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Abyss Flower Weapon Guide

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Hello and good morning Captains! In this guide, we will be looking at the new 5⭐ weapon, Abyss Flower that was introduced in version 4.7. Abyss Flower is Physical DMG Lance-type weapon. We will analyze the weapon’s skill in further detail, find out the difference between this weapon’s bonuses and others with similar attribute, and which Valkyrie has the best synergy with this weapon. For the sake of convenience, Abyss Flower will be called AF in this guide.





[ATK: 298; CRT: 19]

“Divine Key made from the core of Herrscher of Death, the 6th Herrscher from the Previous Era. A union between the forces of disintegration and creation, it is formed by an outer white lance and an inner black lance, reminiscent of a flower blooming in the darkness. Its true potential awaits to be awakened.”




 Active Skill – Fresh Bud 

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Active [Fresh Bud] deals Physical DMG equal to 200%+550% ATK and restores 15 SP and 200 HP.
When the active button is flashing during certain enemy moves, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing Physical DMG equal to 20%+700% ATK (does not reset CD).
Bright Knight equip bonus: During Burst, active becomes Special ATK [Dark Void], dealing Physical DMG equal to 200%+1400% ATK, which counts as both active and Ultimate DMG, and has 30% bonus Crit Rate. During active, stage and combat mode timers are paused. Host exits Burst when finishing casting the active. Entering or exiting Burst reset weapon skill CDs.


 Passive Skill – Samsara Reversal 

Increases Crit Rate by 20%. During Burst, Physical DMG is increased by 35% for 15s, Ultimate Evasion’s CD is reduced by 2s, and the next [Dark Void] deals bonus Physical DMG equal to 600% ATK (2 stacks max).




 Active Skill – Fresh Bud 

Deals massive Physical DMG, restore wielder’s HP and SP. Unlike other Lance type weapons, Abyss Flower does not have the ‘Throw’ action. Instead, in non-Burst situation, it will deal 200%+550% ATK of Physical DMG and restore SP and HP for the wielder, this makes the wielder gain SP faster and use Ultimate to finish of the enemy.


Interrupt, controls enemy and deal Physical DMG. While AF does not have ‘Throw’, it does have ‘Throw Counter’ just like any other Lance. Pay attention to the Active Skill button to notice it flashing to trigger Throw Counter and interrupt enemy’s movement while dealing decent Physical DMG.


Stop timer, dealing gigantic Physical DMG and bonus Crit Rate. The highlighted skill for AF is definitely this skill. But take note that this skill only works when AF is equipped by Bright Knight Excelsis.

During BKE’s Burst, AF’s Active Skill will become a new Special ATK called [Dark Void]. First, it will increase the wielder’s Crit Rate by 30%, then will continue to deal 200%+1400% ATK of Physical DMG. It may seem lackluster, but that is because the passive skill is not included yet. The additional buffs from passive skill are what make [Dark Void] so powerful. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that [Dark Void] has the function of stopping the timer in any stage and combat mode, which is very convenient to fight in Abyss and Memorial Arena for higher score. After dealing [Dark Void], BKE will automatically exit Burst Mode and the Active Skill’s CD will be reset.


 Passive Skill – Samsara Reversal 

Provides Crit Rate, Physical DMG, and reduce Ultimate Evasion’s CD. Unconditionally increase wielder’s Crit Rate by 20% to make the damage output of one Damage Dealer more stable and constant. Aside from Crit Rate, it will also provide 35% Physical DMG for 15 second once the wielder enters a Burst Mode.

If Bright Knight Excelsis is paired with both Dante set and Abyss Flower, her Ultimate Evasion’s CD will drop to only 8 second. For BKE who is dependent to Ultimate Evasion in normal playstyle and Burst playstyle, this can be considered very effective.


Lastly, it should be noted that when the stacking effect reaches 2 layers, the damage from [Dark Void] can cause massive Physical DMG with a multiplier of 2800%, and when the number of layers is 0, it can only cause Physical DMG with a multiplier of 1600%. This means that multiple use of [Dark Void] will increase the damage output for every stack with maximum of 2 stack.

For simple math:

  • First usage of [Dark Void] > 1600% Physical DMG
  • Second usage of [Dark Void] > 2200% Physical DMG
  • Third usage of [Dark Void] > 2800% Physical DMG




There are not many Physical Lance in the game in the prior version. Not including the limited Lance of Longinus, there are only 2 Lance for Physical DMG. So, we will compare AF with those 2 weapons.


For team compositions and their equipments, we will be following the lineup below:


Damage Comparison:
Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.

Upon testing, it can be observed that while Abyss Flower has the highest damage output, Hler’s Serenity is not that far behind. While Endothermic Lance VF is not surprisingly the last one in the chart. In the test, Abyss Flower outperforms Hler’s Serenity and Endothermic Lance VF by 9.6% and 33.1% respectively.




[Bright Knight Excelsis]

The main skill in Abyss Flower is definitely the [Dark Void], and the only one who can use [Dark Void] is BKE because it is BKE’s equip bonus. Other passive skills are also perfectly fit BKE as it needs a Burst Ultimate and the additional buff are to stack up [Dark Void]. Even if there are new Lance-user Physical Valkyrie, they are not suitable to utilize this weapon even by because without the BKE equip bonus [Dark Void], Abyss Flower lose almost half of the buffs.


Provided below are the video gameplay of BKE as main DMG Dealer and one-shot the enemy with 0 stack of [Dark Void]:

LE BK HoS Vs. Jizo Mitama | MA 31946 (Click here for original video)



LE BK HoS Vs. Dark Jixuanyuan | MA 31893 (Click here for original video)


The preview video could not be embedded, please click the link above to watch the video gameplay.




Abyss Flower’s main attraction is definitely the [Dark Void] and how it can stop timer in stage and combat modes. It is made to obliterate the enemies in Abyss and Memorial Arena. It is capable of providing Physical DMG, enormous amount of Crit Rate, Physical DMG and reduce Ultimate Evasion’s CD. In addition, the unique Special ATK [Dark Void] that are specifically invented for BKE. Overall, no doubt that AF is a powerful Physical DMG for Lance type weapon. 


If you 1) have BKE, 2) often use her in MA or Abyss, and 3) does not have Hler’s Serenity, then it is highly recommended to get your hands on Abyss Flower.
However, if you already have Hler’s Serenity, then it is better for you to not pull and save the crystal for the upcoming new character or weapon because while Abyss Flower is powerful, Hler’s Serenity can still score a decent damage output that only have a small difference with AF. Unless you are a top-tier player who want to achieve even higher high score in Abyss and MA that Hler’s Serenity could not achieve.


That is all from me and you’ve reached the end of this guide. Thank you for reading!