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Stygian Nymph Character Guide

Table of Contents
I.   Overview
II.  Skills
III. Equipment
IV. How to Play
V.  Line-ups


I. Overview
Stygian Nymph is an S-ranked Seele Vollerei, a brand new character which has a Quantum-type. She mainly deals Physical damage, which makes critical build good for her. Uniquely, Stygian Nymph has 2 forms, and she can switch between the 2 using her [Ultimate Button] (it consumes SP and it has cooldowns). This forms are called Saule (we call it the Light Form) and Veliona (the Dark one).

By default, when entering the stage, Stygian Nymph starts with Saule form. But unlike Swallowtail Phantasm, Stygian Nymph can retain her Veliona form forever – as long as you  don't press the [Ultimate Button] again – since it doesn't have any duration. And the interesting thing is, while Nymph's Saule Form still uses Scythe as her weapon, her Veliona Form, instead of using the scythe, she throws them away, and creates giant claws in both of her hands and attacks the enemy with it.

And the most interesting thing is, she can do an Ultimate Evasion when she passes through enemies, much like Herrscher of the Void's Ultimate Evasion. This is exceptionally useful, since before v3.5, only Knight Moonbeam and Herrscher of the Void that can trigger their Ultimate Evasion whenever they want when it's off cooldown, and doesn't require to actively evade attacks.
This guide is built to provide readers a better understanding of Seele Vollerei's Stygian Nymph battlesuit. Readers can find out more about Nymph's best equipments, her skills, and how to best play her in the game.

II. Skills
The skills will be explained below. Do note that:
Saulian Ego: Light-colored
Veilian Id: Dark-colored
And when she's switching out, she stays in that form, not reverting back to Saule.

1. Basic Attack – Light and Dark
By default, Seele starts with Saule Form. She attacks the enemy with her scythe. Each hit recovers her Saulian Ego (see Passive). When Saulian Ego is full, the next Basic Attack after the 5th attack sequence automatically casts Charged Attack, consuming all of Saulian Ego.
While in the Veliona Form, Seele hits the enemy with her 2 giant claws. Each hit recovers her Veilian Id (see Passive).  When Veilian Id is full, the next Basic Attack after the 5th attack sequence automatically casts Charged Attack, consuming all of Veilian Id.

Saule's Basic Attack

Veliona's Basic Attack

Branch Skills:

Mark of Judgment

Marked enemies (see Charged Attack) take more Physical Damage from your Basic ATK and Charged ATK.

Avenging Erinyes

Grants Veliona (Dark Form) Interrupt Resist and Damage Reduction

Might of Duality

Gain SP per second in battle, lasts 10 seconds. In Open World (Samsara and Shicksal HQ), this skill is activated every 10 minutes.
Even though the description says “in battle”, in beta test version, you gain SP when you're not on the field. This skill can be only used once (or once every 10 minutes in Open World), and can be used on Saule or Veliona. Not sure whether this skill will be fixed or not in the official release.

2. Evasion – Flash of Eternity
Generates a Global Time Fracture upon a successful Ultimate Evasion, and increases Saulian Ego (when in Saule Form), or Veilian Id (when in Veliona Form).
When attacking after evading, the attack became the 4th sequence of Basic Attack, whichever form it is.

Branch Skills:

Lasting Ties

When this skill is turned on, generates an Ultimate Evasion when passing through enemies, but decreases the duration of the Time Fracture (Evading attacks doesn't reduce the duration).
Like Herrscher of the Void's skill, you can activate your Ultimate Evasion willingly without needing to be attacked by the enemy. Simply pass through your enemy, and it will activate when it's off cooldown. Though the teleport range is much shorter, this skill is very powerful as it

QTE: Eros and Eris

Triggered by Weakened or Time Slowed enemies, dealing damage and recovers Saulian Ego / Veilian Id, when in Saule / Veliona Form respectively.
*Author's Note: Like Herrscher of Reason's skill, kind of weird why they put this on evasion skill tab. And the name though, Eros (lololol). If you know what I mean.

3. Passive
Stygian Nymph has a 2 colored, shared gauge bar above her HP bar: 1 light-colored, and the other is dark-colored. This bar represents Seele's manifestation of her own twin personality, so let's just call this the “Ego Bar”.

