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Hawk of the Fog Character Guide

Table of Contents
I.   Overview
II.  Skills and Combo
III. Equipment
IV. How to Play
V.  Line-ups


I.    Overview
Hawk of the Fog is an augmented form of A-ranked Fu Hua – Valkyrie Accipiter. Like her normal form, Hawk is a Psychic-type. Different thing is, Hawk mainly deals Lightning Elemental Damage.

“But hey, doesn't Shadow Knight also deals Lightning Damage?”
Good news is, Hawk might be the next meta, and you can get it for free.
Bad news is, goodbye SK. All of your equipment, including your favorite Nuada/Yada, all belongs to Hawk now.
Just kidding, Hawk is more of a Support rather than a Carry. And if you mind if I spoil a little bit, Nuada got a 6* upgrade. Be happy SK fans.

Anyways, I find Hawk much more complex than other Fu Hua battlesuits, especially her Ultimate. You can only cast it under certain circumstances, unlike Night Squire, Shadow Knight, Phoenix, or even Accipiter, which only requires you to hold the B button. In Hawk, you can't simply hold the B button, for there are 2 conditions: You can only cast it after an Ultimate Evasion (normal evasion won’t work), or during Ki: Tunneling Blossom combo. But aside from her Ultimate, if you’ve understood most of her moves, Hawk is actually quite simple. You’ll understand it in less than 10 minutes (or maybe more).

This guide is built to provide readers a better understanding of Fu Hua's Hawk of the Fog battlesuit. Readers can find out more about Hawk's best equipments, her skills, and how to best play her in the game. Check out the video at How to Play if you want to see the combo movements.

II.    Skills and Combo
The skills and combo will be explained below.

Side Notes:

 = A
 = B

Combo Name Buttons
Six Fists A, A, A, A, A, A
Ki: Whipping Sparks B
Ki: Lightning Pounce  (If Whipping Sparks hit) A or B
Ki: Taranic Talons A, B
A, A, B
Ki: Six-sided Shock A, A, A, B
A, A, A, A, B
A, A, A, A, A, B
A, A, A, A, A, A, B
Ki: Blasting Palms (After Six-sided Shock) A
Ki: Tunneling Blossom (After Six-sided Shock) B
Ultimate (During Tunneling Blossom and have 50SP) hold B
(Right after evasion and have 50SP) hold B


1.    Basic Attack – Thunder Wyrm
Six Fists deals Physical Damage.

Branch Skills:

Tigris Elektra (Augmented Skill)

Ki: Lightning Pounce or Ultimate triggers Elektrance for 9 seconds, which grants Interrupt Resist, Total Damage Reduction, and bonus Lightning Damage per hit for the 6-sequence Basic Attack.

Flux Wyrm (Augmented Skill)

During Flux Wyrm status, every sequence of Basic Attack grants bonus Total Damage Multiplier for the next Ki: Six-sided Shock. Maximum stack: 5.
Make sure you use the Basic Attack 5 times before going on combo. Kinda hard, since our reflexes (or maybe it's only me?) usually says to do a combo at 3rd attack sequence. But don’t bother, just do the usual.

Inductive Trauma (Augmented Skill)

During Flux Wyrm status, Ki: Taranic Talon or Ki: Six-sided Shock recovers SP. CD: 5 seconds. Taranic Talon deals 50% ATK of bonus Physical Damage per hit, which doubles on shielded enemies.

2.    Evasion – Storm Phoenix
Generates a Global Time Fracture upon a successful Ultimate Evasion. CD: 15 seconds.
Within 3 seconds after evading: After executing Ki: Whipping Sparks, press B button to automatically trigger Ki: Lightning Pounce.

Branch Skills:

Fiery Flock

Ultimate Evasion triggers Time Fracture for the game for 1.5 seconds.
I don't understand this skill, I mean, the Ultimate Evasion itself already casts Time Fracture, and then there's this skill. I assume that it increases the duration, but I don't think that's quite right.

