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Might of An-Utu Weapon Guide


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Might of An-Utu is the new 2-Handed Divine Key in v3.5. It is the zeroth form of Judgment of Shamash, and can deal extremely high Fire DMG at the cost of your HP. Currently, it is evaluated as the best sword for Vermilion Knight, acquiring very high score against certain Memorial Arena and Abyss bosses, particularly against Argent Knight: Artemis.



Stats: ATK : 218, CRT : 19


At its max charge, the active can deal 2500% Fire DMG. With proper supports, the damage can skyrocket even higher! In this gif, the active shaves off almost 50% HP of Exalted Argent Knight!


  • There is a small buff icon that shows how many charges you currently have.
  • Note that you lose all charges once the active hits an enemy.
  • Self HP loss is 8% of current HP - which means as your HP reduce, so does the HP loss. 


  • 20% Fire Vulnerability is huge and is on par with Thales 2-set. Together, both An-Utu and Thales 2-set will make enemy take 40% more Fire DMG!
  • Charge starts at 1 stack. With 30 starting SP, valks like VK or BR can cast ultimate at the beginning of the fight, instantly bringing An-Utu to max charge!



You can tune An-Utu to to Key of Destruction slot in Divine Key Shrine. Tuning unlocks global +10 ATK bonus stats. Wow! Also unlocks additional co-op ability to An-Utu (similar to other Shamash weapon co-op skills). Keep in mind that once it is tuned, you can no longer salvage or sell An-Utu.




Based on CN server, Might of An-Utu is only available in a special Focused Supply called Ancient Divine Flame Supply (actual english translation ETA). 

  • Costs 280 crystal or one Focused Supply Card per pull
  • Increased droprate, has ten pull pity
  • Guaranteed to get An-Utu within 50 pulls
  • Bonus item every 10 pulls, up to 50 pulls - gives materials to upgrade PRI-ARM, and materials for Blood Rose bride event. 
  • This Special Focused Supply consists of:

Weapon: Might of An-Utu UP, Cinder UP, Railgun, Talwar, Vikrant, 11th Relic, Blood Dance, Skadi
Stigma: Thales UP, Zorro , Dirac, Gustav, Cara, Jin Shengtan



  • Keep in mind supply contents might vary in SEA / Global server
  • Might of An-Utu might be very rare and only appears in supply once in a blue moon, based on the other gacha divine key - Xuanyuan Sword. So this is probably your only chance to get An-Utu in a long while.



Vermillion Knight (VK)


  • VK is a valk with large fire damage output. Her ultimate costs 30 SP - exactly enough to give one stack of charge.
  • The 30% TDM benefits her since she already has a lot of built-in Fire DMG multiplier.
  • The initial 30 SP passive allows VK to immediately cast ultimate at the beginning of the fight. This opens up more team composition as she does not need Lightning Empress or Shadow Knight to provide starting SP anymore.


Blood Rose (BR)

  • BR is also similar to VK - she is a fire DMG dealer with 30 SP Ultimate. 
  • Both burst mode and An-Utu active deplete her HP. So, she can easily trigger her Warding Blood passive - gaining more TDM once she reaches 66% HP.
  • BR cannot use An-Utu active skill during burst mode, so try to cast it before using Ultimate. 


Other 2-Handed Users

Other 2-Handed users can benefit from 30% TDM, but they will still prefer their signature swords. (Or Blood Dance if they are support)



Here are examples of high level An-Utu gameplay from CN players.

S-rank VK vs Argent Knight Arena 37760 - https://www.bilibili.com/video/av74600252

S-rank VK vs Argent Knight Abyss 880 - http://www.bilibili.com/video/av74147314
SSS-rank BR vs Heimdal 36672 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av74229119/

S-rank VK vs Herrscher of Void 30560 BETA https://www.bilibili.com/video/av73632068



Might of An-Utu is a Divine Key with strong burst damage, making VK and BR viable DPS in Exalted-level content. Players who have VK or BR are recommended to pull An-Utu, since this might be your only chance to get it in a long time. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful to everyone.