Ego Bar's Starting Position

Maximum Veilian Id

Maximum Saulian Ego

The colors in Seele's Ego Bar changes according to whatever action she did. And when 1 color rise, the other will drop, or vice versa. According to her skill description, it consists of 400 points.
Example 1:
Let's say that Light 400 and Dark 0
In Saule Form, when Seele do a Charge Attack, it consumes 400 Light points. So it became:
Light 0 – Dark 400
The Dark points will automatically increase when Light points are consumed
Example 2:
Let's say that Light 0 and Dark 400.
When Seele attacks (in Saule), she gains 50 Light. So it became:
Light 50 – Dark 350
End of example.
Anyways, TL;DR, you don't really have to worry about the Ego Bar. It has its own purposes, but it doesn't do anything special. Simply do a Charge Attack when the color in the bar is maxed, or just do Basic Attacks like there's no tomorrow.

Branch skills:

Vulnerable Duality

Saule Form: Each kill recovers 200 Saulian Ego.
Veliona Form: Grants bonus damage to shields.

Robust Ambiguity

Consuming Saulian Ego or Veilian Id grants bonus Physical Damage for 10 seconds. Consuming the Ego or Id again will refresh the duration.

4. Leader Skill – Cursed Blessing
At SSS Stygian Nymph:
1. Team gains 16% Critical Rate.
2. If all 3 characters in team are of different types (3 between Biologic, Psychic, Mech, and Quantum), team gains 25% Physical Damage.

5. Charged Attack – Day and Night
Like any other Valkyries, hold the [Attack Button] to execute Charge Attack, leaving a mark at the enemy (Sunnebrand if Saule, Veilmark if Veliona). Stygian Nymph can do the Charge Attack at any attack sequence, and depends on the form, the effects and animations are also different. When one of the Saulian Ego / Veilian Id is full, it will be cast automatically if you press the [Attack Button] after the 5th sequence attack, even when you're not holding the [Attack Button], consuming all of the Saulian Ego / Veilian Id.

Saule's Charge Attack when the Saulian Ego is full

Sunnebrand on a group of Zombies, a White-colored Flower Mark

In Saule form, Seele uses her scythe to slice the enemies in a large area. When Seele have 400 Saulian Ego, she marks all surrounding enemies with Sunnebrand. At the same time, the mark resonates and explodes, sending the enemy airborne (if airborne is possible).

Veliona's Charge Attack when the Veilian Id is full

Veilmark on Padrino, a Red-colored Flower Mark with an Eye in its Center

In Veliona form, Seele hacks the enemies with her twin claws, leaving multiple X marks in the air. When Seele have 400 Veilian Id, she marks a single targeted enemy with a Veilmark. Only the single, locked-on enemy can be marked, even if Seele hits multiple enemies along the way. At the same time, the mark resonates and explodes, sending the enemy airborne (if airborne is possible).
Casting Ultimate will change the color of the Mark in an AoE: When the enemy is inflicted with a Sunnebrand, it will change to Veilmark, or vice versa. This is especially useful when changing to Veliona and you're fighting a large amount of enemies

Branch Skills:

Resonance Gain

Every resonated mark recovers SP. Cooldown: 1 second.
This skill means that when you have 400 Ego / Id and do a Charge Attack, your SP will recover after a short while.

Spirit of Moirai

Grants bonus Critical Rate to damage dealt by resonated marks.

Spirit of Keres

Grants bonus Critical Damage to damage dealt by resonated marks.

6. Ultimate – Chthonic Fury
Transforms Saule into Veliona, and vice versa, damaging surrounding enemies in the process. Seele doesn't need SP to cast this, as long as it's off cooldown, and by default, Seele can instantly use her Ultimate at the start of battle.
Any SP she collected before she transforms are consumed; increasing her Ultimate damage by 0.5% for every 1 SP (max of 75%, or 150SP; more than 150SP would still be counted as 75% damage increase). In beta test, this increased damage only worked when transforming into Veliona; the damage when transforming back into Saule doesn't change no matter how much SP she has.

Saule Transforms to Veliona at 0SP

Saule Transforms to Veliona at 150SP or more.
Well, that wasn't much of an increase in damage.

Saule Transforms to Veliona Animations

Veliona Transforms Back to Saule Animations

*Author's note: Frankly speaking, Stygian Nymph doesn't need SP. Her Ultimate costs nothing, and after you cast your Ultimate, all your SP are down to zero. Yes, she got an increased Ultimate damage, but you saw my pic right? 25000 increased damage? Totally insignificant.
Plus, I could imagine that you only want to play in Veliona form without ever changing back to Saule. And lastly, her signature weapon doesn't even have an active skill, all of it are passive, so it doesn't consume any SP. Which is why I don't understand the function of her skills that regenerates SP. I don't know whether this is some kind of mistake in calculations or not, and whether it will be updated or not in the official release, since this guide is made based on beta test. As the slogan in the bottom says: Contents of official release may differ.

