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Oblivion Down Weapon Guide

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Hello and good morning Captains! In this guide, we will be taking a look at the new PRI-ARM weapon, Oblivion Down that was introduced in version 4.8. Oblivion Down is a Fire DMG Gauntlet-type weapon.

We will analyze the weapon’s skill in further detail, find out the difference between this weapon’s bonuses and others with similar attribute, and which Valkyrie has the best synergy with this weapon. For the sake of convenience, Oblivion Down will be called ObV in this guide.





[ATK: 409; CRT:35] 

“Having bathed in blood and fire, the Key of Sentience emerges anew as a sublime lotus absorbing both Yin and Yang energy and condoning all mortal sins. As the petals spin, all worldly afflictions shall perish”




 Active Skill – Key of Sentience 

[SP: 0][CD: 26s] Unleash the Key of Sentience’s power to immobilize enemies nearby for up to 8s (up to 3s against elite enemies or bosses). 1s after being attacked by wielder or her teammates, the immobilized target and enemies nearby will recover and take 2,150% ATK of Fire DMG (each enemy only takes the damage once).


 Passive Skill 1 – Flaming Feather 

Enemies recovering from the weapon active becomes Deranged and take 100% + Nx100% ATK of bonus Fire DMG from wielder for 15s (CD: 1s. N: times triggered). If N equals 5, Deranged status on all enemies is removed and enemies in a large area take 1,500% ATK of Fire DMG.


 Passive Skill 2 – Peace Restored 

Wielder deals 35% bonus Total DMG and restores SP 30% faster from attacks.


 Passive Skill 3 – Key of Sentience 

In Co-Op Raid stages, wielder deals 22% bonus Elemental DMG and 22% more against paralyzed, frozen, or ignited enemies.




 Active Skill – Key of Sentience 

  • Immobilizes enemies a large AOE and deals massive ATK of Fire DMG. The weapon’s active able to control a wide range of enemies of any type and none will be immune for a set of duration of 8s or 3s depending on the enemy type. If the enemy is mobs, the duration will be 8s while for elite enemy or boss, the duration will only be 3s

Mob: Immobilized for 8s


Elite/Boss: Immobilized for 3s


  • The SP cost is free compared to its counterpart 5-star Fenghuang Down that use 8 SP and both of the weapons have a long cooldown, with Oblivion Down has a 26 second CD and Fenghuang Down has a 25 second CD.
  • The enemies affected will be relieved of control after a short period of time, and at the same time, they will suffer a high amount of ATK of Fire DMG, which can be amplified by the weapon’s active of Blood Dance.


[Oblivion Down (AE + No Stigmata)]



[Oblivion Down (AE + No Stigmata) + Blood Dance (VK + No Stigmata)]


 Passive Skill 1 – Flaming Feather 

Inflict enemies with Deranged status and deals massive Fire DMG. After the control effect from the weapon’s active is released, it will make the enemies enter a Deranged status that will take a layer-by-layer of ATK of Fire DMG every 1 second from the wielder. Triggering this effect 5 times can cause a total of 2,000% ATK of Fire DMG, then trigger another wide range of 1,500% of Fire DMG. This alone can cause a total of 3,500% Fire DMG to a single target.


How it works:
Deranged enemies will take 100% + (Nx100%) Fire DMG every 1s.
N= enemies attacked by wielder.
1st attack: 100% + (1x100%) = 200% Fire DMG
2nd attack: 100% + (2x100%) = 300% Fire DMG
3rd attack: 100% + (3x100%) = 400% Fire DMG
4th attack: 100% + (4x100%) = 500% Fire DMG
5th attack: 100% + (5x100%) = 600% Fire DMG
After the 5th attack, the Deranged status from the affected enemies will be redacted and enemies in a large AOE will take another 1,500% ATK of Fire DMG.


Combining all of the Fire DMG: 
200% + 300% + 400% + 500% + 600% + 1,500% = 3500% Fire DMG


 Passive Skill 2 – Peace Restored 

Provides Total DMG Multiplier buff and faster SP recovery. ObV’s passive skill provides two different buffs. The first one is the massive 35% Total DMG buff. The second buff is 30% faster SP recovery for the wielder. While the faster SP recovery sound very catchy and impressive, it is still not as good as Nebulous Duality for Azure Empyrea. This is because ND only need to trigger its weapon active to restore 60 SP for AE in 10 second while for ObV, AE still need to do multiple attacks to gain SP.


