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Haxxor Bunny Guide

  1. Overview
  2. Skills
  3. Equipment
    1. Signature Equipment
    2. Other Weapons And Stigmata
    3. Total Damage Chart
  4. Lineups
  5. How To Obtain
  6. Conclusion




Haxxor Bunny (HB or Bronie as I will call her in this guide) is a PSY SP type battlesuit for Bronya that focuses on Ice DMG support with QTE skill that doesn't require her to be switched in and an ult that can be cast from QTE.





Leader skill


H- T- T-P-S

Team deals 20.0%/30.0%/40.0% (A S/SS/SSS) more Ice DMG through Ultimates and in Burst modes. For every Ice DMG dealer on the team, team deals more 3%/4%/5.0% (A S/SS/SSS)Total DMG.



Charged attack


Charged attack is one of the Bronies core move set, you use her charged attack to spawn 2 drones and switch to the next support or DPS valkyrie in the team.

Without drones, Bronie can't gain Haxour Count which is required to trigger QTE.




Bronie has 200.0 (SS) bonus initial KE. Casting QTE restores 100.0 KE. -Unlocks at SS rank


Synchronized Array


Charged/Combo ATKs from teammates coordinate drones (if present) to perform a special ATK and restore 1.6 SP (S) per second for Bronie for 10s. Subsequent procs reset the duration. CD: 2s. -Unlocks at S rank







Logic Coverage


Casting Ultimate boosts team's Ice DMG by 11.9%/15.0% (S/SS) and summoned entities' Ice DMG by 100.0% (S/SS) for 15s. Subsequent procs reset the duration. -Unlocks at S rank


Permission Removed


Bombing slows enemy Move Speed by 40.0% (A) for 5s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.


Final Encoding


Ultimate deals 30.0% (SS) more Ice DMG. QTE deals 25.0% (SS) more Ice DMG. -Unlocks at SS rank




Ult cast on field



Bronie has a mechanic where she can cast her ult after QTE if she has enough SP otherwise you can swap to Bronie before she goes on cooldown.




Basic attack

Fireproof Coating


During Basic ATK, Bronie takes 30.0% (A) less Total DMG and has improved Ignore Interrupt.


Interlinked Trojans


QTE inflicts Hacked status on hit. Hacked enemies take 9.3%/12.0% (A/SSS) more Ice DMG, and Valkyries as well as their summoned entities deal 6.2%/8.0% (A/SSS) more Ice DMG to Hacked enemies for 15s. Subsequent procs reset the duration.



Haxxor Trigger


QTE: Triggered at full Haxxor Count and when there's a targetable enemy. Consumes all Haxxor Count to deal 1080% ATK of Ice DMG and summon a drone (summoned entity). Performing Haxxor Bunny's QTE doesn't require her to be switched in. When casting QTE, if her Ultimate is available, her avatar will change into her Ultimate icon, which can be tapped again to cast her Ultimate. If not, tapping her avatar again will switch her in.










Ultimate Evasion's CD is reduced by 3.0s. Grenade explosions deal 200% ATK of bonus Ice DMG.




Limitations off

Casting weapon actives enables drones to fire 3 bonus bullets every round for 7.0s.

Data Sharing

With Bronie on standby, Basic ATKs of drones restore ?/0.9/1.2 (A/S/SSS) bonus SP for her whenever building up Haxxor Count. After any teammate casts Ultimate, Basic ATKs of drones build up 3 bonus Haxxor Count for 3s. CD: 10s.





Signature Equipment



Crusher Bunny 19C

Weapon active skill

[SP: 0][CD: 20s] Projected weapons fires at targets for 2.5s, dealing Ice DMG equal to ATK every 0.1s, adds 1 Combo Hit, and Freezes enemies for 2s. Team and host-summoned entities gain 27.0% bonus Ice DMG for 15s (this effect cannot stack). Haxxor Bunny equip special: Drone's attack interval is reduced by 0.4s for 3.5s. Ultimate triggered by QTE entry auto-casts active if host has not cast active in 20s.


Weapon passive

CIuster Tactic
Launches homing missiles at multiple targets. Longer charge time. Slightly decreased DMG when hitting the same target multiple times. 1st Sequence: 3 missiles. 2nd Sequence: 1 missiles. 3rd Sequence: 15 missiles. Increases team's All Elemental DMG by 12.0% and host-summoned entity's All Elemental DMG by 25.0% (this effect cannot stack).


