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Shakespeare Stigmata Guide



Shakespeare is one of the earliest stigma sets in the game. Each Shakespeare piece excels in providing unconditional elemental DMG, making it a flexible option to a lot of elemental valkyries.




This piece can be used on any lightning elemental dps. Currently, Shakespeare T is only contested by Monet T


Monet set can slow enemies - this will provide bigger damage output for Lightning Empress (LE) and Shadow Knight (SK), since their skills increase damage to slowed enemies (100% and 50% Total DMG Multiplier(TDM) respectively). Once SK reaches ss-rank, she can reliably apply bleed and gain the 50% TDM. Thus, she can use Shakespeare T Dirac M Planck B, which is very strong.


An Oath of Judah holder might prefer Jingwei T against single boss, IF supporting stigs provide high elemental dmg - which is 40% elemental dmg with Mei: Beach Party, 64.5% elemental DMG without Mei: Beach Party.


Recommended Users: Any lightning-type dps


Gameplay of LE with Shakespeare Top in Myriad Q-Singularis:



This piece can be used on any fire elemental dps. Currently, Thales M is the best fire dps stigma, and Shakespeare M is a good alternative to it, as it provides unrestricted 51% fire DMG, compared to Higokumaru set or Nuwa M which require combo count. The Foundry stigmata Jingwei M is an economic alternative, providing 40% fire DMG, just 11% less than Shakespeare M.


Recommended Users: Any fire-type dps


This piece can be used on any ice elemental dps. Currently, it still holds as the best single ice stigmata and can fit in any ice valkyrie as the main gear or just filling the bottom slot of an incomplete Welt Yang or Robert Peary set. However, captain has the option to use Foundry stigmata Rasputin B - which provides 40% ice DMG, just 11% less than this piece. 


Recommended Users: Any ice-type dps

Gameplay of Herrscher of Reason with Shakespeare Bot against Masters Benares:


Commonly used on Knight Moonbeam (KMB) and Yamabuki Armor (YA) in Memorial Arena and Boss Invasion. The reduced evasion cooldown allows them to trigger time fracture faster, which helps to slow down the battle timer. In competitive level, many captains prefer Zhuge Kongming T or Sirin: Ascendant M to achieve this effect.


Gameplay of YA with Shakespeare 2-set against Lv70 Emperor Armada Boss:


The SP cost reduction only applies when you activate a skill. For example, you must have 100 SP to cast Night Squire (NS) ultimate, but it will only consume 80 SP upon activation. This isn’t very useful for most content. Furthermore, no valk can benefit all three elemental dmg boost from the single pieces.


Image shows NS consuming only 80 SP to cast ultimate instead of 100 SP

Shakespeare is a great option in mixed elemental builds. Only Shakespeare M faces a lot of competition since there is a lot of fire stigmatas. Definitely worth keeping any of the pieces if you manage to get them from supply.