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Sakuno Rondo and Sakura's Salvation!

UID: 11903619

Server: SEA


Welcome to 4.7~

Today we’ll be taking a look at 4.7’s Pri Arm Salvation of Sakura along with a minor rework of Sakuno Rondo’s kit. From now on let’s refer to Salvation of Sakura as SoS and Sakuno Rondo as SR.

Acquisition and Upgrade cost

As with every PRI weapon, the upgrade cost remains the same.


Normally, a Pri Arm can be crafted with any gacha weapon of the same type provided its base form was acquired at one point. 

SoS is similar in nature to the Might of An-Utu, since Pledge of Sakura is also a Divine Key that can be harmonised. 

One must first meet this requirement and raise the weapon to level 50 before SoS can be crafted. Similarly, we can own ONLY ONE of this weapon and there is currently no way to salvage it (not that we should hehe). 

Let’s see how much of an upgrade this weapon really is


Pledge of Sakura 

Base ATK 257

CRT 53

Salvation of Sakura 

Base ATK 398

CRT 37

Active skill 

SP Cost: 20

Cooldown: 12 Seconds

  • Slashes once every 0.3 seconds for 3.5 seconds dealing 180% ATK Physical Damage. 

  • Once Sakura counts on enemies reach 3, they’ll be inflicted with a Sakura Brand for 10 seconds. 

Active Skill

SP Cost: Free

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

  • Slashes once every 0.3 seconds for 3.5 seconds dealing 5*25% ATK of Fire Damage. 

  • Targets are also ignited for 10 seconds taking 200 fire damage every 0.5 seconds. 

  • Inflicts 1 Sakura count every 2 seconds. 

Passive 1 

  • Hitting a target unleashes Sakura slashes dealing 200% ATK of Physical Damage around them.

  • Sakura slash has a CD of 5 seconds. 

  • Targets with Sakura counts or brands will take an additional 2450 fire damage. 


Sakuno Rondo Equip Bonus 

  • Sakura Brand adds 1 Sakura Count.

Passive 1

  • Hitting a target unleashes Sakura slashes dealing 150% ATK of Fire damage. 

  • Sakura slashes have a CD of 5 seconds.

  • Targets with Sakuno counts or brands take an additional 2700 fire damage.


Sakuno Rondo Equip Bonus 

  • Sakura Brand adds 2 Sakura Counts and restores 14 SP.

Key of Binding (Co-op Skill) 

  • Team members deal 20% extra lightning damage and take 15% less fire damage after a weapon active skill is cast. 

Key of Binding (Co-op Skill)

  • Team members deal 20% extra lightning damage and take 15% less fire damage after a weapon active skill is cast.


New Passive

  • Active skill makes affected targets take 40% more fire damage for 12 seconds.

    • Since it doesn’t explicitly state that it cannot stack with similar debuffs e.g. Flame Sakitama, let’s assume it does.


Supportive Capability

SR provides 23.4% elemental damage for 7.5 seconds when she deploys a cross. This along with the free SP cost turns her into a valuable support for fire teams.


One of SoS’ biggest strengths is that it melts down Rimestar’s phase 1 fire shield in a single active skill. Now that saves a lot of time for both the Superstring and Memorial arena variants of the boss. The ignite and fire damage vulnerability are the icing on the cake, or rather, the flame on the candle :)

Dark Ji Xuanyuan

The extra ignite also helps if you’re up against DXY without any reliable sources of ignition.

Ignite Trauma

Unfortunately, this weapon does not fill traumas on its own. One would need to rely on Sakuno Rondo’s ultimate in order to do so.

How about offence?

First, let’s take a look at Sakuno Rondo’s reworked skillset


Unfortunately, these changes aren’t nearly enough to bring her to the top, but should make for a very fun DPS valkyrie if that’s what you’re after. SoS’ extra SP regen would help SR recast her ultimate faster than she normally could.


With that in mind, is SoS recommended to craft? 
The answer to that would be yes if you absolutely abhor Rimestar, even having it at level 50 would put you over those without it. Any remaining resources can then go towards other Pri Arms that need upgrading. 

It helps that Pledge of Sakura is available in Bounty mark, and at cheap crafting cost too! Please take advantage of this while you can :)
Lastly, I hope you all enjoy 4.7 and what it has to offer, check out reviews on Haxxor Bunny if you would like some insight on how she works.

Best Wishes~