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Jixuanyuan Stigmata Guide



Jixuanyuan, or simply known as JXY, is one of the earliest stigma sets in the game. Individually, each JXY piece enhances different gameplay mechanic - switch skill, charged attack and weapon skill. However, complete JXY set bolsters high physical damage and crit rate. But is it high enough compared to other stigmas? Let’s find out.




Top piece can be used on any valk with strong physical DMG switch or QTE. Most notable user is Knight Moonbeam (KMB) with her QTE, which will deal a lot of damage if paired with Tranquil Arias, Kepler M and Cleopatra B. Besides KMB, physical QTE damage is not widely used as primary source of dmg, hence this stigma has not seen much use.


Recommended Users: Any valk with strong physical dmg switch / QTE


Example of KMB with JXY Top vs Lv70 Emperor Armada Boss:



This piece can be used on any physical dps that relies primarily on charged attack to dish out damage. The 36% physical DMG only applies on charged attack, and is not as good compared to Planck M 51% physical DMG on basic attacks, or Ekaterina M 41% physical DMG on 40+ hitcount. Can be used as a placeholder stigmata. 


Recommended Users: Any physical dps with charged attack



This piece can be paired with any weapon with strong active skill. Currently, weapon skill isn't used as main dps, so this piece is not recommended in most content. But if you still want to make some use out of it, you can try Jixuanyuan B with Judgement of Shamash - the active skill deals a lot of damage. Note that this stigmata does not increase Oath of Judah damage.

Maybe it will be useful in the future with the v3.5 new Divine Key, Hijack Greatsword (temp name, actual TBA), which deals massive fire damage.


Recommended Weapon: Any weapon with powerful active skill:


2-set defensive effects aren't very useful in most contents.Simply having Drive Kometa (DK) in your party will already tenfold your survivability in Abyss.

With a 3-4s downtime, middle piece and 3-set will give you a total of:
80% Physical DMG, 50% crit rate on basic or combo attack
116% Physical DMG, 50% crit rate on charged atk.

Here's a comparison of Jixuanyuan set with other stigmata combination:

Jixuanyuan provides the highest physical dmg and crit rate with 3-4s downtime, but TDM and crit DMG will allow a valk to deal much higher damage. The lower crit rate can be compensated by having DK in party - her Mental Sync and Space Warp skills provide 36% crit rate for melee valks. Other supporting gears such as 11th Sacred Relic also increases crit rate.
Jixuanyuan T is great for QTE damage and Jixuanyuan M is a good placeholder for physical charged attackers. While Jixuanyuan B is not very effective in high level content, you might consider keeping it for the 3-set effect, which is usable on physical attackers. Otherwise, you can consider salvaging it for Stigma Resonance.