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Ai-chan's Valhalla | [Jin Shengtan]

Welcome to Ai-chan's Valhalla~ Today we will be introducing the new stigmata to be featured on December 28's Focused Supply -- the Critic Set: [Jin Shengtan]


1. Stigmata Intro

*Skills introduced below are the data of 5★Lv.50 [Jin Shengtan]

[Jin Shengtan (T)]

HP: 423 ATK: 109 DEF: 55

[Heritage] Gain 40% DEF in battle; teammates in the Blue Phoenix aura gain 15% All Elemental DMG (effect cannot stack).


[Jin Shengtan (M)]

HP: 519 DEF: 177 CRI: 7

[Ice Blossom] When undeployed, teammates gain 15% Ice Resistance and 15% Ice DMG (effect cannot stack). When deployed, the character gains 35% Ice DMG.


[Jin Shengtan (B)]

HP: 495 ATK: 45 DEF: 111 CRI: 9

[Christen] Gain 15% Attack Speed. Teammates in the Blue Phoenix aura gain 25% Total DMG Reduction (effect cannot stack).


2-pc skill: [Blue Phoenix]
Upon attacking, form a Blue Phoenix aura that lasts for 6s (effect cannot stack). CD: 9s. Teammates within the Blue Phoenix aura gain 30% All Elemental DMG to their attacks; while enemies within the aura take 10% more All Elemental DMG.


3-pc skill [Cathartic Aura]
Extends the existence duration of the Blue Phoenix aura by 3s; teammates in the aura receive Ice Protection, i.e. when taking DMG less than 10 x the character's level, the character will not be interrupted.


2. In-depth Analysis

To make good use of the stigmata [Jin Shengtan], try and use the 2-pc set to gain Elemental DMG buff; suitable to be used as support stigmata. On top of the core Elemental DMG buff, [Jin Shengtan] can be used in various combinations (T+M / M+B / T+B / M) to deal with different situations.


[Jin Shengtan (T)]
[Jin Shengtan (T)] provides 40% DEF at Lv.50, which does not stand out among DEF stigmata; however, as it doesn't need to be activated, it's more reliable in super hard battles where it's difficult to maintain combos and HP.
In addition, [Jin Shengtan (T)]'s skill [Heritage] (teammates in the Blue Phoenix aura gain 15% All Elemental DMG), which is available in the 2-pc set, can provide better support, i.e. a 2-pc set comprising [Jin Shengtan (T)] can provide 45% All Elemental DMG in total. [Jin Shengtan (T)] is a good choice to form a 2-pc set to support Elemental DMG, as it can increase the Elemental DMG of the main DPS teammate while enhancing the support character's survivability (bleeding resistance).


[Jin Shengtan (M)]
At Lv.50, [Jin Shengtan (M)] provides 15% Ice Resistance and 15% Ice DMG buff for teammates when undeployed, and 35% Ice DMG buff when deployed, which is exceptional among the few Ice DMG buff stigmata. Normally, mid stigmata only provide DEF or physical DMG, while [Jin Shengtan (M)] can provide both decent DMG buffs and good support. [Jin Shengtan (M)] is also recommended for the main DPS character of the team, as its skills are independent of the 2-pc set skill (Blue Phoenix).
Also, [Jin Shengtan (M)] can form the Blue Phoenix aura with [Jin Shengtan (T)] and provide powerful support; when undeployed, [Jin Shengtan (M)] provides 15% Ice DMG buff for DPS teammates, which is a good support for [Goushinnso Memento] or [Sixth Serenade]. For support characters, powerful support stigmata such as [Newton (B)] or [Kepler (B)] are recommended for the vacant bottom slot to enhance survivability.


