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Intel on Haxxor Bunny

Welcome to 4.7~

A version where a haxxor (widely known as Haxxor Bunny) is on the loose. She will… hack into your account if protection is feeble, she will… lock you out of it, and worst of all she will… rob your crystals. 

However, we have received intel on her abilities, the weapons at her disposal and even accomplices. But that’s not all! We might’ve even discovered a way to hire her, at a perhaps exorbitant price of course.

Friend or foe, here’s how she operates.
Haxxor Bunny is a Psychic type, A rank, SP Bronya battlesuit, specialising in supporting ice oriented teams.

Befitting her role as a hacker, she prefers to support in the backline, analysing her enemies’ weaknesses and exploiting them similar to how the resourceful strategist Zhuge Koming/Starlit Astrologos functions.

From now on let’s refer to Haxxor Bunny as HB.

Since she is an SP valkyrie that is “convoluted,” let’s examine each one of her skills meticulously to ensure that all hidden dangers are identified hehe. 

Most skills will be paraphrased from her in game description because, well, this hacker doesn’t want to fully expose herself. 

All values will be recorded at their max level

Leader skill

When leading her squad, she’ll increase everyone’s Ultimate and Burst mode ice damage. As a bonus, the team will deal an additional amount of total damage for every ice damage dealer on the team including herself.

Values at each rank

Basic Attack

HB’s basic attack consists of 4 sequences of rapid SMG shots in a similar fashion to Sundenjager.
Evading (even into thin air) allows her to skip the forthcoming sequence.

HB will take 30% less incoming damage when attacking and will ignore interruption more frequently. 

Charged Attack
HB has two gadgets at her disposal.

A Kinetic Energy (KE) gauge that maxes at 200 

When the Preload skill is unlocked:

  • HB starts off with 200 more KE, essentially max charge.
  • QTE’s will now restore KE 100 KE.

When the gauge is full, holding down the basic attack button will deplete all KE to unleash an enhanced attack.
Similar to Herrscher of Reason, the special attack varies based on HB’s equipped weapon type.
HB’s charged attack can lock onto a target for Drones to perform a special attack.

 Which takes us to the next gadget:

(Two drones with 27 seconds worth of summon duration)


  • HB’s 4th basic attack sequence can summon up to 2 drones for 30 seconds when her basic attack lands. Subsequent activations will extend the duration of every drone by 10 seconds.
    • When drones expire, they will fly into nearby enemies and explode to deal ice damage.
    • Drones prioritise the closest target 
    • Each present drone boosts the team’s total damage by 2.5%
    • When HB is on standby, her drones’ basic attacks will restore a bonus 1.2 SP for her whenever Haxxor count is raised. 
    • After a team member casts her ultimate, basic attacks from drones will build up 3 additional Haxxor counts.
    • Casting weapon active skills will enable drones to fire 3 additional bullets for 7 seconds.

Synchronised Array

  • Charged and Combo attacks from HB’s allies will cause existing drones to unleash a special attack that restores 1.6 SP for HB over 10 seconds
  • This skill can be reactivated after 2 seconds, thereafter the 10 second duration will be refreshed.

Drones have two types of attacks:

  • Basic attack
    • Deals chip damage and grants 1 Haxxor count on a 1 second cool down.
    • Drones fire one round every second and holds up to 3 rounds 
  • Special attack
    • Deals enhanced damage based on HB’s weapon type.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

When Haxxor bunny performs an ultimate evasion

  • She’ll drop a grenade that gathers and deals 200% ATK of ice damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Impose a 4 second global time fracture.

With a skill upgrade the explosion will deal an additional 200% ATK of ice damage and reduce the evasion cool down by 3 seconds.

HB’s ultimate evasion also lets her chain into the 3rd sequence of her basic attack.
Helping her setup a drone prematurely. 


HB also has a Haxxor count that functions similarly to Starlit Astrologos’ Hexagram.
Unlike Hexagram, however, at least one drone must be active for Haxxor marks to accumulate.
For those that are unfamiliar with this mechanic, once it has reached max stacks, in this case 20, HB’s icon will light up. Pressing it will trigger her QTE without physically deploying her. Meaning your current valkyrie can continue their course of action uninterrupted!! 

Her QTE attack:

  • Deals 1080% ATK of ice damage and summons 1 drone.
  • Inflicts a debuff on enemies for 15 seconds (can be refreshed)
    • Making them take 12% more ice damage.
    • Valkyries and any summoned entities will deal an additional 8% ice damage to affected enemies.

Another bonus is that her QTE can be preserved for later use if need be, provided there’ll be a targetable enemy. 

Cost: 125 SP
Cooldown: 25 Seconds

During her QTE, there’ll be a brief window for HB to cast her ultimate. Once the time is up, tapping HB’s icon will send her into combat. Please be extra careful

Of course HB can still cast this skill while she’s on the field, but we want to cast it through her QTE to buy our dps some invaluable time.

Ultimate properties

  • Once activated, HB will bombard an area for 7 second, dishing out continuous ice damage.
  • Boost the entire team’s ice and by 15% and their summoned entities’ damage by 100% respectively.
    • This effect lasts 15 seconds and refreshes when activated in succession. 
  • Slows enemy movement by 40% for 5 seconds (is refreshable) 
  • Enhances drones for 16 seconds where they can switch targets and
    • Perform a special attack every 3 seconds and trigger Synchronised Array. Team members are unable to proc synchronised array during this period.

SP Skills
As an SP Valkyrie, HB will unlock additional special skills upon ranking up.
SP valkyries require the following amount of fragments to rank up

S rank

[Accelerated Compilation] 

  • Charged attacks deal 45% more ice damage and summons 2 drones
  • When HB casts her charged or ultimate attack, she will increase the team’s elemental damage 10% for 15 seconds. Subsequent charged attacks will refresh the duration.
    • Entities summoned afterwards will still receive this benefit, albeit only for the remaining duration.

