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Haxxor Bunny Character Guide

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World’s Best Hacker [Haxxor Bunny] Bronie has arrived! She’s an SP, PSY-type battlesuit who can summon drones and cast QTE on standby to support teammates. She can also cast Ultimate on standby, which deals high Ice DMG and greatly enhances the team.

In this guide, we will go in-depth with Haxxor Bunny’s skill, her compatibility in various equipments, also her synergy with other battlesuits! Haxxor Bunny will be called Bronie in this guide.


Opinion of the battlesuit

  • There are many stigmata combinations that suit Bronie in term of Support.
  • Very easy gameplay.
  • The cutest Bronya of all her battlesuits.
  • Elemental version of Starlit Astrologos.


Basic Attribute

※Based on Level 80, SU-22 Howitzer and no stigmata※


Fragment Required to Evolve


Advanced Overview

A⭐- Unlock 55% of her potential.
All the basic skills and few support skills are unlocked. Truthfully, a bit useless in battle because core support skills are still locked.

S⭐- Unlock 75% of her potential.
One of the important support skills and one SP skill – Logic Coverage & Accelerated Compilation – are unlocked that will boosts team and entities’ Ice DMG and Elemental DMG respectively. Also unlock a skill that will restore Bronie’s SP for 10s.

SS⭐- Unlock 90% of her potential.
Logic Coverage bonus upgraded and a new skill – Final Encoding – unlocked. This skill boost Bronie’s Ice DMG for Ultimate and QTE.

SSS⭐- Unlock 100% of her potential.
Basic stats and few skills are upgraded in term of numbers. New SP skill – 404_Not_Found – is unlocked that can restores Bronie’s SP for 8s.



You can skip this section if you already played the tutorial stage in the game.


 Leader Skill – H-T-T-P-S 

Team deals 20%/30%/40% (A/SS/SSS) more Ice DMG through Ultimates or in Burst modes. For every Ice DMG dealer on the team, team gains 3%/4%/5% (A/SS/SSS) Total DMG.



 Passive Skill – Trackers 

Kinetic Energy: Maxes at 200. Every hit of Basic ATK restores 5 KE.
Haxxor Count: Maxes at 20.

Kinetic Energy

Haxxor Count

 Limitations off 

Casting weapon actives enables drones to fire 3 bonus bullets every round for 7s.


 Data Sharing 

With Bronie on standby, Basic ATKs of drones restore 0.9/1.2 (A/SSS) bonus SP for her whenever building up Haxxor Count. After any teammate casts Ultimate, Basic ATKs of drones build up 3 bonus Haxxor Count for 3s. CD: 10s.



 Evade Skill – Parting Gifts 

Step sideways to dodge attacks. Can be performed twice in a row. 

Ultimate Evasion + 3rd sequence of Basic ATK


Ultimate Evasion’s CD is reduced by 3s. Grenade explosions deal 200% ATK of bonus Ice DMG.



 Basic ATK – Hare Hunters 

Use submachine guns to shoot. Evasion enables the next sequence.


 Fireproof Coating 

During Basic ATK, Bronie takes 30% less Total DMG and has improved Ignore Interrupt.


 Interlinked Trojans 

QTE inflicts Hacked status on hit. Hacked enemies take 9.3%/12% (A/SSS) more Ice DMG, and Valkyries as well as their summoned entities deals 6.2%/8% (A/SSS) more Ice DMG to Hacked enemies for 15s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.


 Haxxor Trigger 

QTE: Triggered at full Haxxor Count and when there’s a targetable enemy. Consumes all Haxxor Count to deal 1080% ATK of Ice DMG and summon a drone (summoned entity). Performing Haxxor Bunny’s QTE doesn’t require her to be switched in.

QTE + Switch in

QTE + Ultimate



 Special ATK – Charged: Tempest Sniper 

Hold [ATK] to unleash powerful cannon attacks.


 Preload  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Bronie has 200 bonus initial KE. Casting QTE restores 100 KE.


 Synchronized Array  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Charged/Combo ATKs from teammates can coordinate drones (if present) to perform a special ATK and restore 1.6 SP per second for Bronie for 10s. Subsequent procs reset the duration. CD:2s.



 Ultimate – Star Destroyer 

Unleash mass bombing upon enemies in front of Haxxor Bunny.


 Logic Coverage  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Casting Ultimate boosts team’s Ice DMG by 11.9%/15% (S/SS) and summoned entities’ Ice DMG by 77.8%/100% (S/SS) for 15s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.


 Permission Removed 

Bombing slows enemy Move Speed by 40% for 5s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.


 Final Encoding  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Ultimate deals 30% more Ice DMG. QTE deals 25% more Ice DMG.



 SP Skill 

 Absolute Security Protocol 

4th sequence ATK summons drones.