[Jin Shengtan (B)]
[Jin Shengtan (B)] provides 15% Attack Speed increment, which is a bit lower than the common [Planck (B)] and [Lier Scarlet (B)]; however, it has no negative effect, so it's a decent alternative for characters that require some Attack Speed.
[Jin Shengtan (B)]'s skill [Christen] (teammates in the Blue Phoenix aura gain 25% Total DMG Reduction), which is available in a 2-pc set, is suitable for reducing bleeding for the team in the Abyss; a [T+B] set can provide 40% DEF and 25% Total DMG Reduction in total. For the main DPS teammate, only the 25% Total DMG Reduction will be in effect, but on the bright side, the DPS characters' stigmata slots can be released for other use.
[Jin Shengtan (B)] can also be used jointly with [Jin Shengtan (M)] to provide DPS and DEF simultaneously. For example, for [Dimension Breaker], [Schrodinger (T)] + [Jin Shengtan (M+B)] is a good combination to support DPS teammates and enhance team survivability, with [Schrodinger (T)] guaranteeing some DPS.


[Jin Shengtan] 2-pc set: core skill, forms a large Blue Phoenix AOE aura with Elemental DMG buff; teammates within the aura gain 30% All Elemental DMG to their attacks, and this buff can be increased to 45% if [Jin Shengtan (T)] is included in the 2-pc set; in addition, enemies within the aura take 10% more All Elemental DMG. This core skill makes [Jin Shengtan] outstanding among support stigmata (the 45% All Elemental DMG buff reminds Ai-chan of the Shakespeare set!).
It's important to be aware that the powerful Elemental DMG buff will be ineffective when characters leave the aura; but don't worry -- the Blue Phoenix aura is very large, so captains can keep your characters in the aura easily.


[Jin Shengtan] 3-pc set: The skill of the 3-pc set extends the existence duration of the Blue Phoenix aura to 9s, which is long enough to cover a full QTE switch CD; teammates in the aura will not be immobilized while receiving minor ATKs, which will be extremely useful in some tough battles (e.g. some co-op stages and some other events).


3. Recommended Usage


★Recommended single usage

[Jin Shengtan (M)] provides 35% unconditional Ice DMG buff for the character when deployed; and when undeployed, provides 15% Ice Resistance and 15% Ice DMG buff for teammates. So [Jin Shengtan (M)] is suitable for [Goushinnso Memento] or [Sixth Serenade] to equip to gain stable Ice DMG buff and for undeployed support characters to support Ice DMG characters. For main DPS characters, [Jin Shengtan (M)] can be equipped solely or with [Jin Shengtan (T)]; for support characters, a 2-pc set of T+M or M+B is recommended, as the Blue Phoenix aura will be activated to provide significant buff.


[Jin Shengtan (T)] provides 40% DEF in battle, while [Jin Shengtan (B)] provides 15% Attack Speed stably, so normally it's recommended to form a 2-pc set using these two.


★Recommended 2-pc usage

[Jin Shengtan] can form considerable 2-pc set combinations for different situations. Captains can select combinations according to occasions and team characters.


For example, [Jin Shengtan (T+M)] + [Newton (B)], or [Jin Shengtan (T+B)] + [Mei: Beach Party (M)] are recommended for [Wolf’s Dawn] or [Divine Prayer] to equip to support Judah team. [Jin Shengtan (T+M)] + [Newton (B)] are recommended for [Scarlet Fusion] or [Dimension Breaker] to equip to support [Goushinnso Memento] or [Shadow Knight]; while in Abyss, it's also recommended for [Dimension Breaker] to equip [Schrodinger (T)] + [Jin Shengtan (M+B)] to guarantee both ATK and DEF. [Jin Shengtan (T+M)] + [Shakespeare (B)] can be equipped by [Goushinnso Memento] or [Sixth Serenade] to generate DPS, as the 2-pc set [Jin Shengtan (T+M)] provides a conditional 80% Ice DMG buff and 10% Elemental debuff for enemies.


★Recommended 3-pc usage

The skill of the [Jin Shengtan] 3-pc set extends the existence duration of the Blue Phoenix aura, which makes it easier for DPS characters to fight and survive; so this set can be a good choice in some battles.