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Stygian Nymph Character Guide

Stygian Nymph Guide by Stroke


Table of Content:

  1. Overview

  2. Skills Analysis

  3. Gears

  4. Team Line- up and playstyle


  1. Overview


Stygian Nymph (SN) is the first base S-rank battlesuit for Seele. She is a Quantum Physical damage Melee Valkyrie. SN will be available from Expansion Supply starting November 15th. During her expansion supply, you will have a 1.5% chance to unlock her with each pull, and a guarantee chance once reaching the 100th pull counter. Along with SN's introduction, we are getting a new Quantum Memorial Arena (MA) boss, called Mexicatl: Umbreist, and a new Quantum weather in Q-Singularis (QS) called Quantum Collapse, which will increase the number of Quantum mobs you see on all its floors, and 2 waves of quantum legions on floor 20. Both of these factors will cause a higher need for Quantum type valkyries in any physical damage teams. This will make SN a very desirable valkyrie in update 3.5. In this guide, we will go over her skills, playstyle, and potential teams.



  1. Skills Analysis


Team Leader Skill

SN's Leader Skill is top tier! Team gains 14-16% Crit Rate. With 3 different types, team gains 21-25% Physical Damage. 

Easily one of the strongest leader skills, this can potentially open SN to a support role if there is ever any good support scythes, similar to Herrscher of the Void (HoV) and Knight Moonbeam (KMB).


Saulian Ego & Veilian Id

  • A full meter is consumed to fuel a charged attack. 

  • Regens meter with basic attacks, ultimate, evasion, and QTE.

  • Very important for damage output.

SN's main mechanic revolves around the ib and flow of Saulian Ego and Veilian Id. The full bar has a value of 400; white color represents Saulian Ego and red represents Veilian Id. As one fills the bar, the other empties. You start the battle with a full white bar of Saulian Ego. 

Like the bar suggests, there are also two sides of SN: Saule and Veliona. Each has a different attack pattern and advantages. Saule, the light half, makes use of Saulian Ego and deals more Area of Effect (AoE) damage to groups of mobs. Veliona, the dark half, makes use of Veilian Id and deals more single target damage and towards shields. 

Each persona has a brand as well, which is applied to enemies with SN's QTE, ultimate and Charge attack. Branded enemies will take additional damage from SN's basic and charged attacks.



  • Very high burst damage. Only way to switch persona.

  • No SP cost, 25 second CD.

  • Grants 12 second buff duration, drastically improves damage.

SN's ultimate is her bread and butter. It is how SN will switch between her Saule and Veliona personas while dealing massive damage. It is unique for having no SP requirements to activate, being only tied to a 25s cooldown restriction. SN's current SP will still be consumed and converted to a Total Damage multiplier for the ultimate, gaining 0.5% per SP, with a maximum at 75%. It will also inflict Quantum Implosion to Quantum mobs

If you are currently in Saule form, the ultimate will deal 1,700% Atk of Physical damage and release the Veliona persona with a fully charged Veilian Id. Most importantly, SN will also gain a substantial buff for a duration. For 12 seconds, SN will gain 15% attack and move speed, double Veilian Id regen, and gain full Veilian Id upon the end of her last basic attack sequence. 

On the other hand, if you are in Veliona form, the ultimate will release Saule and deal 3,000% Atk of Physical damage with a fully charged Saulian Ego bar. Saule will also gain the Saulian Ego regen boosts stated before, however, instead of attack and move speed, SN will gain Interrupt Resist, 25% Physical damage multiplier, and 40% Physical dmg reduction. 

The 12 seconds after the ultimate is the most ideal time to deal damage for SN. The increase regen to her bar means she continuously dish out charged attacks, giving her a 12 second window to deal heavy bursts of damage.


Charge Attack

SN's charge attack is a large source of her damage, with huge Crit rate and Crit dmg multipliers to branded targets. While you can perform it at any time, the optimal time is with a full bar. Once full, SN will consume her full bar to apply its unique brand and exploit it for massive damage. 

Veliona's charged attack deals 400% Atk of Physical damage and apply Veilmark. When consuming 400 Veilian Id, deal another 500% Physical damage by resonating those branded. 

Saule's charge attack will deal 300% Atk of Physical damage. With 400 Saulian Ego, she will consume it to apply Sunnebrand and deal 400% Physical AoE damage by resonating every branded target hit. As you can see, Saule's charge attack is more geared towards AoE damage, exploiting multiple targets. 

Charged attacks are also automatically chained from the final sequence of basic attacks if the bar is full. 


