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Valkyrie Phoenix Guide

Honkai Impact 3: Valkyrie Phoenix Guide (TL;DR at the bottom)

by big freak



If you were diligent enough to collect all or most of the available free Phoenix Fu Hua frags that the global server was handing out, you would have recently unlocked Phoenix Fu Hua for free with the new open world update. Since Phoenix Fu Hua (also referred to as PH, PX, phoenix, or fire fu hua) has a lot of different mechanics to juggle, this guide will help you use PH to her full potential. Note: This guide is best viewed on a desktop.



Like all other Fu Hua valkyries, PH has 2 different attack buttons:

The normal attack (which will be referred to as "A" for the rest of the guide). The A button is located where every non-Fu Hua valks regular attack button is.

And the special attack (which will be referred to as "B" for the rest of the guide). The B button is located where every non-Fu Hua valks ultimate button is. Holding down the B button with at least 100 SP will allow PH to use her ultimate attack, "Spirit of Cinder". Using her ult will consume 100 SP.



To makes things simple, we'll start with PH's special combos. The final hit of all of the following combos apply a firebrand on the target. A firebrand is marks the target, allowing PH to benefit from various effects. It is important to always have a firebrand on your targets, as it allows PH to maximize her damage, and utility.

Sen-Ki Simurgh:
A - A - B - B

A short ranged, but quick combo. Generates 150 Prajna.

Sen-Ki Dashing Tern:
A - A - A - B - B

A long ranged, but slow combo. Great for big groups of enemies. Generates 200 Prajna.

Sen-Ki Moon Anseri:
B - B - A - A

Very similar in speed and range to Sen-Ki Simurgh. Generates 150 Prajna.


An important aspect of these combos is that all 3 of them generate Prajna, which is a resource that PH can hold. Similar in concept to Flame Sakitama's Zanshin bar, the higher the bar, the more damage PH will output. Prajna differs from Zanshin by the fact that Prajna gains damage based on breakpoints (usually 100/200/300), while Zanshin gains damage linearly. Prajna has a max capacity of 400, and slowly degenerates overtime, similar to Zanshin.

In order to generate Prajna, you must use a different combo from the previous one you have performed. For example, if you just recently used Sen-Ki Simurgh, you must use either Sen-Ki Dashing Tern or Sen-Ki Moon Anseri in order to generate Prajna. However, if you manage to evade an attack (can be an evade where ultimate evasion is on cooldown), you can reset the combo restriction, and can freely use any combo after an evasion. Ultimate evasion also recovers 100 Prajna and does a decent amount of damage, whether it is on cooldown or not.


SP Pack Generation

One of the most important functions that PH offers is a free SP Pack on any enemy, every 20s (on a maxed out skill). 

As the skill states, you must hit a firebrand marked enemy with either a B - B - B combo or an A - A - A - A - A combo in order to generate an SP Pack. It is recommended to exclusively use the B - B - B combo as it is a lot faster to execute. 

Having a good internal cooldown in order to optimize SP Pack generation is strongly recommended, as SP generation is an important aspect in high-level gameplay. Just remember every 20s to use B - B - B on a firebranded target.



To keep it simple, you should only use PH's ultimate over 200 Prajna (300 if SS), and after a special combo. The reason is that one of PH's passive skills increases her elemental damage after a special combo when over 200 Prajna, and PH's SS skill for her ultimate deals increase ignite damage over 300 Prajna. It is crucial to put a firebrand on the target before using her ultimate, as it deals an extra 750% fire damage to the target in a large AOE.


F2P weapon choices:

Grips of Tai Xuan (Raid Gloves) are your best bet. PH benefits from the passive of the gloves, and the ability to have a high attack stat is valuable for PH.


F2P stigmata choices:

Jingwei T for bossfights is a godsend for f2p players. Can also be used in conjunction with Jingwei M for the 2-set bonus, which provides PH which some much needed attack speed.

Jingwei M is the best f2p option for PH, as it offers the most fire damage for the mid slot. Using it conjunction with Jingwei T is a strong f2p option.

Fu Hua Outing B provides PH with attack speed. Think of attack speed as a direct damage increase, as it speeds up PH's combo attacks. Although it doesn't boost firebrand damage or ult damage, being able to pump out combos faster is a great boost towards PH's damage output.


F2P Honourable Mentions:

Shigure Kira T, or using the full Shigura Kira set, can be used on PH but should only be used if other stigmata choices are not available.

Yodo Dono M provides a non-conditional 31% fire damage increase, which can be better than Jingwei M in some cases.

Bronya Magic B is a non-conditional 20% fire damage increase, and could be used in an ult-focused PH build.


Optimal Weapons:

Cinder Hawk is undoubtedly PH's best weapon, as it provides a passive chance to deal 300% fire damage (at max level) on a 1.5s cooldown for each enemy, and also increases elemental damage and fire damage by 20%, for a total of 40% damage increase.


Optimal Stigmatas:

Higokumaru T is an uncontested top stigmata piece for any fire damage valkyrie, as it provides a generous amount of fire damage increase. Can be replaced by Jingwei T in boss fights with little damage loss.

Shakespeare M provides an unconditional 51% fire damage increase. Can be replaced with Nuwa M in situations where combo count will be maintained. 

Planck B gives a great amount of attack speed. Can be replaced by Higokumaru B (only in conjunction with Higokumaru T) in cases where PH will not be on the field for long periods of time.



Combos that generate Prajna and firebrand the enemy:
A - A - B - B
A - A - A - B -B
B - B - A - A

Alternate combos in order to gain Prajna.

Use B - B - B on a firebranded target every 20s to get an SP Pack drop.

Only ult when Prajna is over 200 (or 300 if SS) and on firebranded targets.