Branch Skills:

Claws of Nyx

When in Saule Form: Awakens Veliona and grants increased Attack Speed, Move Speed, doubled Veilian Id regeneration, and full Veilian Id recovery when the 4th attack sequence hits. Duration: 12 seconds

Scythe of Hemera

When in Veliona: Reverts back to Saule, granting Ignore Interrupt, Physical Damage bonus, Physical Damage Reduction bonus, and doubled Saulian Ego regeneration. Additionally, the 3rd attack sequence directly connects into the 5th sequence, which recovers full Saulian Ego on hit. Duration: 12 seconds.

Delayed Dusk (Unlocked at SS-rank)

In Saule form, When transforming into Veliona: Conjures Time Fracture.

III. Equipment
Since Stygian Nymph mainly deals Physical Damage, all of her weapons and stigma should increase Physical Damage, preferably Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Do note that all of this is based on writer's opinion, and could be wrong instead.


Path to Acheron

Stygian Nymph's signature weapon, the Path to Acheron. It passively increases Physical Damage (20%), Total Damage Multiplier for Mark Damage (30%), and an extra Critical Rate (10%) + Critical Damage (30%) for 10 seconds after switching in or after using Ultimate. Path to Acheron is definitely a must; equipping other weapons won't give Stygian Nymph much damage.


When the first time scythe weapons are introduced, Aphrodite is among one of those. It's the most popular choice until now, since it increases 20% Physical Damage, and a chance to deal 200% ATK of Physical Damage, with a 100% chance of doing Critical to Mech-typed enemies. Don't have Path to Acheron? Got that Aphrodite standing around doing nothing? Go grab it.

Onyx Iron

Got youself with no Crystals to spend? I know that feel; all of us do. But no worries, for the magnificent Onyx Iron is here to help. It only cost 150 Anti-Entropy Cores (AE Imaginon). At max HP, this guy gives you 12% Total Damage Multiplier + 5% Physical Damage. Added with its active skills, which gives you a 10% Total Damage Multiplier + 10% Physical Damage, Onyx Iron is a outstanding weapon, free but with a gacha-like stats, suitable for you who spends little to no money, or somehow unlucky in your gacha-life.


Voice of Darkness Set: Allan Poe

The signature Stigma for Stygian Nymph: Allan Poe. This stigma is, in a first glance, hard to understand.
•    T : Gain 18.0% Crit Rate. If there are 2 or more enemies present, 2.0%*n of the bonus Crit Rate will convert into 4.0%*n bonus Physical DMG (n=the number of enemies present, and n≤5). So, in detail:
When there are 2 enemies: 16% Crit Rate + 4% Physical Damage.
When there are 3 enemies: 14% Crit Rate + 8% Physical Damage.
When there are 4 enemies: 12% Crit Rate + 12% Physical Damage.
When there are 5 enemies or more: 10% Crit Rate + 16% Physical Damage.
Pretty complex, right?
•    M : After spending 20/60/100 SP in one action, Crit DMG of Basic ATKs increases by 50.0%/60.0%/70.0%. Effect lasts until next trigger.
FINALLY I know what the function of the SP regen skills on Stygian Nymph. It was for this one, little part. But when she doesn't equip Allan Poe (M), the SP regen skill became unusable again. Oh boy.
•    B : Attack speed increases by 25.0%. CD of Ultimate Evasion shortens by 15.0%.

Different from Herrscher of the Void who can't live without Sirin: Ascendant Set, Stygian Nymph has more equip-tolerance, which means there are many alternatives besides Allan Poe Set. Well, more like, there are many stigma that are more suitable for her, like Kafka.

Loner of Prague Set: Kafka

Ah, the mighty Kafka – beautiful in appearance, yet strong inside. Ever since miHoYo introduced Kafka in v3.4, it became the meta in an instant for Burst Physical Damage build (alongside with Twilight Paladin, Theresa's Violet Executer's Augmented Form) because of it's 2 Set buff, which increases 45% Physical Damage after using Charge Attack (for a long duration of 12 seconds), and instantly increase all of the stigma's stacks to 8, which will increase Physical Damage (40%), Total Damage Multiplier (20%), Critical Rate (20%), and Critical Damage (20%). Now that's a lot of damage.
In my opinion, instead of Allan Poe, Kafka is much suitable for Stygian Nymph (and any Valkyries that deals Physical Damage with a fast attack, so it can easily reach high combo count).