Basic Attack

SN's basic attacks' main purpose is to recharge her bar for future charged attacks. It pales in comparison to the burst from a charged attack. A full basic attack sequence will also only recover 200 of their respective meter, meaning it could require two full attack sequences to prep for a charged attack. This will result in a severe drop in damage and should not be used often. The main time for basic attacks is the 12 second duration after SN's ultimate where the meter regen is doubled. 

If the 12 second buff is over and SN's ultimate evasion skill is on cooldown, I would suggest switching out to a support to prep for another rotation.



  • Very important! Fills meter to full and gives a 2 second time fracture when dodging through enemies!

SN's ultimate evasion plays a crucial role in her rotation. Each ultimate evasion will gain 100 to the meter. Dodging through an enemy will also let you chain to the 4th sequence of her basic attack. 

More importantly, if SN's ultimate evasion skill is off cooldown, her ultimate evasion will grant her a full 400, refilling the bar for a charged attack, as well as, 3 seconds of global time fracture, on a 15 second cooldown. In addition, much like Herrscher of the Void (HoV), SN can dodge through an enemy to trigger her evasion skill. This method will also grant a full bar, 2 seconds of time fracture, and a shorter cooldown duration. The is a very valuable mechanic, SN can trigger time fracture and refill her bar on demand. It is very important to take advantage of this for timed stages like MA.



SN's QTE is a great way to start a rotation. It is triggered by Weakened or Time slowed targets, both very common statuses thanks to Drive Kometa (DK). With her QTE, SN will trigger a short global time fracture and deal 800% or 900% for Saule or Veliona respectively and refill their bar to full. Enemies will also be branded, prepping them for the charged attack that is soon to follow.


Damage multipliers



Starts off with very strong innate multipliers: 14% Crit rate, 41% physical damage, 25% physical damage taken debuff, and alternating from 15% Atk speed and 25% physical damage with ultimate.


Ranking up



Every skill besides Delayed Dusk is unlocked at SN's base S Rank. Delayed Dusk provides additional time fracture, which is invaluable in MA. Besides that, SN gains a large 62 ATK per rank. These are all welcomed but not essential for SN to function well. S rank will be just fine for most players. SS or SSS rank would be necessary to pinch the top score due to the importance of time fracture.


  1. Gears


SN's optimal gear is very easy to decide, her signature gears are tailor made for her, really emphasizing on her charged attacks and high Crit multipliers. Those without her signature gears, can find many other gacha options to choose from. Because SN has so much innate bonuses, each individual gear is slightly less important. However, that does not make her entirely F2P either. She has a lot of physical damage multiplier, which dilutes additional physical damage multipliers. Her signature gear gives a lot of Total damage multipliers to circumvent this but most F2P options cannot. Furthermore, there is simply no strong F2P scythe available at the moment.


Optimal Gears:

Path of Archeron -- 278 ATK / 29 CRT

Dhatura's Blessing: User heals 200 HP, and gains 10% Crit Rate and 30% Crit Damage for 10s after switching in or Ultimate. 

Higanbana's Curse: User gains 20% Physical Damage. If used by Stygian Nymph, gain 30% Total damage for damage dealt by resonated brands.

Allan Poe T -- Gain 18% Crit Rate. Gain another 4% * (number of enemies 5). Gains only 2% more if there is only 1 enemy.

Allan Poe M -- After spending 20/60/100 SP at once, Crit dmg from basic attacks (including charged) are increased by 50%/60%/70%. Lasts until SP is spent again.

Allan Poe B --  Attack speed increased by 25%. Ultimate evasion skill CD reduced by 15%.

2-Set Bonus -- Gain 20% Total damage multiplier. Gain 1 Charge every 3s. Charge increases the next Charged Atk and 1s afterwards by 40% Total damage.

3-Set Bonus -- When hit, ignore damage and greatly gain Ignore Interrupt for 3s. 20s CD. Once per CD, heal 650 HP when hitting an enemy with charged attack. If used by Seele, increase Total Dmg by 25%.


The weapon is made for SN, its first passive greatly rewards the rotation based playstyle that her skills incentivise. Her second passive gives a strong generic physical damage multiplier and a little extra Total damage for SN. 

The Poe T/M double downs further on additional crit multipliers and Poe B's attack speed is highly appreciated for scythe users and evasion CD is great for SN's on demand evasion skill. 

The most important priority is to complete at least the 2-Set bonus, which gives up to 60% Total damage multiplier.


