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Crusher Bunny 19C Weapon Guide

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Hello and good morning Captains! In this guide, we will be looking at the new 5⭐ weapon, Crusher Bunny 19C that was introduced in version 4.7. Crusher Bunny 19C is an Ice DMG Cannon-type weapon. We will analyze the weapon’s skill in further detail and find out which Valkyrie has the best synergy with this weapon. For the sake of convenience, Crusher Bunny 19C will be called CB19 in this guide.





[ATK: 292; CRT: 17]

“How could you have the heart to eat adorable bunnies? Aren’t you scared of being eaten by bunnies?” Says [Haxxor Bunny] Bronie.




 Active Skill – Sector Lockdown 

[SP: 0] [CD: 20s] Projected weapons fires at targets for 2.5s, dealing Ice DMG equal to 40% ATK every 0.1s, adds 1 Combo Hit, and Freezes enemies for 2s. Team and host-summoned entities gain 27% bonus Ice DMG for 15s (this effect cannot stack). Haxxor Bunny equip special: Drone’s attack interval is reduced by 0.4s for 3.5s. Ultimate triggered by QTE entry auto-casts active if host has not cast active in 20s.


 Passive Skill – Cluster Tactic 

Launches homing missiles at multiple targets. Longer charge time. Slightly decreased DMG when hitting the same target multiples times. 

  • 1st Sequence: 3 missiles
  • 2nd Sequence: 7 missiles
  • 3rd Sequence: 15 missiles. 

Increase team’s All Elemental DMG by 12% and host-summoned entity’s All Elemental DMG by 25% (this effect cannot stack).




 Active Skill – Sector Lockdown 

Deals Ice DMG, Freeze enemies, provide bonus Ice DMG for the whole team and wielder’s entities. The weapon’s active has both offense and support buff. For the offense bonus, CB19 is capable of immobilizing enemies in a large area of effect by freezing them for a set duration of 2 second. Then, it will start attacking the enemies rapidly in the AOE with Ice DMG equal to 40% ATK every 0.1 second for a set duration of 2.5 second. For simpler term, in 2.5 second, CB19 will fires at enemies 25 times while also adding 25 Combo Hit Count.


For the support bonus, once weapon’s active are activated, the whole team including wielder’s summoned entities will gain 27% bonus Ice DMG for 15 second. Note that this effect cannot stack, meaning that if there are two CB19 in one team, and you trigger both of the weapon’s active skill, the Ice DMG bonus will not be accumulated into 54% Ice DMG. This bonus goes really well with Haxxor Bunny’s equip bonus.

Weapon active without host-summoned entities


For Haxxor Bunny equip bonus: the first bonus is during the weapon’s active, the wielder’s summoned entitites’ ATK interval will be reduced by 0.4 second for 3.5 second. In basic term, CB19 will fires at enemies faster than its basic ATK interval during the weapon’s active. It will be easier to differentiate it by observing them in the GIF below. Lastly, if Haxxor Bunny trigger an Ultimate using QTE, the weapon’s active will automatically be activated. This effect can maximize the bonus Ice DMG for the whole team provided by the Active Skill, where the team’s Ice DMG output can be increased for a long and consistent time.

Weapon active with summoned entities. Notice the difference between the entities' ATK before the weapon active and after


 Passive Skill – Cluster Tactic 

Provides All Elemental DMG for team and host’s entities. Unconditionally increase the Elemental Damage of the whole team and host-summoned entities. Basic, Charged, QTE and Ultimate for Haxxor Bunny, all of it will summon a drone that will stay on field for 30 second, not to mention it will enter enhanced mode frequently use a special attack. Therefore, the benefits of increasing the damage of those entities are considerable. Note that this passive skill will not stack just like the one from the Active Skill.


Last but not least, is the not-very-important information about the sequence attack of CB19 when being equipped with other Bronya battlesuits.
1st Sequence: 3 missiles
2nd Sequence: 7 missiles
3rd Sequence: 15 missiles

It is easier if you watch the GIF to see the difference between Haxxor Bunny, Herrscher of Reason and one outdated Bronya.

Haxxor Bunny
Herrscher of Reason
Other Bronya's battlesuits




[Haxxor Bunny]

Crusher Bunny 19F was specifically made for Haxxor Bunny in version 4.7. The main point here is how Bronie’s Ultimate can still trigger the weapon’s active, conclusively increase the whole team’s Ice DMG for 15s.


Looking in other perspective, the only Ice DMG Valkyrie for Bronya’s battlesuits are Herrscher of Reason and Haxxor Bunny. HoR would not benefit this weapon compared to Key of Reason or Domain of Revelation because CB19 is much more suited for Support rather than dealing DMG. That is why as of now, there are no other Valkyries that can equip this weapon and make use of the skills.


In addition, CB19 itself is the only Cannon weapon that are for Ice Elemental Support. Thay is why it is hard to make a comparison of this weapon based on support skills. Because of that, the comparison I will make for this guide is the damage comparison between CB19 and the only available Ice Elemental Cannons which are Key of Reason or Domain of Revelation. While the outcome of this comparison are to be expected, let’s see how big the difference is.


For team compositions and their equipments, we will be following the lineup below:


Damage Comparison:
Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.

Upon testing, it can be observed that as expected, Domain of Revelation still got the upper hand because it is a PRI-ARM weapon. After DoR, Crusher Bunny 19C got the second place with a difference of a mere 6% from DoR. And the last place belongs to Key of Reason. While CB10 had unexpectedly surpassed KoR, it still makes sense because CB19 has many Haxxor Bunny equip bonus while KoR has many Herrscher of Reason equip bonus. Thus, even though KoR is a powerful Ice DPS Cannon, it just not suitable for Haxxor Bunny.


Provided below are some of video gameplays of Haxxor Bunny utilizing Crusher Bunny 19C.

HoR Bronie AE Vs Benares | Abyss (Click here for original video)


LE VP Bronie Vs. Ice Boar | 31360 MA (Click here for original video)




[Herrscher of Reason]

The reason I mentioned HoR is to make the comparison between all those 3 Ice DMG Cannon just like the previous in Haxxor Bunny to see the difference between of damage output.


For team compositions and their equipments, we will be following the lineup below:


Damage Comparison:
Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.


As I said before, CB19 has the exclusive bonuses for Haxxor Bunny while KoR also has exclusive bonuses for Herrscher of Reason only. That is why, instead of CB19 that placed the second place before, it is KoR that was placed second. Based on the chart, Domain of Revelation does 29% and 45.5% better than Key of Reason and Crusher Bunny 19C respectively. While KoR and CB19 has a 16.5% difference with each other.




Crusher Bunny 19C is a strong Ice DMG Cannon-type weapon, ONLY if it is equipped by Haxxor Bunny. The various buffs from the weapon including Ice DMG bonus and All Elemental DMG bonus for the whole team, proves that CB19 is a powerful Support weapon. However, in term of DPS, it definitely could not hold a candle against the PRI-ARM Domain of Revelation that was currently the most dominant in Ice DPS Cannon. 


Therefore, I do not recommend pulling for this weapon unless you intend on using Haxxor Bunny frequently in MA or Abyss as a Support Valkyrie. This is because in term of Support, then Crusher Bunny 19C is definitely the best weapon for Bronie. If you intend to use Haxxor Bunny as a DPS, then it is better if you equip her with Domain of Revelation instead.


That is all from me and you have reach the end of the guide. Thank you very much for reading!