SS rank


  • Drones deal 25% more damage and casting ultimates will instantly summon 2 drones.

SSS rank

[404_Not_Found] - Nice name :)

  • When HB is sent into combat, she’ll restore 2.5 SP for 8 seconds with her switch cool down being the cool down.
    • If HB leaves the field, she will still restore the remaining SP.
  • In open world settings, this skill has an internal cool down of 10 minutes 

Now let’s see what tools this hacker uses



Her signature weapon:

Crusher Bunny 19C

Weapon type

Crusher Bunny 19C is a missile launcher that launches homing missiles based on its charge time. Damage will decrease when the same target is attacked consecutively.
Partially Charged: 3 missiles
Half Charged: 7 missile
Fully charged: 15 missiles


  • Increases the whole team's elemental damage by 12% unconditionally (cannot stack).
  • User’s summoned entity deals an additional 25% elemental damage

Active skill
SP cost: 0
Cool Down: 20 seconds

  • Fires a projectile dealing continuous damage for 2.5 seconds and adds 1 combo hit every 0.1 seconds, that’s essentially 25 combo counts. Great for sets that rely on combos like Robert Peary.
  • Casting the active boosts every friendly summoned entities’ ice damage by 15 seconds.

Exclusive bonuses for HB

  • Drone attack interval is reduced by 0.4 seconds for 3.5 seconds after activation
  • Ultimate attacks casted via her QTE will auto cast active if the skill hasn’t been casted in 20 seconds.
    • Note that this matches the cool down, but if active skill CD reducing stigs are used, HB must still wait 20 seconds.


Briaereus/Briareus EX

Their active skills can time slow enemies, opening up QTE combos or simply extending the duration of debuffs.
Briareus Ex can also change weapon types if you’re looking to play around with her for fun.

Key of reason/Domain of Revelation

There is almost no reason to use this weapon, especially when HB is supposed to be supporting the Herrscher of Reason instead of pickpocketing her weapon.
If for whatever reason, HoR’s not on the team, it could be a consideration with the low cost/free active skill.

Other than those, there aren’t really any comparable alternatives to Crusher Bunny. Anything with a low SP cost will suffice as that helps her activate one of her passives.


Signature stigmata set




  • User and her summons gain 20% ice damage
  • When there’s at least one hunter marked enemy, all summoned entities deal 18% extra total damage.

Summoned entities deal 35% more damage
User’s QTE deals 25% more ice damage against Hunter Marked Enemies


  • **Inflicts hunter marks** 
  • Attacks cause an explosion centred around the target. Enemies affected by the explosion will be inflicted with a 6 second Hunters Mark.
  • Every friendly summoned entity deals more total damage against Hunter Marked targets.

Right off the bat, we can see that the bottom piece is central in making the other pieces work properly.

2 set effect 

  • Every 6th hit from the user or her summoned entity will extend any Hunter Marks’ duration by 2 seconds. 
  • Hunter marks can last up to a maximum of 12 seconds before they expire, resets the current combo count and need to be reapplied.
  • Enemies affected by Hunter Mark receive 21% incoming elemental damage.

3 set effect

  • The user’s ultimate and summoned units deal yet another 25% more total damage.
  • When the user’s summoned units are present, the team will deal 25% more ice damage to Hunter Marked Enemies. This effect does not stack.


Jin Shengtan Top and Mid + Newton Bottom

  • Can be applied at any time if Haxxor Count is full, making it better overall vs full Jin Shengtan.
  • Yields the second highest damage output.  

Irene Adler Top and Bottom + Beach Party Mid

Requires a charged attack or ultimate to fully activate but lasts long enough for it to be competitive. 

Ogier Top + Fu Hua Musician 

  • Most accessible early game build.
  • Full Roald Amundsen works too but HB’s QTE counts as switching in, letting her refresh musician's duration.

 Rasputin Top and Mid + Scott B

Or any build that boosts ice damage for early game since the bonuses on musician are rather negligible or can be given to another support.

Be cautious with Bronya Sloth B

Although her QTE let’s her attack without disrupting her teammates, it is treated the same as if she switches in. This could lead to Sloth B emptying her SP bar if exercised without caution. 

If Sloth B is chosen, only use her for her ultimate or if a target is extremely low on HP.

Ice Valkyries as of 4.7

Alongside another support HB can support either one of these valkyries, most notably Phoenix, Azure Empyrea or a blood dance user (definitely take Arctic Kriegsmesser if she’s not dealing damage). 

Merciless Pursuit

Kriegsmesser's passive also bolsters up the team’s ice damage under these conditions, all of which can be inflicted by one of the damage dealers above or HB’s ultimate where most damage will be dealt. 

Do note that most bosses are immune to these status

Blueberry Blitz 

Might also be a better blood dance user against bosses with trauma such as Huodou.

For valkyries with strong ultimates, i.e Memento, Argent knight artemis or Herrscher of Reason, try to unleash their ultimate in tandem with HB’s ultimate to maximise their damage. 

QTE in when going for a strong non burst attack such as an active skill, when memento’s KE is full or an ice cell charged attack etc

Future confirmed ice valkyries:

Starchasm Nyx

As Seele’s best friend, HB may also be her best support, but that’s for 4.8 to decide!


Haxxor also gets her own set of trial and challenge stages to help familiarise one with her playstyle, there’ll also be rewards up for grabs!
Oh but wait, she even gets an open world game mode where we hopefully get to learn more about her backstory and how she became a hacker.


With that in mind, I hope 4.7 goes well, enjoy what this patch has to offer, spend your resources carefully and remember to prevent yourself from being hacked.

Stay Safe~