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Rebel's Gun Stigmata Guide

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Hello and good morning, Captains! In this guide we will be taking a look at the new stigmata set, Rebel’s Gun set that was introduced in version 4.7. The Rebel’s Gun set is a Support Stigmata that can buff the team’s and summoned entities’ Elemental DMG.

While most of the bonuses are for Ice Elemental DMG, there are still few great buffs as Total DMG and All Elemental DMG that will be discussed further in the guide. 

In this guide, we will review the set’s skills in further detail and find out the synergy that can be applied in one’s team. For the sake of convenience, this stigmata set will just be called Turgenev in this guide.





[HP: 379; ATK: 111; DEF: 89]

Turgenev (T) – A Sportsman’s Sketches

The host and her summoned entities gain 20% Ice DMG. Team and the host’s summoned entities gain 18% Total DMG when there are Hunter Marked enemies on the field. This effect cannot stack.



[HP: 459; DEF: 188; CRT: 12]

Turgenev (M) – Rudin 

The host’s summoned entities deal 35% more Total DMG. The host’s QTE deals 25% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies.



[HP: 604; ATK: 74; DEF: 111; CRT: 11]

Turgenev (B) – On the Eve

The host’s attack triggers an explosion centering on the target, which inflicts a 6-sec Hunter Mark on enemies with no Hunter Mark within the explosion AOE. Explosion CD: 8s. Team and the host’s summoned entities deal 36% more Total DMG against Hunter Marked enemies.


2-pc bonus – The Rebellious Hunter

Every 6 hits from the host or her summoned entities prolongs the Hunter Mark effect for 2s. Hunter Mark max duration: 12s. Combo counter resets when Hunter Mark disappears. Hunter Marked enemies receive 21% All Elemental DMG (cannot stack).


3-pc bonus – Before the Gunshot

The host’s Ultimate and her summoned entities deal 25% more Total DMG. When there are the host’s summoned entities on the field, team deals 25% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies. This effect cannot stack.




Turgenev (T): Provides Ice DMG for the host and Total DMG buff for the team. The first buff is providing an average of 20% Ice DMG for the host and her summoned entities permanently with no condition. The second buff is granting the whole team – including host and her entities – another 18% bonus TDM, this is really good buff, but it comes with a condition. That condition is there must be a Hunter Marked enemies on the field, this arrangement can only be done when there is the B piece.


Without the B piece, this T piece’s quality will be reduced to half and is not effective. Note that this effect cannot be stacked meaning that if there are two Turgenev T in one team, the TDM bonus will not be accumulated and became 36%. With that said, if there are both T and B piece equipped to the host, this piece is a great support stigmata for host and the team.



Turgenev (M): Provides TDM buff and Ice DMG buff. At first glance, the 35% more Total DMG looks pretty good as a passive boost but beware that it is not for the host, but the host’s summoned entities only. Meaning that this piece is completely useless for battlesuit that could not summon an entity. 


While the second buff provides 25% Ice DMG only to host’s QTE against Hunter Marked enemies. Other skills like Basic/ Charge/ Ultimate could not proc this effect at all. If you notice, the ‘Hunter Marked enemies’ make their appearance here again. Just like the T piece, this condition can only be fulfilled when there is B piece equipped on the host. The fact that this bonus is only effective for host’s QTE only and comes with a condition makes this buff under average. 


The M piece is fully for the host (albeit only the host’s summoned entities and host’s QTE) and there is no support buff for the team in this piece. Because of that, this piece can be considered as the least effective piece in the set.



Turgenev (B): Provides a conditional Total DMG buff. The B piece is the most important and the most effective piece in the set. After the host attacks an enemy – it can be from Basic ATK, Charged ATK and QTE and Ultimate – it will apply a 6-sec Hunter Mark on attacked enemies. Within those 6 second, the entire team and the host’s summoned entities will deal 36% more Total DMG against the marked enemies.


Note that it can work on single enemy and multiple enemies. In addition, it is greatly beneficial for Haxxor Bunny as she can repeatedly apply the Hunter Mark to the enemy in the background while using her QTE. The B piece has a powerful and versatile bonus that can be equipped in All Elemental DMG Team either Fire, Ice or Lightning.

Hunter Mark can be applied to multiple enemies at once




2-pc bonus: Increase the duration of Hunter Mark and provides All-Elemental DMG intake for enemies. These bonuses have a massive synergy with B piece. First of all, the Hunter Mark only last for 6s with B piece alone, but with the addition of the 2-pc effect, the duration can be extended with a maximum of 12s.


To prolong the duration, the host or her summoned entities need to hit at least 6 times towards the marked enemies to increase the duration by 2s. In total, the host or her summoned entities need to hit 18 times to fully extend the duration from 6s to 12s. Haxxor Bunny can easily fulfill this condition as she and her summoned entities have a high-frequency attack that will continuously extend the duration of Hunter Mark to 12 second.


For the second buff, it also strengthens the bonuses from B piece. With the B piece alone, team and the host’s entities will deal 36% TDM against Hunted Marked enemies, but with the addition of the 2-pc buff, the Hunter Marked enemies will now receive another 21% All Elemental DMG. This is a very solid buff that can be used in any Elemental DMG Team. This effect cannot be stacked even if there are two host with 2-pc Turgenev in a team. For the best 2-pc combination, it is definitely the Turgenev T and B pieces as both of them have the bonus that can carry the whole team and summoned entities.