 Passive Skill 3 – Key of Sentience 

Provides Elemental DMG and another Elemental Multiplier against certain enemies. In Co-Op Raid stages, all Elemental DMG caused by the wielder will be increased by 22%. And when the enemy attacked is paralyzed, frozen or ignited, the Elemental DMG will be increased by another additional 22%. Note that it is only effective in Co-Op raids and buffs only the wielder’s Elemental DMG.


 Special Skills – Sentience Sync 

Unlock at Sync Lv.1. All Valkyries gain 10 ATK.
As stated above, this skill can be unlocked when you have both Fenghuang Pinions and Oblivion Down under the Key of Sentience section. While 10 ATK seems very little, it is better than nothing.





For this comparison, the purpose is to see the difference of damage output for each of the weapon listed above. All of the gauntlets above have some Fire DMG buff either big or small. There are only 2 gauntlet-users for Fire DMG Valkyrie as of now in Version 4.8; Azure Empyrea and Phoenix. I will use both AE and Phoenix as the users to show the damage comparison.


Instance 1) There will be no ELF, no teammates, and AE will be using her signature stigmata ‘Guard Emperya’ set.



Instance 2) There will be no ELF, no teammates, and Phoenix will be using ‘Guard Emperya’ set.


From the graph, it is self-explanatory that Oblivion Down surpassed all others Fire gauntlets in term of damage output, no surprise there, ObV is a PRI-ARM. It even surpassed the signature weapon of AE and Phoenix, Nebulous Duality and Cinder Hawk respectively even when equipped by the wielder.





[Azure Empyrea]

AE’s Ultimate can provide Elemental Breach for the whole team, this will greatly improve the Elemental damage output of the whole team. When AE is equipped with ObV, after triggering the weapon’s active skill, unleashing Ultimate right after is a great way to deal a massive multiplier of Fire DMG.


Provided below are the video gameplays of AE utilizing Oblivion Down:

AE VK SA Vs Rimestar | Abyss



AE FS SN Vs Heimdall | 31680 MA



AE FS TP Vs Ice Boar | 31626 MA




Phoenix can cause enemies to take more Elemental DMG using her Combo ATK “Oriole” and her Passive Skill “Rainbow Pinion”. She is generally used as a secondary damage output and elemental support role. PX’s Ultimate has a massive Fire DMG amplification effects and a higher multiplier, which can greatly cooperate with ObV’s active skills to cause a gigantic damage to the enemy.


Provided below are the video gameplays of PX utilizing ObV:

HoT PX MC Vs Heimdall | 31413 MA



LE PX BS Vs Heimdall | 31413 MA



LE PX MC Vs Heimdall | 30986 MA




Oblivion Down is a powerful Fire DMG Gauntlet-type weapon. While the buffs look very incomprehensible at a first glance – especially the Flame Feather – it is still a very powerful buff. Its weapon’s active can immobilize enemies completely then deals a gigantic Fire DMG to them after they recovered.


Is it worth it to pull for 5-star Fenghuang Down to upgrade into its PRI-ARM Oblivion Down? No, I would not recommend pulling for Fenghuang Down just to upgrade into Oblivion Down. While it is strong, this weapon is more specialized to Captains who are high-end players that want to stay 1% at Memorial Arena or gain the highest score in Abyss. For F2P or casual players, using Nebulous Duality or Grips of Tai Xuan is enough to maintain a decent score and damage output.  


If you already have Fenghuang Down, is it worth it to use all your resources to upgrade it into PRI-ARM Oblivion Down? I would say it depends on your party. If you intend to use AE or PX as a Fire DMG dealer especially against bosses such as Rimestar, then it is recommended for you to at upgrade Fenghuang Down into Oblivion Down. However, if you only want to use AE or PX as an Elemental Support, then I would not recommend you to waste your resources on this weapon, mainly because they are still functional as a support even without Oblivion Down and equipped with Nebulous Duality.


You’ve reached the end of this guide. Thank you for reading!