Jolting Riposte (Augmented Skill)

The first Basic Attack or Combo Attack within 3 seconds after an Ultimate Evasion deals bonus Lightning Damage to the target and nearby enemies, Paralyzing them.

Anser Turn

Shortens Cooldown of Ultimate Evasion.

3.    Passive
Branch skills:

Unity Mantra (Augmented Skill)

Team deals bonus Lightning Damage when breaking enemy shield, and deals bonus Total Damage Multiplier for 12 seconds. Can be triggered again to reset the duration.

Vajra Mantra (Augmented Skill)

Passively increases bonus Lightning Damage. Ki: Taranic Talon deals bonus Lightning Damage and Paralyzes non-paralyzed enemy. Cooldown: 8 seconds.

Shattering Mantra (Augmented Skill)

Passively increases bonus Total Damage Multiplier to shielded enemies. Basic Attack, Combo Attack, Switch Skill, and QTE deals more damage to shields. Hitting shielded enemies grants Interrupt and Interrupt Resist for 10 seconds.

4.    Leader Skill – Chelonic Unity
At SSS Hawk of the Fog:
1.    When combo count is 30 or more, Kiana and Mei in the team gain 28% Crit Rate.
2.    When combo count is below 30, Bronya in the team gain 40% Crit Damage.

5.    Combo Attack – Lightning Panther
Different Six Fist moves can be connected to various Combo Attack.

Ki: Whipping Sparks: Deals Lightning Damage, and double the value to enemies outside of 5 meter radius.

Ki: Whipping Sparks

Ki: Lightning Pounce: Within 1 second of hitting the enemy with Whipping Sparks, if the enemy is outside of 5 meter radius, dashes towards the target, dealing Lightning Damage.

Ki: Lightning Pounce

Ki: Taranic Talons: Deals Lightning Damage.

Ki: Taranic Talons

Ki: Six-sided Shock: Deals Lightning Damage. Navigate with the Joystick to decide the finishing position.

Ki: Six-sided Shock

Ki: Blasting Palm: Deals Lightning Damage and knocks back enemies. If enemies are knocked to the wall, deals bonus Lightning Damage.

Ki: Blasting Palm

Ki: Tunneling Blossom: Deals Lightning Damage. Navigate the charging direction with the Joystick.

Ki: Tunneling Blossom

Branch Skills:

Switch Skill: Rending Dive (Augmented Skill)

When switched in, slam the ground to knock enemies airborne, dealing Lightning Damage. Shielded enemies take bonus Physical Damage.

QTE: Sundering Drill (Augmented Skill)

Triggered when enemy is ignited or slowed. Slams the ground, dealing Lightning Damage. Shielded enemies take bonus Physical Damage. Triggers Flux Wyrm for 9 seconds.

Dragon's Return

For 5 seconds after switching in, gain slight Interrupt and Interrupt Resist, and take reduced damage from enemies. When exiting, grants team the same buff for 5 seconds.

6.    Ultimate – Raging Tiamat
Passively increases Hawk's SP by 50.

When Hawk has 50 SP or more, hold B Button after Ultimate Evasion (normal evasion won’t work), or during Ki: Tunneling Blossom, to cast her Ultimate, gathering surrounding enemies.

Hawk of the Fog casts Ultimate

Branch Skills:

Teravolt Maul (Augmented Skill)

Ultimate deals bonus Total Damage Multiplier and Paralyzes non-paralyzed enemies.

Conductive Impact (Augmented Skill)

Character deals bonus Lightning Damage for a limited duration after switching in or casting Ultimate.

III.    Equipment
Hawk of the Fog mainly deals Lightning Elemental Damage, except for her Six Fists, which means all of her weapons and stigma should increase Lightning Elemental Damage as well. And since she also paralyzes enemies, equipment that increases damage to paralyzed enemies is also good. Do note that all of this is based on writer’s opinion, and could be wrong instead.


Nuada’s Grief

Since Hawk doesn’t have a signature weapon yet, Nuada became the default, since it passively increases 40% Lightning Damage. Perfect for Hawk who mainly deals Lightning Damage.