Emilione Set: Marco Polo

Good news for you who spends little to no money on Honkai Impact 3, for the great Marco Polo is free: One stigma costs you 120 Shicksal Core (SS Imaginon). It gives 30% Physical Damage, 11% Critical Rate, and 50% Critical Damage when your combo reaches 30 or higher. Pretty simple compared to Allan Poe right?

Tsar of Russia Set: Ekaterina

The ol' trusty Ekaterina. Who doesn't have Ekaterina these days? You got them from almost every gacha as a rate-off drop. And if you don't, it's also available for crafting as well in the Bounty Mark.
Ekaterina is certainly not the best, but you best not mock her, for her Middle part increases Physical Damage by 41% (and it's still used for most Physical Damage builds until now), and 3 sets increases Critical Damage by an astounding 120%. Yes, 120% Critical Damage. With Stygian Nymph's high Critical Rate that she had from her skills, Ekaterina is a force to be reckoned with.

IV. How to play
Stygian Nymph is easy to use. Too easy even. All you need to do is to spam that [Attack Button] like there's no tomorrow, for real. If you have read the Skills above (redirect), even when the Saulian Ego / Veilian Id is full and you don't hold the [Attack Button] to manually do a Charge Attack, it's OK, since it will automatically cast it for you if you keep using your Basic Attack.
But in terms of function, Saule and Veliona are different. Saule is more effective when fighting a large amount of mobs, while Veliona is more suitable when fighting single enemy. This is due to the fact that, by the time this guide is made, Veliona can only inflict a Veilmark on single enemy, while Saule can inflict Sunnebrand to any enemies on her surroundings. In terms of damage, Veliona damages much more than Saule, so when fighting a large amount of enemies, make sure to inflict Sunnebrand on them first, then change to Veliona to change all the Sunnebrand to Veilmark.
Aside from all that, if you're only playing for fun, you can find that Stygian Nymph is interesting. Like Rozaliya and Liliya who helps each other in time of need, Seele and her alter-ego works together to reach their goals, although in most times, Seele is reluctant and scared because she views her alter-ego as a scary and manipulative being, and would even sacrifice anyone to achieve what she wants, even Bronya who came to their rescue.

V. Line-ups
Since Stygian Nymph is a Physical Damage-type, she must be paired with Supportive Valkyries that can strengthen her, or even impairing the enemies, reducing their Physical DEF, so that she can deal huge Critical Damages in a large AoE.
This line-up is of my personal reference. It can be wrong instead.

Line-up 1: Yamabuki Armor/Drive Kometa (Leader) – Divine Prayer – Stygian Nymph

Personally, I like this line-up, since you don't need to switch out with anyone. Divine Prayer, when switched out, passively summons a lightning strike that decreases a single enemy's DEF by 80%. Yamabuki Armor gives a shield that absorbs Physical Damage from enemies, and when the shield is destroyed, it regenerates in 6 seconds. In Drive Kometa form, the shield gives 25% Melee Physical Damage + 10% Critical Rate and also absorbs Physical Damage.

Line-up 2: Stygian Nymph (Leader) – Celestial Hymn – Yamabuki Armor/Drive Kometa

The most common line-up. Most people will likely go with this. Since all of the team's type are different (Stygian Nymph is Quantum, Celestial Hymn is Bio, and Yamabuki is Psychic), Stygian Nymph's leader buff became active (increases Critical Rate + Physical Damage).
This line-up plays switch all the time, the type that I hate the most (if you can play 1 character from the beginning 'til the end, why bother switching).
1.    When Nymph evades, it causes Time Fracture, triggering both Hymn and Yamabuki's QTE.
2.    Switch first to Yamabuki, shoot a Basic Attack (not Charged) to inflict impair (or weaken in Drive Kometa), put up your shield and let the enemy attack. At the same time, release it to execute a Time Fracture, triggering Hymn's QTE (and Nymph as well, if it's already off cooldown).
3.    Switch to Hymn, summon the cross, back to Nymph.
See? Such a pain, right? If you can go Nymph full solo, why would you be doing this anyway. Well, different thing is, when fighting a large number of enemies, this line-up is much better than the 1st one, since Divine Prayer's lightning impair can only strike a single enemy.