3-pc bonus: Provides TDM bonus for host and Ice DMG for team. Like all other pieces’ bonuses, this one also provides 2 buffs. The first buff grants 25% TDM bonus for the host’s Ultimate and her summoned entities only. Other skills will not proc this effect.


While the second buff will only work if the host can summon an entity. With the summoned entities on the field, it will automatically provide another 25% Ice DMG to the whole team against Hunter Marked enemies. From the explanation above, we can see that this buff has two condition. The first one is that the host must summon an entity and the second one is there must be a Hunter Marked enemies on the field. Once again, it is very perfect for Haxxor Bunny as she can continuously summon her entities with her QTE or Ultimate on standby. 




There will be two comparison in this section, the first one is for comparing summoned-entities stigmata. The second one is for comparing multiple elemental stigmata combination. 


1) In term of summoned-entities stigmata, Turgenev is the only stigmata set that focus on Ice DMG. Following are the Elemental Support Stigmata for host that can summon an entity, there will be no damage comparison in numbers for the following set because of the different elements.


2) Next is the comparison between Turgenev with other Support Elemental DMG stigmata combination for Ice Team. For the damage comparison, it will be tested on Haxxor Bunny as Support while Azure Empyrea as another Support and Herrscher of Reason as DPS.


For the team compositions and their equipment, we will be following the lineup below:


Damage Comparisons:

Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.


Based on the chart, it can be observed that Rebel’s Gun won the first place by a large margin from the others. It can be proven that Turgenev is the best Ice Elemental Support Stigmata for Ice Elemental Team.




[Haxxor Bunny (Bronie)]

Turgenev is designed specifically for Bronie. Her role in a team is a secondary Damage Dealer and Support. Turgenev who has both offense and support in their kit is perfect for Bronie.

Bronie can sustained continuous damage towards enemies by summoning her entities, and by repeatedly unleashing QTE and Ultimate on standby, the effect of Hunter Mark can be extended frequently so that the whole team can continue to enjoy the massive Ice DMG and TDM bonuses for the Turgenev set. Not only that, the passive bonuses from Turgenev (that focus only for host) are also in parallel with Bronie’s core strength that was based on her summoned entities, QTE and Ultimate.


Following are the video gameplays of Bronie utilizing Rebel’s Gun set:

HoR Bronie AE Vs Benares | Abyss (Click here for original video)


LE VP Bronie Vs. Ice Boar | 31360 MA (Click here for original video)



[Sakuno Rondo (SR)]

While half of Turgenev’s bonuses are Ice DMG, it can’t be denied that they still have the massive TDM for host’s Ultimate, summoned entities, and team. Not to mention the Elemental DMG intake-debuff for the enemies. These bonuses can be taken advantage by SR that was equipped with Salvation of Sakura. 

By using her Weapon Active alone, it can extend the Hunter Mark's (The cross is a summoned entity) duration to 12s with the high number of attacks. Adding with the buff from Salvation of Sakura, it is more than enough to provide buffs for the team.


Following are the video gameplays of SR utilizing 2-pc Rebel’s Gun:

DA AE SR Vs. Rimestar | Abyss (Click here for original video)




Selune’s Elegy | Water Edge | Book of Fuxi

Both Selune’s Elegy and Water Edge are a suitable ELF to be equipped in the team that required Rebel's Gun set. Clearly it is because both are Ice DMG / Support, and it is highly beneficial for Ice Teams. While for Book of Fuxi, it is good if you decide to use Rebel's Gun set in a Fire team with Sakuno Rondo.

Selune’s Elegy are more to Ice DMG dealer rather than support, but it still has few great support skills such as enemies that just escape from Death’s Aura (Ultimate) will take 5% more Ice DMG. 

While Water Edge are great at gathering enemies with her Ultimate and deal continuous Ice DMG. Her passive skill allows her to deal further Ice DMG if there are one or more Ice DMG dealers on the team.

Lastly, Book of Fuxi's Ultimate will summon a magic fire circle that will seal enemies within and inflicting a debuff on them to make them take 10% more All Elemental DMG.




In conclusion, Rebel’s Gun is the new excellent Ice Support Stigmata that is designed for Haxxor Bunny. It has a great synergy with Bronie’s kit – summoned entities, QTE and Ultimate on standby – to proc all of the effects. For now, the only one who can fully utilize the Rebel’s Gun set to support her team is Haxxor Bunny. Sakuno Rondo can only utilize half of the bonuses.

From the result of the damage comparison, we can see that while Irene TB Mei M and Critic set could not catch up with Turgenev, they still have a considerable amount of Total DMG.

Due to this, I would not recommend for newbie, F2P, or casual players to pull for the entire set of Turgenev because the two set I mentioned before are still useful for Ice or Elemental Team just like Turgenev.

For top tier players or whales, then I recommend you on getting the full set or at least 2 piece (T and B) to achieve even higher score in Abyss and Memorial Arena.


That is all from me and you’ve reached the end of this guide. Thank you for reading!