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Salvation of Sakura Weapon Guide

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Hello and good morning Captains! In this guide, we will be taking a look at the new PRI-ARM weapon, Salvation of Sakura that was introduced in version 4.7. Salvation of Sakura is a Fire DMG Cross-type weapon. We will analyze the weapon’s skill in further detail, find out the difference between this weapon’s bonuses and others with similar attribute, and which Valkyrie has the best synergy with this weapon. For the sake of convenience, Salvation of Sakura will be called SS in this guide.





[ATK: 398; CRT:39]

“In the sakura rain, she made a pledge and fulfilled salvation. As the sakura petals danced, the saved soul awakened the power resting within this weapon.”




 Active Skill – Blade Salvo 

[SP: 0 ][CD: 15s] Deploys the cross (summoned entity) to launch Sakura katanas at enemies in a large area, slashing them once every 0.3s for 3.5s. Each slash deals Fire DMG equal to 5*25% ATK, Ignites targets to further deal 200 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 10s, and inflicts 1 Sakura Count (CD: 2s)


 Passive Skill 1 – Blazing Sakura 

Hitting a target triggers a Sakura Slash covering a circular are surrounding the target, dealing Fire DMG equal to 150% ATK.
Enemies with Sakura Brand or Sakura Count take another 2700 Fire DMG from Sakura Slash. Sakura Slash CD: 5s.
Sakuno Rondo equip bonus: Sakura Slash adds 2 Sakura Count and restores 14 SP.


 Passive Skill 2 – Beyond Pledge 

Active triggers Sakura Rain that make enemies in a large area take 40% more Fire DMG for 12s.


 Passive Skill 3 – Key of Binding 

In co-op raids, team deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG and takes 15% less Fire DMG for 10s after a weapon skill is used.




 Active Skill – Blade Salvo 

Summon a cross to deals Fire DMG and Ignite enemies in a large AOE. Like most of PRI-ARMs, the SP cost is zero and it has a short cooldown effect. Once the cross is summoned, it will stay on the field for 3.5s to slash enemies rapidly dealing Fire DMG, at the same time igniting the enemies for the next 10s. In those 10s, 1 Sakura Count will be inflicted to the enemies with 2s cooldown. 

Sakura Count is a passive skill belongs to Sakuno Rondo (SR) and Gyakushinn Miko (GM) where 3 Sakura Count will be converted into Sakura Brand that will stay on enemies for 10s. Then, using Charged ATK, it will trigger the Sakura Brand to explode to deals yet another Fire DMG (SR) or Physical DMG (GM) and knock enemies airborne.


 Passive Skill 1 – Blazing Sakura 

Provides Fire DMG and additional Fire DMG to enemies with Sakura Brand or Sakura Count. The first buff is the 150% ATK of Fire DMG buff when the wielder attacks an enemy. Additionally, this small buff also comes with a quite long cooldown 5s. If the enemies attacked with Sakura Slash has Sakura Brand or Sakura Count, they will take another 2700 Fire DMG.

The second buff will only work if SS is equipped by Sakuno Rondo. Sakura Slash will further add another 2 Sakura Counts and also restore 14 SP for SR. This buff is very useful for Sakuno Rondo as she will get 14 SP every 5 second. Not to mention, she is partially dependent on her Ultimate to deal higher Fire DMG.


 Passive Skill 2 – Beyond Pledge 

Provides Fire DMG intake-debuff for enemies in large AOE. SS’s second passive skill is a great support skill not only to the wielder but also the Fire Elemental Team. With the addition of this passive skill, using the weapon Active Skill will also triggers a Sakura Rain where enemies in a large area will receive a massive 40% Fire DMG for a whole 12s.

The indicator that Sakura Rain’s time is up is when the sky turned from red to normal. While Sakuno Rondo is a decent Fire DPS, it is a better idea to switch to other solid Fire DPS such as Dea Anchora or Vermillion Knight right after triggering the weapon Active Skill and Sakura Rain to take advantage of intake-debuff and deals massive Fire DMG.


 Passive Skill 3 – Key of Binding 

Provides Lightning DMG and Fire DMG protection. This bonus comes only in co-op raids, other stages will not be able to proc this effect. Once the weapon Active Skill are triggered, the whole team will automatically gain 20% Lightning DMG and 15% Fire DMG reduction. This bonus stays for 10s and it does not have a cooldown. Since the SS’s Active Skill cooldown itself is 15s, and this skill does not have a cooldown, you can enjoy the buffs every 15s. It is a very good support skill for the whole team in raids.




Salvation of Sakura is the second PRI-ARM for Cross-type weapon, 11th Leitourgia being the first PRI-ARM. However, both SS and 11th have a huge difference in term of buffs as the former is a Fire DMG Cross while latter is a Physical DMG Cross. Because of that, we could not compare this two PRI-ARM together.

Since SS is a Fire DMG Cross, it can only be compared to Pledge of Sakura and Super Sonata.


For team compositions and their equipment, it will be equipped by Sakuno Rondo with Lee TB Thales M and no Elf:


Damage Comparison:
Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.


As you can see in the chart, in term of damage output, Salvation of Sakura has the highest amount of DPS. While both Pledge of Sakura and Super Sonata have an almost near digits with each other. In the test, SS outperforms both Pledge of Sakura and Super Sonata by 24.1% and 24.8% respectively. But that is to be expected as SS is a PRI-ARM.




[Sakuno Rondo]

Compared to Pledge of Sakura, there is a pretty big difference in both of its skills. Pledge of Sakura deals a mix of Physical DMG and Fire DMG while Salvation of Sakura main Fire DMG completely. Most importantly is that Pledge of Sakura did not have any support skill for the team unlike SS’s skills [Beyond Pledge] and [Key of Binding].


With the appearance of SS, it is now the best weapon to be equipped with Sakuno Rondo. In term of damage output and support skills, SS got them both making it versatile and can be used as a DMG dealer weapon or Elemental Support for Fire Team.


Below are the video gameplay of Sakuno Rondo as a Damage Dealer utilizing Salvation of Sakura:

SR AE VK Vs. Rimestar | Abyss (Click here for original video)


LE AE SR Vs. Rita | MA 31200 (Click here for original video)

 Lightning Empress did not use the Katana like in the image above, that Katana is just a placeholder as the beta package does not provide us with the Katana used in the gameplay below



Below are the video gameplay of Sakuno Rondo as a Fire Support applying Salvation of Sakura:

DA AE SR Vs. Rimestar | Abyss (Click here for original video)




Salvation of Sakura is a very powerful Fire DMG Cross-type weapon. It provides peculiar yet powerful buff. The active skill alone will ignite enemies, deals Fire DMG, restore SP and provide massive Fire DMG debuff. All with zero SP required and low cooldown effect. 


If you are familiar with Sakuno Rondo’s skill, and planning to use her in MA or Abyss either as DPS or Support, then I highly recommend you to fully upgrade Pledge of Sakura into Salvation of Sakura. It will melt Rimestar’s shield like a cheese.

However, if you are unfamiliar with Sakuno Rondo’s skill or rarely used her, it is best if you do not invest in this weapon unless you want it for weapon collection. After all, even though SS are powerful, it is only useful in Fire Elemental Team and there are other weapons and stigmatas that can provide Fire DMG / Elemental DMG buffs.


That is all from me and you’ve reached the end of this guide. Thank you for reading!