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11th Leitourgia Guide

Hello again, captains!

In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at one of the newest PRI-ARM added this version:


All informations are based on 6 Star version

ATK 395    CRT 60


Holy Phalanx - SP:20 CD:15
Deploys the weapon: Summons a holy beam every 2s, dealing 750% ATK of Physical DMG against enemies within an AOE. Nearby teammates gains 20.0% Crit Rate for 10s. If wielded by Celestial Hymn, gains 5.0 SP per second during this period.


Divine Mending
When hitting impaired enemies, 60% chance to recover whole team's HP by 90, CD: 3s.


Angelic Pinion
Team gains 10.0% SP regen when attacking. The wielder gains an additional 35.0% SP regen when attacking, this effect cannot stack.





Appearance-wise, the Leitourgia has a different effect compared to other PRI-ARMs, which is falling feathers.



Needless to say, Leitourgia has a higher stat than any other crosses available in the game right now by having 119 ATK higher than Oath of Judah (Highest ATK) and 5 CRT higher than Brimstone (Highest CRT).


Leitourgia has a maximum damage output of 3750% Physical DMG. if you can still find it small, as a comparison, Herrscher of Void's ultimate does 3600% Physical DMG at most, Herrscher of Reason's ultimate does a total of 3050% Ice DMG. Leitourgia also knocks down enemies within range every hit, making them almost unable to escape.


Leitourgia's heal rate is also increased from 20% chance to heal 30 HP to 60% chance to heal 90 HP. This makes the healing more stable and easily proccable, making Celestial Hymn (CH) a dependable semi-healer.


But comes the real problem, CH needs SP to do ultimate, which is crucial for her team because of 75% mass impair..
This is where Leitourgia truly shines, when used by CH, she gains 5 SP/s while the cross is deployed, this means CH gains 30 SP everytime Leitourgia is deployed, and it takes effect even if CH is switched out. This removes the need of CH actively hitting for SP.


But what if you decide to make CH gain SP by hitting?
Then her SP increases way faster, since the wielder of Leitourgia gains 45% more SP gain when attacking, how fast is it? Take a look:


CH is set at 145 SP - casting ultimate and deploying Leitourgia will set it to 0, and CH is using 3 set Kallen Hymn.



If you can't see it clearly, CH gets 135 SP at the end, with one more basic ATK cycle, CH can gain more than 145 SP, completely negating her SP problem and even excessing it.
While ultimate hits doesn't give SP, it gives automatic impair and can proc Kallen Hymn's 3 set effect, it also produces fast combo for CH's passive to kick in early:
Ablution of Light - When combo hit count exceeds 45, 5-hit basic ATK sequence have 40.02% chance to recover 2 SP for the whole team, CD: 1s.





Valkyrie that has the most benefits from wearing Leitourgia is, of course, Celestial Hymn.
There are still 2 best stigma lining for Celestial Hymn:


Kallen: Hymn Set





Gustav T M + Newton B



You can already see what Kallen: Hymn is capable of in terms of SP gain, Kallen: Hymn can also boost whole team's Damage Multipliers.

As for the 2nd variation, do you need anymore explanation if you already saw Newton B in there?


Jokes aside, the 2nd variation will greatly increase the physical DMG output of the team, since Leitourgia gives 20% Crit Rate, which may seem small, but it will narrow your chance of landing a critical hit. This set will also boost Leitourgia's damage output indirectly.



Who else can wield 11th Leitourgia?
Since Leitourgia gives a massive SP gain bonus, almost all Theresa battlesuits can wield it:



Aside from SP gain, Physical Theresa battlesuits can greatly benefit from the added Crit Rate, although you might miss the benefits of their signature cross such as:
VE+LK - Blood Embrace: 40% more physical DMG to bleeding enemies.
TP - Hekate's Gloom: up to 32 combo hits gain.



While not recommended, Sakuno Rondo can also benefit from the fast SP gain provided by 11th Leitourgia since she's ultimate-reliant, although the bonus that can be given by her signature cross is too beneficial for her than what Leitourgia can give.
SR - Super Dimension Sonata: +40% Damage Multiplier in burst mode, +15% Elemental DMG while Sonata is deployed.


And that's it for the 11th Leitourgia guide! Hope to see you again in another guide.

Captain Rinka here, signing off~