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Path to Acheron Weapon Guide

Path to Acheron Weapon Guide by Reinbex

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new Scythe weapon released in v3.6: Path to Acheron. 

Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 278; CRIT: 29

In lightless infinite universes, a girl was lost within the soundless symphony of endless echoes. She waited, she sought, she floundered. Finally, she found the stairway, and the key to the locked door.  

Weapon Skills

★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Dhatura's Blessing

The wielder restores 200 HP instantly and gains 10% Crit Rate and 30.0% Crit Damage for 10.0s upon unleashing Switch Skill or Ultimate.


Higanbana's Curse

The wielder gains 20.0% Physical Damage. Stygian Nymph equip bonus: Gains 30.0% Total Damage Multiplier for Mark Damage.



Skill Review

Dhatura's Blessing

The first passive increases crit rate & crit DMG. It promotes the acts of switching in and using ultimates. This is a simple and easy buff for scythe users of this playstyle.

Higanbana's Curse

The second passive provides a Physical DMG bonus unconditionally. It's a simple yet great increase for more damage. If equipped onto Stygian Nymph, she also gains 30% Total DMG Multiplier (TDM) for her special Flower Mark Damages. This skill is purely about increasing the damage that SN can output.


Recommended For

Stygian Nymph

Allen Poe Set

Stygian Nymph (SN) is Seele's new S rank Quantum Type battlesuit. The Path to Acheron is tailored specifically to SN's tastes. SN capitalizes on dealing large amounts of damage in very quick bursts. Primarily when she applies her Flower Mark alongside her charge attack. In addition, SN gains a temporarily boost when she uses her low-sp cost ultimate, which is another one of the short times when she does most of her damage. The Path of Acheron schyronizes with when SN outputs her most amount of damage, thus min-maxing the times in which SN does damage.



Among the few Scythe wielders, only Umbral Rose (UR) and Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) can still somewhat utilize Path to Acheron. Because they are not SN, they cannot utilize the 30.0% TDM bonus. However, they can still enjoy physical DMG bonuses as well as the crit rate & crit DMG bonuses via Switch skill and ultimate. Do note that both UR and SP have costly ultimates so they cannot make good use of that aspect of Dhatura's Blessing. And only SP gets (temporarily) stronger after using her ultimate. So while this is a good weapon, it's not the best choice to invest in when only either of these valkyries come to mind.


Closing Thoughts


The Path to Acheron is an incredible weapon. It provides a lot of bonuses for physical Scythe users. But because of its design, only SN (and her playstyle) can make the best use out of this weapon. Other scythe users can only utilize the Path to Acheron so much. So if you plan to get or already have SN, then getting the Path of Acheron is a definite must!