Cygnus Gauntlet

For you SK lovers who prefers Cygnus over Nuada, rejoice, for you can also equip Cygnus on Hawk of the Fog. The SP regen provided by Cygnus is insane, you can cast Ultimate almost anytime.

Grips of Tai Xuan

Got youself with no Crystals to spend? I know that feel; all of us do. But no worries, for the Grips of Tai Xuan is here. You can get it from Raid Stage. I know it’s not a great choice, but but if you don’t have any Gauntlets from gacha, your weapon of choice is limited, making this your best choice. Tai Xuan gives you Total Damage Multiplier for every different combo you cast.


Monet Set

The recommended Stigma for Hawk of the Fog. Well, since she deals Lightning Damage, everyone would know that it’s Monet, for sure. It increases your Lightning Damage, slowing enemies, and also heals yourself a little.

Darwin Set

You’re out of Crystals? No worries, for Darwin is here. You can buy them for, if I recall, 125 Shicksal Cores (SS Imaginon). Darwin is like a mini version of Monet; it also increases Lightning Damage. I actually doesn’t recommend the M part, so you can change it to a more suitable stigma, like Nagamitsu (M) or Mei: Pool Party (M), or even Monet (M) if you have it. But if you don’t have anything else, you can buy it.

Paralyzing Set

Hawk’s Taranic Talon combo and her Ultimate instantly Paralyze enemies, so giving her stigmatas with a “gain damage to Paralyzed” is recommended. Shakespeare (T) gives 51% Lightning Damage, Fuxi (M) increases 92% Elemental Damage to Paralyzed enemy, and Cleopatra (B) increases 82% Total Damage Multiplier against Paralyzed enemy. This stigma has the highest damage output, but the enemy must be Paralyzed in order to use it.
Recommended for stages that has a lot of small enemies, and very not recommended for boss stages, such as Memorial Arena, since all of the bosses cannot be Paralyzed, or have a high Paralyze resistance.

Recommended Stigma: Nagamitsu (M) and Mei: Pool Party (M)

Got this 2 M parts lying around? You can use it if you’re missing a part. Or, if you’re using Darwin set, you can use this as the M part.

IV.    How to play
At first, Hawk of the Fog may be hard to understand, because of her complex combo moves and Ultimate. But if you’re already used at using Fu Hua, you’ll understand it in no time flat.

When you’re playing Hawk, your will probably use the Six-sided Shock combo much more than other moves, since it connects to other moves as well, like the Blasting Palms or Tunneling Blossom. And when you’re using Tunneling Blossom, you can use Ultimate to gather the enemy.

Check the video below for more details.

V.    Line-ups
Hawk of the Fog is more of a Support, but she can be used as Semi-carry. In my observation, she’s mainly used only for gathering enemies and Paralyzing them using her Ultimate. If used as a Semi-carry, she must be paired with Supportive Valkyries that increases Elemental Damage.
This line-up is of my personal reference. It could be wrong instead.

Line-up 1: Phoenix (Leader) – Hawk of the Fog – Wolf Dawn

The most basic line-up for Elemental Valkyrie. Phoenix’s Leader Skill gives Total Damage Multiplier to Combo Attacks and an increased Attack Speed for the team. Phoenix’s Combo Attacks also gives the team an increase in Elemental Damage. Wolf Dawn’s Shield gives the team an increased Elemental Damage when it’s not broken (need SS-rank). The perfect combination for Hawk of the Fog.

Line-up 2: Lightning Empress (Leader) – Hawk of the Fog – Valkyrie Pledge

People call this Team Judah, except now the Phoenix is changed to Hawk of the Fog. Most people states that the Carry now is Lightning Empress instead of Valkyrie Pledge, since she has a 6* version of MagStorm, and is much more suitable in the exalted level (81-85). Since Hawk’s Ultimate Paralyze enemies on the field and gather them in one point, followed by VP’s Judah, Lightning Empress will zap all the enemies.