 Accelerated Compilation  (Unlocked at S-rank)

Charged ATK deals 45% more Ice DMG and summons 2 drones. Casting Charged ATK or Ultimate sends team members and their summoned entities into Tracking mode, where they deal 10% more Elemental DMG for 15s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.


 Deserialization  (Unlocked at SS-rank)

Drones deal 25% more Ice DMG. Casting Ultimate summons 2 drones.


 404_Not_Found  (Unlocked at SSS-rank)

When deployed, Bronie restores 2.5 SP per second for 8s. Can only be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World.






Set A – Crusher Bunny 19C + Rebel’s Gun set

Bread and butter for Bronie. This set is Bronie’s signature equipment, so naturally it works the best on her.

Crusher Bunny 19C is one of the new weapons released in v4.7 that was tailored specifically for Bronie. In term of weapon, there is possibly no other weapons that have such a high synergy for Bronie except Crusher Bunny 19C.

Bonuses that Bronie will gain by equipping CB19:

  • Boost 12% Ice DMG for the whole team and 25% Ice DMG for entities.
  • Freeze enemies for 2s.
  • After Weapon Active, boost 27% Ice DMG for the whole team and entities for 15s.
  • During Weapon Active, summoned entities’ ATK interval is reduced by 0.4s for 3.5s.
  • Weapon skill automatically activated during Ultimate via QTE (Cannot be triggered within 20s after using Weapon Skill). 

Rebel’s Gun set is Bronie’s signature stigmata. This set, just like its counterpart weapon, is only suitable for Bronie. This is because there are very few Valkyrie with Ice DMG and all of them are focused on DPS. While Bronie’s are the only Valkyrie that are Ice Support and can summon entities. Below are the summarized bonuses that each piece gave to the host and team:

  • Turgenev (T) boosts 20% Ice DMG for the host and her summoned entities. Boosts another 18% TDM for the team and host’s summoned entities when there are Hunter Marked enemies on the field.
  • Turgenev (M) provides 35% TDM only for host’s summoned entities. Provide another 25% Ice DMG for the host’s QTE against Hunter Marked enemies.
  • Turgenev (B) inflict a 6-sec Hunter Mark on enemies. Against these Hunter Marked enemies, the team and host’s summoned entities deal 36% more TDM.
  • 2-pc prolongs the Hunter Mark effect for 2s. Hunter Marked enemies will receive 21% more All Elemental DMG.
  • 3-pc grant 25% TDM for host’s Ultimate and her summoned entities. Aside from that, team deals 25% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies when there are host’s summoned entities on the field.



Set B – Crusher Bunny 19C + Critic set

Critic set or famously known better as Jin Shengtan is one of the best sets for boosting Elemental DMG for the whole team. 

  • Jin Shengtan (T) boosts 15% Elemental DMG for Valkyrie that is in the Blue Phoenix field.
  • Jin Shengtan (M) provides 35% Ice DMG for the host and another 15% Ice DMG for the team after the host exit
  • 2-pc creates a Blue Phoenix field that lasts for 6s. Allies within the field gain 30% Elemental DMG, while enemies within take 10% bonus Elemental DMG.
  • 3-pc prolongs the Blue Phoenix field duration by 3s.



Set C – Crusher Bunny 19C + Irene TB + Mei Beach M

Irene Adler is another great stigmata set that also boost Elemental DMG instead of Ice DMG only.

  • Irene (T) boosts 12% Elemental DMG for the team when host is on standby.
  • Irene (B) not only provide 15% TDM for the host, but also grant 15% Elemental DMG-intake for the enemies for 18s by unleashing host’s Charged ATK or Ultimate to Bewitch enemies.
  • Irene 2pc further helps the B piece by boosting the whole team’s Elemental DMG by 18% against Bewitched enemies.
  • Mei Beach M provides 18% TDM for the host and enemies attacked by the host will gain 15% TDM-intake for 4s.



Set D – Crusher Bunny 19C + Caravaggio TM + Newt B

Caravaggio is an old stigmata set that probably aren’t widely used anymore in the meta field because the lack of new Support Valkyrie that can summon entity, but with the arrival of Bronie, this set can revived back to be used if you have it in your inventory.

  • Caravaggio (M) boosts the team’s All Elemental DMG by 10% when an entity summoned by the host is present.
  • Caravaggio 2pc further provide the team with 5% Elemental DMG (stack up to 4 times: max 20%) for each hit dealt by an entity summoned by the host. At 4 stacks, will enter Natural State for 6s where will gain another 20% Elemental DMG.
  • Isaac Newton B will initiate a Challenge Mode that lasts for 5s upon hits on enemy. During Challenge Mode, attacks gain 41% TDM Multiplier.



Set E – Crusher Bunny 19C + Gluttony T + Mei Beach M + Newt B

This combination of stigmata is very famous as one of the best support stigmata combination whether for Physical team or Elemental team.

