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11th Leitourgia Weapon Guide

ATK 395 - CRT 60

Arriving in Patch 3.5, 11th Leitourgia is the PRI-ARM upgrade of the weapon 11th Sacred Relic. Specialized for the Theresa battlesuit Celestial Hymn, this weapon further amplifies her Physical support capabilities by providing substantial buffs to not only her teammates, but also Celestial Hymn herself.



Active Skill - Holy Phlanx

Summons and expands the weapon, generating a Holy beam every 2s that deals 750% of Physical DMG against enemies within an AOE. Nearby teammates also gain 20% Crit Rate for 10 seconds. If equipped by Celestial Hymn, casting this skill also recovers 5 SP per second, for the same duration. This skill has a 15-second cooldown.

In particular, Celestial Hymn will gain 30 SP (50 minus 20) every time she casts this weapon skill. 


Passive Skill - Divine Mending

Wielder's attacks on an impaired enemy has a 60% chance to recovers the team by 89 HP, with a 3 seconds cooldown.


Passive Skill - Angelic Pinion

Teammates' attacks gain 10% SP regen, while the wielder's attacks gain 35% SP regen.



What Celestial Hymn was lacking the most was a weapon that complements her abilities, and 11th Leitourgia solves just that. It solves Celestial Hymn's biggest problem of SP cost, and she can cast Ultimates much easier than ever before. Having this weapon puts Celestial Hymn back to top tier again.


  • In Dirac Sea/Q-Singularis, Celestial Hymn starts with 90 SP. So with just one cross drop and a couple Evasions from your DPS, she can cast Ultimate without having to do any extra attacks to recover SP.
  • In Memorial Arena, Celestial Hymn starts with 36 SP, and can cast Ultimate with just 3 cross drops and one SP pack dropped from the enemy. Since most common Memorial lineups have fast damage cycles, all of this can be done in under a minute.

And in case you forgot, Celestial Hymn's Ultimate pulls enemies together, and inflicts all of them with a 75% DEF Impair for a whopping 10 seconds.

The 20% Crit Rate is another huge bonus, and it fully stacks with all other similar effects, such as from Drive Kometa's Shield and Leader Skill, or from stigmas like Kafka B.


Recommended Stigma Builds

These support stigmas will considerably improve your team's performance, however Celestial Hymn will function just fine without them. Only consider investing in these stigmas when you already have competent, geared Physical Damage dealers.


Gustav Klimt set increases teammates' Physical DMG by 20%, and make enemies receive 10% more Physical DMG by 8 seconds upon using 11th Leitourgia's Active Skill. Newton B makes an enemy take 31% more Total DMG for 5 seconds, and the best point is it can be triggered off-field by Celestial Hymn's Ultimate. 


The previously recommended Kallen Hymn set will continue to function. The 2-set effect will increase all teammates' Total DMG by 8% following a cross drop, and 22% after Celestial Hymn casts her Ultimate, for a duration of 7 seconds. Of course, Newton B's effect is also active in this build.


Recommended Team Building

Celestial Hymn and Drive Kometa makes up the perfect support combination. On top of Celestial Hymn's amazing support skills, Drive Kometa blocks incoming damage, casts direct damage buffs, and her Leader skill gives another 26% Crit Rate. 
Some Physical Damage dealers who greatly benefit from this setup include: Twilight Paladin, Stygian Nymph, and Night Squire



No, you cannot own 2 of them at the same time. This is a bug in Beta version.

Similar to previous PRI-ARMs, the first and foremost requirement on obtaining 11th Leitourgia is having 11th Sacred Relic on your Weapon library. To obtain 11th Sacred Relic, you have several options:

  • Try to fish for it from Focused Supply.
  • Buy it with 4000 Weapon Resonators in Exchange Shop.
  • Buy it with 12 Lucions in BP Store. 


Image shamelessly borrowed from Captain Marisa - https://walkthrough.honkaiimpact3.com/article/show/48/1395

Since it's the third month of Battle Pass, most F2P players who haven't bought anything from this shop will have exactly 12 Lucions by the end of this Patch. As such, I recommend every F2P player to grab 11th Sacred Relic this way. 

I myself will have to wait another patch though, since I slacked and missed one Lucion in the first month.

Next, you need to sacrifice a Lv.50 Cross that wasn't acquired from Events, Chronicles or with AE Imaginons. As such, weapons like Silver Reaper or Ranger's Cross are not applicable.


Finally, you need 3 different types of materials:

  • Einstein's Torus is the major bottleneck in the bunch. The fastest way to obtain them is to buy them with Weapon Resonators at a 10:1 Ratio. Alternatively, the new Dorm Shop is selling 50 of them for a total of 5000 Work Points Cards.
  • Nanoceramic can be obtained through Weekday Events, or purchased from Asterite Shop.
  • SC Metal-H2 is available in Memorial Arena Rewards, or you can exchange for them with Work Points Cards, Asterites or Gold Pins.  

To obtain and max out 11th Leitourgia, you will need 400 Einstein's Torus (Roughly 4000 Weapon Resonators), 150 Nanoceramic and 520 SC Metal-H2.



11th Leitourgia and Celestial Hymn delivers astonishing physical support capabilities, and most Physical team will fall short without them. With Patch 3.5 arriving, the chance of getting Celestial Hymn has become higher for all Captains thanks to the new Dorm supply system. Therefore, 11th Leitourgia is a solid recommendations to all Captains, and will become a great reward for Captains when they decide to break through Lv. 80.