Crusher Bunny 19C is the best weapon for Bronie she gets equip bonus and it's the only weapon Bronie can fully utilize because of its casting weapon skill on QTE as you don't switch to Bronia to cast her ULT.


Turnegev stigma set


Turgenev T


The host and her summoned entities gain 20.0% Ice DMG. Team and the host's summoned entities gain 18.0% Total DMG when there are Hunter Marked enemies on the field. This effect cannot stack.


Turgenev M


The host's summoned entities deal 35.0% more Total DMG. The host's QTE deals 25.0% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies.


Turgenev B


The host's attack triggers an explosion centering on the target, which inflicts a 6-sec Hunter Mark on enemies with no Hunter Mark within the explosion AOE. Explosion CD: 8s. Team and the host's summoned entities deal 36.0% more Total DMG against Hunter Marked enemies.




The Rebellious Hunter 2 pieces
Every 6 hits from the host or her summoned entities prolongs the Hunter Mark effect for 2s. Hunter Mark max duration: 12s. Combo counter resets when Hunter Mark disappears. Hunter Marked enemies receive 21.0% All Elemental DMG (cannot stack).




Before The Gunshot 3 pieces

The host's Ultimate and her summoned entities deal 25.0% more Total DMG. When there are the host's summoned entities on the field, team deals 25.0% more Ice DMG against Hunter Marked enemies. This effect cannot stack.


Turgenev set is the best stigmata set you can get for Bronie it increases damage of her drones (summoned entities) and boosts team Ice DMG.


Other weapons and stigmata


There arent many weapons that Bronie can utilize because of her QTE and ULT mechanic she doesn't see much action in combat.

Briareus EX

Attack speed from Briareus EX (20.0% bonus Attack Speed.) can increase the speed of which Bronie gains KE required to cast charged attack which can help if you don't have Preload unlocked.


Domain of Revelation

         Domain of Revelation passive boosts Bronies charged and ultimate total ATK DMG by 30.0% and casting weapon active boosts her Total dmg for 40.0%.




Jin Shengtan TM Isaac Newton B

This is the best non-signature set for Bronie being ~13.7% worse than Turgenev set. Deley on QTE allows HoR and other characters with longer cast time on ult to use 2pc set from Jin Shengtan and Newton B Total DMG increase on enemy hit.


Theresa - Gluttony T Fu Hua Musician MB

This stigmata set is for new players while its worst-performing stigmata on the chart shown below (~27.5% lower than Turgenev set) you can craft it.


As for other options you can read them on chart below

Team used: Bronie HoR
Bronie as leader
Both at SSS rank
Bronie has Crusher Bunny 19C as a weapon unless stated otherwise

HoR has Domain of Revelation and Ana Schariac stigmata set

Numbers were got on Bronie QTE ULT into HoR Ult weapon skill and whole duration of HoR ULT




Bronie HoR (Herrscher of Reason) AE (Azure Empyrea)

Both Bronie and HoR can be used as team leader.


This team works by using Bronie charged attack > AE weapon skill and her combos to gain enough sp for ULT > AE ULT > switch to HoR > Bronie QTE + ULT > HoR ULT + weapon skill


Bronie can be paired with any Ice Elemental DPS character and Ice/elemental support characters like

Argent Knight: Artemis and Blueberry Blitz


Argent Knight: Artemis is Ice DPS while Blueberry Blitz is BD (Blood Dance carrier) you can use any other BD carrier but Blueberry Blitz is most commonly run with Ice Damage teams


How To Obtain


Bronie is an SP type battlesuit which means she will be available in SP supply starting on version 4.7 and future versions. Being SP type battlesuit means that she is a farmable valkyrie. Her fragments are farmable from adventure tasks, can be bought in Battle Arsenal for Gold Pins (20 fragments per week), Asterite Shop (30 fragments per week).


I would recommend not pulling for Bronie (or at least doing single pulls only to unlock her) and farming for her fragments, instead of pulling for Bronie you can pull for her signature equipment (weapon and stigmata).


As SP battlesuit she requires more fragments to evolve than regular battlesuits:




Bronie is a valkyrie that is worth getting and building for supporting Ice DPS valkyries, she's easy to get, is farmable and doesn't require much equipment to shine in battles. Only cons that she needs SS and/or SSS and takes time to farm her fragments (700 fragments you are only able to buy 50 fragments per week which will require 98 days to get her to SSS rank (without account in fragments needed to unlock her battlesuit if you haven't pulled for her already)).