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MAG-Typhoon and Lightning Empress Guide


MAG-Typhoon is the PRI-ARM upgrade of Magstorm introduced in v3.4. This katana is specialized for Lightning Empress (LE) , allowing her to become a shockingly offensive valk. With the right setup, LE + MAG can clear Red Lotus or Myriad mobs, or even become a dps in Memorial Arena. 

Since this weapon is exclusive to lv81+ captains, this guide will focus mainly on offensive LE + MAG usage in Exalted Arena and Masters Dirac Sea / Q-Abyss.


MAG-Typhoon Stats and Skills


ATK:421, CRT:20

Raiden's Cyclone
[SP: 0][CD: 15s] Deals a 3-sequence ATK against enemies. First 2 sequences: Deal 250% Lightning DMG in total. 3rd sequence: Deals 600% ATK of Lightning DMG. Enemies will be paralyzed by the ATK for 5s and take 25.0% more Lightning DMG for 12.0s (effect cannot stack).
Lightning Empress equip bonus: Active Skill inflicts Soul Razor conductive debuff on enemies. Tap [ATK] right after casting the Active Skill to directly perform Combo ATK.


Gif shows the three actives of Raiden's Cyclone and LE follow-up combo

EM Pulsar
Wielder deals 50% more Lightning DMG. After using the weapon's Active Skill, wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 50% Total DMG Reduction.


Roaring Nimbus
When hitting a paralyzed enemy with Basic ATK or Combo ATK, summons Heaven's Thunder that deals 250% ATK of Lightning DMG against the target and nearby enemies and paralyzes all unparalyzed enemies for 2.0s. CD: 10.0s.


Image shows Heaven's Thunder hitting the target and nearby enemy 


Raiden's Cyclone active has all the good stuff - 

  • Paralyzes and conducts the enemy, 
  • Moves you closer to the enemy, and 
  • You can just tap atk button to fluidly execute your combo attack.
  • Gives Anti-Interrupt and DMG reduction (Roaring Nimbus passive)

It instantly applies both MAG's conductive and LE Soul Razor conductive. Soul Razor doesn't get the 12s conductive from MAG - it still lasts for 6.0s. You can re-apply it with basic atk, but you'll waste a bit of dps. That's why SS-rank LE is preferred since you can apply conductive during combo atk.

It has three charges - don't use them all at once, because the paralysis and conductive effects don't stack.


Roaring Nimbus will help keep the mobs paralyzed while you're busy spinning that blade.


EM Pulsar - Lightning dmg makes LE stronger. Anti-interrupt and DMG Reduction allow LE to keep her momentum against nasty mobs like Crab and Mystletainn.






LE, Phoenix (PX) , Drive Kometa (DK)

PX acts as fire dps / support. Her SS-rank skill Oriole makes enemy take more elemental dmg.

DK provides survivability and gathers mobs - this helps LE combo atk and MAG skills to hit most of them. DK also help with her other kits, for more info, please refer to this DK guide by Captain Stroke.

Wolf's Dawn(WD) / Blood Dance (BD)

When facing against a single enemy, you can replace DK with WD (SS-rank) for more elemental dmg. Or PSY 2-Handed valks with BD to maximize Evadion dmg.


Gameplay of LE + MAG in Myriad Q-abyss :




LE, Valkyrie Pledge (VP) + Judah, Any suitable support

LE can become a secondary DPS in Judah team. This can be an alternative to Raikiri strategy. Here are some examples against Hephaestus and Benares.


LE VP BD vs Hephaestus 30506 (UP 36608)

LE VP PX vs Benares 29759



LE, PX, Any suitable support

LE can be a main dps against some bosses that can be paralyzed (like Cursed Soul), but currently only nets a high score against Padrino. Unfortunately, it has not appeared yet in Exalted Arena, so here's a Beta footage.


LE PX DK vs Padrino 31253 (BETA)



LE+MAG sounds so a-mei-zing! Are you going to craft it now? Hold on just a sec!

PRI-ARMs are very expensive weapons. Currently there are two PRI-ARMs, with more coming in the future. So a wise captain must ask this first before investing - DO I NEED MAG-TYPHOON? 

In my opinion, you should get MAG-Typhoon if you : 

  • Have ss-rank LE
  • Have some of the good lightning stigmas
  • Have Herrscher of the Void, Herrscher of Reason and their gears, since those are the strongest characters right now.
  • Don’t have ss-rank Goushinnso Memento, or Ice Epi to craft the other PRI-ARM Frozen Naraka
  • You can keep up with LE's short range and awkward control

If you satisfy most of the above conditions, then you're ready to invest in this super op electric katana!


LE + MAG is a thunderous combo with unlimited potential. Currently, LE still can't beat the destructive power of HoV or HoR even with her upgraded weapon, but who knows what future patches might hold for us. Maybe Valkyrie Accipiter augment in v3.5 can further empower the LE + MAG combo. I have a feeling the next few patches will be very beneficial to lightning valks.