Alternative Weapons:

The three signature signature scythes Aphrodite, Skadi Ondurgud, and Undine's Tale for Umbral Rose (UR), Argent Knight: Artemis (AKA), and Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) respectively are all amazing on SN. It is of note that while in Veliona form, SN cannot use weapon actives of these scythes.


F2P Weapons:

Senescence and Azure Storm are the two best F2P alternative options. I will not lie, these are miles worse than the four previously mentioned scythes.


Alternative Stigmatas:

The Kafka set specializes in physical damage dealers with charged attacks and SN fits the bill. In fact, this stigmata will compete very closely to Allan Poe set in terms of damage. Kafka B can be switched out for Michelangelo B for slightly better results.

Speaking of Michelangelo, the tried and true Michelangelo T/B combo will be another strong option. Michelangelo is an amazing choice for any valkyrie reliant on basic attacks without burst mode. It has recently been uncrowned by Kafka but the difference is marginal.

Single pieces of note are Schrodinger T and Wilde T. Schrodinger T is king for burst damage valkyries and SN's charged attacks provide plenty of burst for Schrodinger to exploit. With good timing and luck, Schrodinger can bring a lot of power to the table. Wilde T is an underwhelming choice compared to other gacha options, but it is a stigmata that can function on its own and can benefit from SN's on demand time fracture to provide a high attack speed boost.


F2P Stigmatas:

Lier Scarlet T provide unconditional Total Damage, but only to basic attacks. Picasso T unfortunately provides a diluted Physical damage multiplier but can affect ultimates. Jingwei T would be ideal if possible, however the main quantum bosses have multiple enemies, which invalidates Jingwei T.  Ekaterina M and Attila B or Pride B are the best F2P options for their respective positions. Lier B is another choice if you can confidently remain at full health for the entire battle.

Those who have not finished grinding for the Top and Middle pieces mentioned can use Ryunosuke or Bathory instead.


  1. Team Line-ups and Playstyle

Valkyrie Team-ups

Since SN's leader skill benefits from different valkyrie types, listed above are physical supports of various types. 

For Psychics, we have DK and Divine Prayer (DP). DK is an amazing support for melee valkyries like SN. Her shield will help SN continuously attack unmolested. She also has access to both weaken and time slow for SN's QTE. DP is another top support with backline impair, access to time slow, and a wide range of good support pistols. 

For Creatures, we have Celestial Hymn (CH) and KMB. CH, the top physical support, just got stronger in 3.5 with the introduction of 11th Leitourgia, the 6* 11th Relic. However, CH is very gear independent, even without her weapon, CH will bring all the support SN will ever need, with impairs, physical dmg, crit damage, and crit rate multipliers. 

KMB also gained a very important upgrade with the 6* Railgun: Positron Blasters. This gun gives a massive boost to physical damage teams. Aside from her weapon, KMB also provides an on demand time fracture that can enable smooth QTE rotations. Unlike CH, KMB is reliant on her weapon to support in this team, since she won't be bringing her leader skill to the team.

Finally, we have Void Drifter (VD). VD is a support/damage dealer hybrid, but mecha type supports are rare in this game. VD shares SN's QTE triggers so she can fit seamlessly into the team. She can also trigger time slow for SN allowing her to exit easily after her combo.


Team 1


A well rounded team, SN, DK, and CH teams are useable in both abyss and MA, especially with the 3.5 update. With the addition of 11th Leitourgia, CH can reliably get an ultimate off, even for MA, where she previously could not. Also, the introduction of a QTE switch for all valkyries means we can turn off certain QTE's in the team to enable quicker rotations. I'd recommend in this case to turn off DK's QTE. 

An example of a rotation would be DK's perfect evasion -> CH's QTE/cross drop -> SN's QTE. SN's QTE refills her meter so she can immediately Charged -> Evasion -> Charged. If SN's ultimate is available, you can Ulti -> Charge -> Basic attacks -> Charge.

Here are some examples of SN's performance in Abyss and MA.




Closing Thoughts

Stygian Nymph is a very strong and also surprisingly well-adept to much of the endgame content of this game. SN is very comparable to Night Squire (NS) in terms of MA performance but has a larger pool of bosses she can beat. She is also currently the strongest valkyrie against the new Mexicatl: Umbreist boss in MA and shares the spotlight with SP for being the best at dealing with the Quantum Legion in Abyss. Like any damage dealer, she will not get high scores without gear investment but she has many choices to choose from, making her quite easy to equip. Above all, she is very easy to play. For players looking for a all-purpose physical damage dealer, SN is a great choice.