  • Gluttony (T) will drop a candy, picking up that candy will induces Gluttony State, where team will gain 16% bonus TDM for 5s. Picking up another candy in Gluttony State boosts TDM to 24% and resets the duration.
  • Mei (M) and Newt (T) effects had been written above.



Set F – Crusher Bunny 19C + Gluttony T + Fuhua Musician MB

The F2P set for support stigmata combination. Fuhua Musician can’t provide too much Ice support because they mainly for Fire Team, but it can still be taken advantage of.

Fuhua Musician (M) provides 10% bonus TDM to the team for 10s after host exit.
Fuhua Musician 2-pc have the exact same buff as Fuhua M where the team will gain 10% bonus TDM after the host exit.
Gluttony T effect had been written above.



In this comparison, not only we will compare each gearing plan, but also the difference of damage output by HoR with the support from different rank (A, S, SS, SSS) by Bronie.

Training dummy data are for reference only. Training dummy has 2200 Physical Resist DEF and 40% Elemental Resist.















Based on the chart, as expected, Rebel’s Gun set overwhelm all other support stigmata in each rank of Bronie’s battlesuit. It can be observed that in each rank from A to SSS, the position of each stigmata is almost the same. To sum it up, the suitable stigmata set for Bronie are as following:

1. Rebel’s Gun set
2. Irene TB Mei M
3. Critic set (Jin Shengtan)
4. Gluttony T Mei M Newt B
5. Caravaggio TM Newt B
6. Gluttony T Fuhua Musician MB



While Bronie’s are promoted as a mid-range sustained DMG dealer, she is more suitable as a support to a main DPS Valkyrie. Below are some of the recommended teams for Bronie to shine. Please note that these lineups are not what Bronie is limited to.

Herrscher of Reason | Haxxor Bunny | Azure Empyrea

This team is the very term of simple and effective. Bronie’s QTE + Ultimate and AE’s Magma Melt + Ultimate is the best possible buff for HoR to let loose and destroy everything. Add the best combination of stigmata plus weapon then you can easily clear Abyss.


HoR Bronie AE Vs Benares | Abyss (Click here to go to original video)



Haxxor Bunny | Argent Knight Artemis | Azure Empyrea

This team use the exact same skill from Bronie and AE just like the team before (Bronie’s QTE + Ultimate and AE’s Magma Melt + Ultimate). The only difference is the main Damage Dealer has been changed to AKA, another great Ice DPS battlesuit.


Bronie AKA AE Vs. Benares | Abyss (Click here for original video)



Lightning Empress | Valkyrie Pledge | Haxxor Bunny (Crusher Bunny 19C)

While this team looks peculiar with LE and VP as Lightning DMG Dealer, if Bronie are equipped with Caravaggio TM Newt B, she can be paired with VP to support LE that works as a DMG Dealer. As Bronie’s QTE can be triggered without her switching in, she can still trigger the stigmata bonuses with this QTE.

In the video below, you can see that although Bronie play a miniscule part on the field, her Weapon Skill and Ultimate are greatly sought as it can boost team’s Elemental DMG and trigger support stigmata respectively.


LE VP Bronie Vs. Ice Boar | 31360 MA (Click here for original video)


LE VP Bronie Vs. Hellmaru | 31253 MA (Click here for original video)




Selune’s Elegy | Water Edge

Both Selune’s Elegy and Water Edge are a suitable ELF to be equipped in Bronie’s team. Clearly it is because both are Ice DMG / Support, and it is highly beneficial for Ice Teams. 

  • Selune’s Elegy are more to Ice DMG dealer rather than support, but it still has few great support skills such as enemies that just escape from Death’s Aura (Ultimate) will take 5% more Ice DMG. 
  • While Water Edge are great at gathering enemies with her Ultimate and deal continuous Ice DMG. Her passive skill allows her to deal further Ice DMG if there are one or more Ice DMG dealers on the team.



In conclusion, Bronie is a great addition to any of Ice Teams. While she is a bit lacking in term of DPS, she makes it up with her plentiful support skills and standby QTE + Ultimate. 


We will get Bronie at A-rank from the event and the fragments can be collected in the game. In term of rank, you should at least get her to S-rank to at least unlock half of her support skills. And if you can, upgrade her into SS-rank to unlock most of her skills and make her a really good Support Valkyrie

For equipments, even if you cannot get her stigmatas, try to get her signature weapon because it has the highest synergy with Bronie.


With that said, I highly recommend you to invest on her until she became SS-rank! Even if you do not want to use her in your Ice Team, she is very flexible and can be inserted into other Elemental Team because of her QTE and Ultimate that can be unleashed even when she is on standby to trigger Support Stigmata. 


That is all from me and you’ve reached the end of this guide. Thank you for reading!