. It's encouraged to utilize this effect by Seele for maximum potential of 100% TDM bonus, to best enjoy the sheer amounts of TDM Bonus this 2-pc effect provides. It's good for Valkyries who can quickly output many attacks after releasing a charged ATK.
3-pc bonus: Ensures fighting fluidity, healing, and if Seele, an unconditional 25% TDM bonus. This effect isn't too impactful, especially to non-Seele hosts. It provides a 1 time DMG-nullification and 3s Ignore Interrupt every 20s. Once, per during that cooldown, the host can recover a small amount of health via Charged ATK. The best part of this effect would be the unconditional TDM bonus it provides to a Seele host.


Recommended For

Stygian Nymph

The Allan Poe set is designed for Seele, mainly Stygian Nymph (SN). Allan Poe's bonuses revolve around the host's basic and Charged ATks that deals multiple hits in very small time windows. SN is able to capitalize on Allan Poe's effects. She has a cheap and malleable ult-cost that can be utilize the M stig. And she charges up her charge meter very frequently to be able to use her quick, multihit, and strong charged ATKs. All in all, this set is made for  SN.


Individual Allan Poe pieces can also be mixed and matched to cope with different scenarios.

Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) can fully utilize almost every piece of the Allan Poe effects, with the only issue that she cannot use her charge attacks as frequently. Considering that SP is currently the only other Seele battlesuit, no other valkyries can utilize the Seele-only effects of Allan Poe.


However, Umbral Rose (UR), Valkyrie Chariot (VC), Black Nucleus (BN), and Twilight Paladin (TP) can all still use Allan Poe to some extent since they use quick multi-hit Charged ATKs. There are better stig options for these valkyries, but that does not mean that Allan Poe cannot be an option for these valkyries.


Allan Poe (T) by itself can used by Physical DMG-based DPS. For UR and TP, she can utilize this piece in both scenarios of only 1 or more than 1 foe(s). VC and BN prefer using this piece only during boss fights because their fighting style suits fighting only 1 target.

Allan Poe (M) requires SP usage, plenty of valkyries can do. As long as the user has access to a strong weapon with a cheap weapon skill and/or can do strong Basic, Combo, or Charged ATKs after using their ultimate, then this M piece can be usable.

Allan Poe (B) is a very generic stigmata that can work with essentially any valkyrie. It works both both support and dps.


Allan Poe (2pc) can be used among SP, UR, VC, and BN. SP and UR a strong multi-hit Charged ATK. Meanwhile, when VC missile stacks or BN charge shoots from the back, the moment the 1st pellet hits the enemy, the rest of the attacks will be buffed. This effect is the most important effect! Individually, each piece can do alright, but having two together, especially the T&M pieces, is what makes Allan Poe very powerful!

Allan Poe (3pc) can only be fully utilized by Seele's other battlesuit SP as of v3.5. SP can enjoy the 25% TDM bonus that the 3pc effect provides.