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ARC Serratus Weapon Guide

ARC Serratus Weapon Guide by Reinbex  

Hey, Captains! Today we're featuring the new Pistols weapon released in v3.4: ARC Serratus.
Weapon Intro

5★ ATK: 275; CRIT: 32

Big-bore firearms customized by Kiana back during her wandering. She infused Herrscher Powers into this weapon to immaterialize bullets fired and pass through obstacles. Upon hitting the target, the bullets will materialize again and deal irrevocable damage.

Weapon Skills
★ Stats below are all Lv.50 figures.

Void Bullet Hail
[SP: 18] [CD: 18s] When scoring a hit, deals 500% ATK of AOE Physical DMG and impairs enemies (-40% DEF) for 12s. Wielder gains 5s Iron Will Buff: greatly increase Ignore Interrupt and each Combo ATK decreases target's DEF by 4% (CD: 0.4s. Max stack: 5) and refreshes the duration of the impair debuff.

Iron Will
When Iron Will is active, the wielder gains 50% Crit DMG and 50% Shield DMG. When Iron Will ends, gain a 6s Iron Legacy buff. When Iron Legacy is active, if the wielder exits the battlefield, the whole team gains 25% Melee Crit DMG for 12s.

Skill Review

Void Bullet Hail
An assault-support skill that imposes the impair debuff onto enemies. With a fair sp-cost and cooldown, the user can inflict a slight aoe impair (impairment bullets pierce) for a good 12 long seconds. Then for 5s, the user gains a status Iron Will, permitting them to extend and increase the impairment even further. While there exists better and quicker methods of impairment (ie: Mjolnir and Celestial Hymn), this weapon skill permits the user to be “self-sufficient” such that they will not need to rely on another Valkyrie to decrease the enemy defenses. As such, the user is able to inflict tons of damage following the usage of this skill.

Iron Will
The “passive” offers bonus Crit DMG and Shield DMG, which is great for Physical valkyries. This passive is only triggerable via the active weapon skill. So in a sense, it's an extension of the active weapon skill as well. This passive makes it easy for the user to quickly bypass enemy DEFs and deal even more DMG. After this 5s passive ends, the user gains a “6s time window” referred to as the Iron Legacy. During this time window, if the user exits, the team gains a good bonus of Melee Crit DMG for 12 long seconds. This secondary passive is great for supporting Physical Melee Teams and encourages the user to switch out.

Recommended For

Void Drifter
(For more information, click here for a guide on her by Stroke)

Michelangelo TB + Planck M

Void Drifter (VD) is Kiana's Valkyrie Ranger's newly Augmented Physical-DMG dealing battlesuit who is the best choice as a user to equip the ARC Serratus. The idea behind fully utilizing ARC Serratus is to use its weapon skill, quickly max out the impair with combo attacks, and switch out to a Physical Melee DPS. This playstyle suits VD very well because VD is a great shield breaker and short-term damage dealer. Her Inner Turmoil skill encourages switching out. When VD switches out upon entering Inner Turmoil, her team gains SP and Total DMG Multiplier for the same 12 long seconds. As such, when VD equips the ARC Serratus, she has the role that mixes between sub-DPS and Supporter. 


While the following combo-hitting pistols Valkyries can use ARC-Serratus, they can only utilize the weapon partially at best. Knight Moonbeam (KMB) is a DPS Valkyrie who sees the ARC Serratus as an option. However, because KMB enjoys being out for a much more prolonged time, the switch-out playstyle that the weapon encourages conflicts a bit with these two. The good thing is that they can quickly max out the stack impair from Iron Will. 

Following after that are Divine Prayer (DP) and Valkyrie Ranger (VR). Both are support valkyries that cannot really utilize the damage dealing bonuses of the weapon and are also rather slow in building up 5 combo hits to max out the impair stacks. As support, they are good in their rights via healing and gathering respectively. Due note that on the 10th second out of the 12 seconds, DP's passive Divine Penalty can override a single target's ARC Serratus impairment with a new one.


Here is a chart comparison between all impairing Pistols at their max levels.

Pistol Effect Cost Cooldown Stats

ARC Serratus

40-60% Impair

50% Crit DMG
50% Shield DMG

25% Melee Crit DMG for team

18 SP 18s 275 ATK
32 CRT


80% Impair

15% Crit Rate

18 SP 13s 298 ATK

Xuanyuan Pistols
60% Impair
18 SP 12s 165 ATK
16 CRT

While these pistols all cost the same in SP, it's clear that the ARC Serratus has the longest cooldown. It also takes the longest to reach its max potential of a mere 60% impair that can be outdone by the other pistols and DP's passive Impair. However, it is also the longest lasting impair. I do not think the ARC Serratus can replace the other pistols as a support weapon. Mjolnir and Xuanyuan Pistols, while short lasting, are most effective immediately and therefore are the better choices for support valkyries such as DP and VR. However, it also cannot place VD as a primary Damage dealer as opposed to the Tranquil Arias. VD, with the ARC Serratus, has a role as secondary-DPS with a hint of support. As a result, this is not a weapon to invest in if you are highly competitive. However, it is a great weapon for casual players who do not wish to invest too much time and resources into upgrading other equipment and thinking during gameplay.